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  1. I'm just a forums guy, so answering that question is beyond my authority. We do apologize for the inconvenience and if we could avoid interrupting your gaming we would. As a player and a continuous subscriber since 06/2001, I think, well, two days of subscription is about a dollar, and I can certainly afford to lose that much, more than the game can afford to give away thousands of them merely because they need to pause operations to improve my game experience. But that's just me, as a player, giving my non-RAT opinion.
  2. Players in good standing that ask for things like that are generally accommodated. The forums being my 'domain,' I want people to have fun with them. More fun = more usage.
  3. Well, it's not an unexpected error, it's a planned upgrade. We're giving you plenty of advance notice so that you can plan accordingly.
  4. Let's keep it civil, please.
  5. But just out of curiosity, have you tried totally uninstalling the game, downloading the full version , then reinstalling it?
  6. Follow Xoom's link and click "submit a request' in the upper R hand corner. As far as I know a password isn't required.
  7. It's interesting how much actual news is on the front page, especially when compared with today's newspapers. I no longer subscribe because there is so little of substance in the paper these days. That is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Click my sig!
  9. Did you go to HERE?
  10. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fundraiser-2017-wwii-online-steam#/backers See stretch goals.
  11. Oh, I wish I could tell you. You are gonna flip out.
  12. I'm nowhere near young and I would like nothing more than to see more people. For many reasons.
  13. Jeez, and I was going to try to do some flying this campaign... That might be a bit too expensive...
  14. I'll be there tonight, probably after 1030 EST