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  1. Submit a support ticket HERE Our support team is fantastic and they will get you straightened out ASAP.
  2. Submit a help ticket HERE
  3. I'm 140 away from 10k Axis kills, 102 away from 10k overall.
  4. Once again, we've killed off too many mods and are in need of able bodied replacements. This is your chance to help out Xoom and the team, if only in a small way. This game is basically a crowd sponsored endeavour now, and volunteers have helped us get this far. The community has taken this and is once again pushing it forward. Your help will contribute to the future of the game by helping the community. If you are at all interested, please contact me via PM. Our team dishes out a kinder, gentler moderation, but we need fresh meat to feed the sharks.
  5. I ran into another obstacle. I haven't forgotten you...
  6. PM me with squad forum requests and I'll set you up
  7. Changes like this aren't made without notifying the player base.
  8. Welcome back! Long time no see
  9. I'd post the pictures, but I think people need to read the whole thing for themselves.
  10. https://www.wwiionline.com/game-news/development-notes/16497-2018-roadmap-for-wwii-online
  11. I think it'e pretty obvious by now that if we didn't have a staff composed mostly of volunteers, we might not have a game. We definitely wouldn't be releasing new content. It's that simple. This game is a business, but the only financial backing is the players. Archive the old forums? Which forums would you suggest we archive?
  12. Well this is where I live, if that tells you anything... Disclaimer: This is not where I live
  13. Over moderation? Really? You have more freedom than just about any other game to voice your opinion here. It's all in how you do it. If you're being moderated here, it's because you stepped over a line. For example, it's fine to say "I think removing brigades is a mistake," but saying "You are a bunch of idiots who can't program your way out of a wet paper sack" isn't going to fly. It's as simple as that. Treat the people who work hard to give you a better gaming experience (most of whom volunteer their time, with no compensation whatsoever, to do this) with respect and they will return the favor.
  14. It was a throwback joke to the early days of the forums, not an attempt to censor you. I changed it back.
  15. Discord Guide Armor Damage Model/Effects Common In-game Abbreviations New Player Video Guide