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  1. Lugan, Howitzer, Tatonka, Drcairo, Borntogo, so many names that struck fear into the hears of the Allies. I was the black sheep of the squad. I couldn't (and can't) hit the broad side of a barn with a rifle.
  2. I just zipped up the data folder, emailed it to myself, then installed Windows 10. Now I have it saved to a folder in my email account and it will be there as long as Microsoft is.
  3. Nah, I don't think so. You choose to intentionally disregard the fact that they are doing work on some network issues, and insist, as usual, that you know what they should do. I find it laughable, tbh.
  4. I'm glad you feel like you know better than Ohm when the campaign should start. You should probably call him and give him more advice about how to run the game.
  5. I think that you're talking apples and oranges. So much in has changed from campaign 9 to Campaign 150 that there can't really be a comparison.
  6. Submit a support ticket HERE Our support team is fantastic and they will get you straightened out ASAP.
  7. Submit a help ticket HERE
  8. I'm 140 away from 10k Axis kills, 102 away from 10k overall.
  9. I ran into another obstacle. I haven't forgotten you...
  10. PM me with squad forum requests and I'll set you up
  11. Changes like this aren't made without notifying the player base.
  12. Welcome back! Long time no see
  13. I'd post the pictures, but I think people need to read the whole thing for themselves.
  14. https://www.wwiionline.com/game-news/development-notes/16497-2018-roadmap-for-wwii-online