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  1. Spawn in a mission last night as a sapper (vianden - clervaux fb).... Can change weaps, change to binocs, then go to go back to my gun and gun wont come up and I cannot run. No other weapons will come up either. Hit L several times and still nothing. Seems to happen most often to me as sapper but have had this happen with all inf.
  2. I find this almost laughable now.... because EVERYONE is exploiting it. Last night while trying to recap ARLON bunker, I got 7 kills. How.... I was upstairs running back and forth in front of the stair well. I noticed a lot of Axis players also doing the same downstairs to try and kill me.... running back and forth in front of the stairwell, both of us using the lag to try and gain the upper hand. Yes...we as the players adapt... but at the same time this totally kills the realism.
  3. Gophur...we (well most of us) arent asking you to re-write some kind of UBER code that revolutionizes the way FPS games are played. But seriously.... I have never seen lag kills like this EVER in WWIIOL...and havent seen lag kills like this in a FPS since the days we played Quake on a 33.6 modem... something changed with the last major patch for inf play. At least in 1.31 and below you had a chance to kill an ei as they entered a CP, and 50% of the time it was the I kill you, you kill me variety. Now its either Die THEN see the ei on deathcam, or both of you die even though the enemy you THOUGHT you saw had his back to you.
  4. My two favorites... Run into one of those warehouse buildings that you see by CPS (the ones with the stairs and annoying 2nd floor windows you cant break to shoot out of)... anywho... ran into the warehouse and see a EI standing there loading his rifle. I unload a clip of SMG ammo into him as I circle around him.... I die..... deathcam shows a muzzle flash near my chest...but EI animation never stopped loading his rifle. Second... Guarding a CP. Im upstairs facing the starway so when ei comes up his back is to me. EI comes in Runs up stairs...I unload clip into His back. He turns, sees me, He runs BACK DOWN the stairs, runs BACK UP, dies..... then I die without see him fire a shot. My avg ping to the server is < 70ms.... and very little to NO packet loss (would be happy to post my ping test and tracert if anyone would like). Sorry....but if this kind of crap keeps up much longer... I will find better things to do with my MMO money. I would almost rather go back to the days where EI glided arcross the floor (4 years ago) then this...
  5. Americas Army as well.... When a avatar leans around the corner you (as the person standing on the other side) see what one would expect to see and thats a full head shot, shoulders, and most of the time both arms.
  6. /Signed Infantry game (which SHOULD be 70% of this game) is a joke right now. CQB is non-exsistant. My last example while guarding a CP... I was upstairs behind the half wall watching the stairs going up. EI runs upstairs and I unload into his back... he runs 3/4 of the way DOWN the stairs, I hear his scream and he dies.... then...wait for it..... I die. I shoot shoot me at its worst
  7. Spawned into a UMS as a LMG at Bruhl. Within 10 sec of spawn in my screen was shaking and the heartbeat was going. But no flashing red screen.
  8. Yes it is... although I got it with the heart beat and shakes but no red screen.
  9. SIGNED.... Its just stupid lag killy. Almost every inf battle Im in its "I shoot you, you shoot me". Half the time my death animation and his are playing, and the enemy isnt even facing me and weapon is not raised.
  10. Hugs for GOPHUR!!!! THANKS!!!!
  11. Same for BOFORS.... cant recall if it was always like that, but dont think so.
  12. Gophur, I had full stamina, was running to a FB as sapper. I hit L to lower my weapon and ran until maybe 1/8 of my ATP bar was down. When I hit L to raise my weapon, no weapon came up and I couldnt shoot. I could switch weaps, but not use them. Sometimes after a few min the weap pops back up, sometimes I have to respawn.
  13. ROFLMAO.... love the two screams as they hit.... Happend to me last weekend I think. Bridge came up and I died.
  14. Noticing the same thing when riding in the back of beddy or laffly. Mates are floating 5 m behind the truck... if you look at your mates it looks like they are 1m taller than you.
  15. It HAS made me log off ....more than once. And I do NOT accept the notion (that I have heard from nore than one truck drive) that we should NOT even bother taking M5's. The M5 is one of the best pieces of Arty to engage the higher tier tanks from a safe distance...