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  1. why would they do that? its great if you got a stash of cash but this project is constantly run off the back os player support. Lumberyard is Free, you can utilised Amazon servers around the world which can be spun up or down on demand and not have the expense of running your own or trying to keep them running. I have it on my drive now, they could have it now and start utilising it. Star Citizen is using the Lumberyard engine, if it can run SC it can run a WWIIonline revamped version.
  2. So it's been a while, I used to live in this game. Booted up for the first time in quite some time, nice to see some progress as it was stagnant for a few years back in the day. Now I'm a day one player, I played for many years and never has the graphics been an issue for me. not once, it was all about the gameplay and the graphics were just fine. However, this time, as i logged in and was presented with them it was very jarring. Tech has moved on so much that now, everything was harsh. I would imagine any new players would have a similar result and perhaps without a fond memory of how the gameplay is. The look and feel of the game has honestly not changed much since 2001, and certainly not a lot in the last decade. I know this is no simple undertaking, but i think it's something that does need to be done for longevity and new blood. but we really need a new engine. Now not long ago that meant paying tens of thousands and more for a decent engine, but now we have the likes of Amazons Lumberyard, a AAA game engine based from a branch of the Cryengine, and not only that but built into Amazon web servers, so global servers that can be spun up and down dynamically dependant on load. Always on, no downtime and ZERO local maintenance. Surely as a back project, and as its free to download and use, now's the time to start and kick off a modern up to date and fully supported engine by one fo the worlds, largest companies.?> https://aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/ And engine that many developers and hobbyists know how to sue, instead of learning some bespoke engine. huge support options.
  3. Well the thing about an engine like cry engine, is you can MAKE your own systems within it, remove old systems such as the default netcode and make and add your own. Take Star citizen for example. that is a Massive open world system. when you hit the hyper drive key, its not a loading screen you actually do travel VAST distances. To get the default cry engine they made alto of their own systems. Thats the whole point its changeable expandable. and if you are using an engine that s well knows an has alto of documentation, home coders and professional already well versed. makes it easier to get the talent. this engine is what? make in the late 90's? its coming up for a 20 year old engine. (engine was built before the game went live in 1999.) im not sure how much progress they have made but i know from Docs old posts that they were hitting major limitations years ago on what the engine could deliver. For example, new models. Doc mentioned the engine couldn't hold many more unique models in game. to do anything with current engine to make it up to par with current technology and software abilities would i image require a massive of not total engine re-write. why re invent an unknown engine when you can use a well knows one and have 95% of the engine already done and tested for you. a simple opion of 64bit? common software ability to use it now but can this engine do that now? what would it take for it to use it? It's great to see some moment with the game once again. but to me, an engine upgrade has always been the most important thing to do. Yes it takes time to use a new engine, but if you are not starting today then when are you going to start? with the engine is so dated and behind with current systems its taking more dev time to try and patch an ancient system to keep on working then create anything new VR is the next thing too and this engine need to have full native support of Occulas and Valve VR. If they can grab something as well known and as modern as the Cry Engine for nothing. Now would be a good time to conciser biting the bullet and running a parallel dev build. Sooner they do the sooner we all get BE2.0 this is what Star citizen can do with it. also bear in mine ships fly like they do in WWIIonine. each thruister is putting out X thrust etyc etc etc its a on the fly calculation, damage matetrs and effects componets. OBYRIZA44Eg
  4. A well know, well published and well supported modern engine like the Cy Engine, with all the people both professional and hobbyist that know this engine well, that you could plop in front of the PC and they could start right away. Unlike the engine they currently have which has to be LEARNT. Bottom line is, for this game to survive long term they are going to HAVE to upgrade to a modern engine. While it's free, should take advantage and if they have to pay peace meal well if you haven't got the funds to pony up a TON of cash up front, that the way to go. Either way, sooner or later this engine will be so obsolete, it will simply fail to entice new blood, if that isn't happening already. Tjhis game now survives on donations, with an engine like cry, they coud get ALOT of community support to develop for the game
  5. Humble bundle pay what you want but anything over 13 bucks also gets you a **** load of asset and sounds. Is this a time for BE to get a modern Engine for nothing? a modern engine that both developers and home coders alike are very familer with. even if the dev time isn't available nows the time to get it. https://www.humblebundle.com/cryengine-bundle
  6. Welcome to BE YEs a steep learning curve this game has for sure. I remember when my friend came into the game for the first time all i got on his chat to me was. "Ah what shot me" "Hey were is that fire coming from?" "I'm dead again" As you learn how the game works, when you start recognizing the different sounds of weapon fire and vehicles you can start working out whats coming from where and if its friend or foe. If you get a full account you can rank up and get Binoculars which really helps. Best 2 bits of advice are. Never stay in the same place shooting. the second you fire your weapon, you advertise to every nearby enemy unit where you are. Keep your back to cover when possible, don't run aimlessly in the open. listen and look. the rest will come with time . ask questions often.
  7. i used to just load the game twice and then when in game drag the view distance of my tow account to low as possible and turn off all the maps and hud info that did the trick.
  8. How about if i offer myself for sexual favours to the Rats, what kind of discount can i i get?
  9. Dang! Is there a minimum waist band size to get into these cons? Even Doc is looking a bit rotund these days.
  10. Whats a good graphics card theses days, im outter touch, just upgraded from a 64 bit amd to a 64bit dual core amd. now i need a pci express card. somthing that does all the whistles and bells, plenty of ram and somthign that is real good bang for buck. I dont want to spend alot, but at the same time i rather not buy cheap and could get somhting 2X better for an extra 50 quid. Enlighten me with your nerdy knowlage and make it quick!
  11. yeh i been haveing alot of sounds dropping out since patch
  12. yup usaed to do that untill i got a decent laptop. Obvioulsy you need a PC that can stand it, i used to crank the vis setting donw to lower the load when running both. you just start WWIIonineup and log in. Once in game just alt TAb out of the game to desktop and click on the WWIIonline icon again to start another version running, then log in with other account. then just alt TAB between each version your playing. I had alot of fun doing that
  13. Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3GHz Socket 775 4MB Cache 1333MHz FSB GeForce 8800GTS 640MB GDDR3 DVI HDCP HDTV out PCI E 3 Gig Ram now whast a good board to put all that on? I just want somthing that will make full use of this hardware, silly to buy a board thast going to bottle neck it. Cheapness is good but not nessesarily king.