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  1. I had a similar problem with the "extended response" when I tried to download that way. A bit of googling suggested I go to IE Tools - Options - Advanced and pick "Restore Defaults". That worked - I still can't auto-download patches but I can now at least get them by right clicking on the downloads page.
  2. I can't get netcode2 any more since the last patch. The game turns me to turn off my firewall but that doesnt fix it.
  3. I had this same problem of being unable to access any ftp site - I followed Gnasche's advice in this thread but it didn't fix the problem. I then googled the problem and found the suggestion of going to IE Tools - Internet Options - Advanced and clicking Restore Defaults. This fixed it for me.
  4. The Soviets used captured Panthers as a reward for particularly heroic/skillful tank crews. The crews were only supposed to operate them until they broke down but not surprisingly did everything possible to keep them going.
  5. I've seen two references to captured 88s being used by the Allies - a battery of captured 88s were used by the British at the Battle of Medinne in Tunisia in 1943 and I've seen a photo of an 88 being used against its former owners in Northwest Europe in 1944.
  6. I'm trying to download the full install from the downloads page but each time I try I get an Internet Explorer error that reads: "Internet Explorer cannot download wwiiol0001241.exe from The server returned extended information."
  7. The slightly ironic thing about Constantinople/Istanbul naming is that Istanbul is also a Greek name in origin, it comes from the Greek phrase: eis tan pol meaning "in the city"
  8. Very impressive
  9. None of the Tigers sent to NA had the holders on the turret sides for spare track links, they weren't installed on new Tigers until after the Tunisian campaign. It's possible that they could have field-modded some holders but I've never seen a pic of a NA Tiger with track links on the turret sides.
  10. Because if its a Tiger used in Tunisia in late 1942/early 1943 it'll be one of the very first few to roll off the production lines. I'd rather have the more representative mid-1943 model.