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  1. That is fixed now. Sorry for the oversight.
  2. Really? I'll see if I can remedy that. Thanks for that info.
  3. The search function is in the activity menu, in the upper right hand corner. Admittedly it's not an intuitive place for it. You'll find people here are very helpful, if you ask. There are separate Gameplay and Tech support forums that contain a lot of helpful information. Also the help desk is there if you need it. Open a support ticket there for account issues.
  4. Now you have me doubting myself... As I understand it, current users will be able to launch through playgate, but not through the Steam interface. If you want to use the Steam interface, you'd have to create a new account for the game. @XOOM please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Just to clarify: You will be able to use your current account, you just won't be able to port it over to Steam.
  6. No real progress? Are you kidding? The game is moving forward now for the first time in years.
  7. Hey, just getting us in on the squad forum thingy. Icehouse has never posted in the forums so I created this.
  8. It may very well be. As I said, I am not speaking in any official capacity, just ruminating on possibilities. I always encourage players to do a .bug when something seems amiss.
  9. Speaking as a player, not as a Rat, I believe it's just a side effect of the way rounds are tracked. In much the way that it is inaccurate to try and guide another players rounds to target (except for a mortar), you can't accurately predict where another player's rounds are landing. What you see on your screen is not the sane as what they see on theirs. Mortars are tracked by the server, individual rounds are not. I don't know if this should be classified as a bug or just the way things are.
  10. This is in an effort to counteract some of the performance issues we've expereienced with the new forum software. Searches really bog things down so we've tried to strike a balance between performance and access.
  11. Thank you @james10
  12. Hey all, For those who are new to the game, the learning curve can be pretty steep. Jon8798 has put together some videos that run through all the basic concepts allowing a new player to learn how the campaign map works, how to read it and how to find and join a battle. The first attempts went through the Barracks for constructive criticism and what we have here is 5 reasonably polished videos. Part 1 : (intro, tiers, the map, squads) Part 2 : (winning, supply, attack/defence orders) Part 3 : (Components of a town, how to attack and defend) Part 4 : (How to find and join a mission then enter the game world) Part 5 : (communications, squads tab, settings, brigade roster) Please watch in HD in order for the text to be readable. Hope someone learns something. Thanks to player JON8798 for his hard work creating these videos. There may be some subtle differences in today's game but these will give you a very good basic idea of how the game works.
  13. 88 - German flak36 88mm AA / ATG gun 109 - Messerschmitt Bf 109 German fighter plane 111 - Heinkel He 111 German bomber 190 - Focke-Wulf Fw 190 German fighter plane 232 - SdKfz 232 German armored scout car 251 - SdKfz 251 German armored half-track 666 - Enemy on your tail, take evasive action. A2A - Air to Air A2G - Air to Ground AA, AAA - Anti-Aircraft (Artillery) AAR - After Action Report AB - Army Base ACM - Air Combat Maneuvers AF - Air Field AFAB - Air Field Army Base AFK - Away From Keyboard AGL - Above Ground Level AHC - Allied High Command AI - Artificial Intelligence ALT - Altitude ANZAC - Australian and New Zealand Army Corps AO - Attack Order AP - Armor Piercing APHE - Armour Piercing Heavy Explosive ASAP - As Soon As Possible ATG - Anti-Tank Gun ATK - Attack ATM - At the Moment ATR - Anti-Tank Rifle ATTK - Attack Ausf. - Ausführung, Model or Variant AWS - Air Warning System BAR - Browning Automatic Rifle BARCAP - Barrier Combat Air Patrol BEF - British Expeditionary Force BK - Back BLDG - Building BNKR - Bunker BOB - Battle of Britain BRB - Be Right Back, Bathroom Break BRDG - Bridge BRG - Brigade, also; Bridge BRIG - Brigade CAB - Center Army Base CAP - Capture, also; Combat Air Patrol CAS - Close Air Support CC - CLICK-CLICK, Radio shorthand for understood, roger, acknowledged, etc.. CH - Channel CHG, CHRG - Charge, Sapper's Explosive Pack CHK - Check CinC -Commander in Chief CLR - Clear CMD - Command CO - Commanding Officer COM, COMMS - Communications CON - Contact CP - Officially it's Choke Point. All towns are a Choke Point. Unofficially, as used in game, it's Capture Point or the flag capture building. CRS - Cornered Rat Software CRU - Crusader series Medium British tank. CSR - Combat Stats and Records CTD - Crash to Desktop CTF - Capture the Flag CTHL - Connection to Host Lost CVR - Cover D1, D2 - Defensive Priority System to label importance of towns as determined by HC. DAC - Daimler Armored Car, British scout DBL - Double DD - Naval Destroyer DE - Deutsche, German, Kraut DED - Dead DEF - Defense DFRU - Defensive Forward Resupply Unit DMS - Defensive Mobile Spawn (replaced by FRU) DO - Defense Order DRK - Dark DWN - Down E - East EA - Enemy Aircraft EAB - East Army Base EAF - Enemy Air Field EATG - Enemy Anti-Tank Gun ECP - East Capture Point EDD - Enemy Naval Destroyer EFMB - Enemy Fairmile Boat EFRU - Enemy Forward Resupply Unit EI - Enemy Infantry EMS - Enemy Mobile Spawn (replaced by FRU) ENG - Engine also; English ET - Enemy Tank ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival ETT - Enemy Naval Transport EWS - Early Warning System FAF - French Air Force FB - Forward Base FJ - Fallschirmjäger, Paratrooper Flak - Fliegerabwehrkanone, Anti-aircraft Gun FMB - Fairmile Boat FMJ - Full Metal Jacket FPS - Frames per Second, also; First Person Shooter FR - French, Frog FRU - Forward Resupply Unit FT - Feet FWD - Forward GB - Great Britain, British, Limey GE - Gun Emplacement GFJ - Good F-ing Job GG, G2G - Got to Go, Good to Go GHC - German High Command. GJ - Good Job GL - Good Luck GM - Game Manager GN - Good Night GRD - Guard HAAC - Hold at All Cost HC - High Command HDG - Heading HE - High Explosive HEAT - High Explosive Anti-Tank HLP - Help HQ - Headquarters HT - Half-Track HUD - Heads Up Display HVAP - High-Velocity Armor Piercing IAS - Indicated Air Speed IB - Inbound IFP - Infantry Fighting Position INF - Infantry JG - Jagdgeschwader, Fighter Wing JS - Joystick K - Kilometers KB - Keyboard KD - Kill Death (Ratio) KG - Kampfgruppe, Battle Group, also; Kampfgeschwader, Battle Squadron, Bomber Squadron, also; Kilograms KIA - Killed in Action K, KK - OK KM - Kriegsmarine German Naval Forces KO, KO'd - Knocked Out KwK - Kampfwaenkanone, Combat Vehicle Gun LMG - Light Machine Gun LOL - Laugh Out Loud LOS - Line of Sight LTAP - Less Than Ace Pilot LVL - Level LW - Luftwaffe, German Air Force M - Meters MAX - Maximum MC - Multi-Crew MG - Maschinengewehr, Machine Gun MIA - Missing in Action MIN - Minute also; minimum MISS - Mission ML - Mission Leader MOIC - Map Officer in Charge MS - Mobile Spawn (replaced by FRU) MSP - Mobile Spawn Point (replaced by FRU) N - North NAB - North Army Base NCP - North Capture Point ND - Need NE - North East NEG - Negative NP - No Problem NW - North West NXT - Next OBJ - Objective OCS - Officer Candidate School OIC - Officer in Charge OKA - Oberkommando der Achsemächte, High Command of the Axis Powers OKW - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht or High Command of the Armed Forces. also; GHC OMG - Oh My God OMW - On My Way OOTW - Officer of the Week OP - Over Populated, also; Over Powered OPS - Operations OTW - On the Way P1, P2 - Attack / Defensive priority system to label importance of towns as determined by HC. Pak - Panzerabwehrkanone, Antitank gun PAN - Panhard 178 French Armored Scout Car PB - Player Base PLZ - Please PM - Personal Message, Private Message POS - Position, also; Positive POTW - Player of the Week PPO - Player Placed Object PZ, PZR, PZS - Panzer PzKpfw - Panzerkampfwagen, Armored Combat Vehicle or Tank Pz.Kw - Panzerkraftwagen, Armored car RA - Rapid Assault RAF - Royal Air Force RD - Road RDP - Research and Development Program, old term for old game mechanics, still used to describe enemy factory attacks. RES - Rescued REV - Reverse RG - Rifle Grenade RGR - Roger, OK, Affirmative, etc... RN - Royal Navy RND - Round RNG - Range RPM - Rotations Per Minute RR - Rail Road RTB - Return to Base RVR - River S - South - Salute, Player greeting/ show of respect. SA - Situational Awareness SAB - South Army Base SCP - South Capture Point SD - Spawn Delay SE - South East SEC - Seconds SIM - Simulation SMG - Sub-Machine Gun SMK - Smoke STO - Server Tracked Object STU - Stuart, French light lend-lease American tank StuG - Sturmgeschutz, Assault Gun SUB - Submarine, also; Subscription, Subscribe SUP - Supply, also: (What)s up, a greeting SW - South West TAS - True Air Speed TGT - Target THX - Thanks TOE - Table of Organization and Equipment TOM - Time on Mission TS - Team Speak TS2 - Team Speak 2 TS3 - Team Speak 3 TT - Naval Transport TWN - Town TY - Thank You TYVM - Thank You Very Much TZ - Time Zone UK - United Kingdom UMS - Unmanned Mobile Spawn (replaced by FRU) UP - Under Populated US - United States VEH - Vehicle VIS - Visual VS - Versus VSI - Vertical Speed Indicator W - West WAB - West Army Base WCP - West Capture Point WP - Way point WTF - What the F--- WTG - Way to Go WTH - What the Hell XRD - Cross Road Zerg - Uncoordinated rush, usually of tanks ZOC - Zone of Control I know there's some duplication, but here is a more exhaustive list.
  14. This is a place for people to get answers to gameplay questions. Please answer in a useful, respectful manner or do not answer at all. This is not the place to discuss opinions about the game or argue non gameplay issues. As such, the content here will be heavily moderated. Please be helpful and welcoming, we were all new once and this game can be pretty intimidating until you know the lay of the land. Thank you.
  15. Um, yeah...