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  1. Well' date=' I've wasted 2 1/2 hours of my life trying to get this game going. I don't understand how it is that this system will run any game currently available on the market, except this game. Where do I go for a refund?[/quote']

    This game is Unique.... in Many ways! :P

    Try a re-install and a vid-driver update.

    Then, cross your fingers...

    ...if it works you'll be on your way to being addicted.

  2. Just so you know, this game has been very stable, with very few personal crashes, and almost no system-wide crashes until just the past few weeks.

    The Developers wanted to bring on some American units to play with, and make some changes for the long-term advancement of the game. (Yes, it's been terrible to have the game crashing, and this Needs To Be Fixed ASAP!!)

    Don't be too discouraged, as the Rats will fix the crashes and we'll all be back to having great battles!

    I've been playing for many years, and this is The Worst its ever been for me with game crashes.

    The crashing we are experiencing is NOT the Norm.

    When it's stable again we'll stop *****ing and have fun playing again!



  3. If your game play is smooth with no lags or stutters then your golden...

    my game play with 1.31 has been very good....I've not flown yet though but ground game seems much smoother then 1.30 even if the fps isn't as high

    Vampress, when you say "stutters" are you referring to quick freezes in the game where it locks up and then is fine again? Sort of like the freeze you get when you CTHL, but it recovers? These freezes last just a second or so for me, but are awful for gameplay.

    That's what's been happening to me today, for the first time in years of play. Any known fixes?


  4. A controlled test reveals that there is absolutely no difference.

    Also how could there be any? There is no significant difference in performance between the CRTs in the first place. And then the CRT contributes only to a tiny fraction of a frame time.


    All I know is that I have been playing the game since 1.31 release with 7-25fps everywhere I went. Any battle in towns were under 25fps every time. My fps never got above 35.

    I changed the compatibility mode from "Vista compatibility" to "no compatibility" on my Windows 7 system and instantly got 40+ fps even in towns with heavy action, and up to 100fps.

    I made no other changes to my system of the game settings.

    I'm a long-time player, and I know how to compare system performance fairly well. This was no slight was a radical change for the better.


  5. In a separate thread, Munchkin mentioned that accidentally running the game in the wrong compatibility mode dropped his fps.


    Right-click on the game's .exe-icon, select Properties, select Compatibility, and make sure you are not running Compatibilty for the incorrect operating system. (or deselect compatibility completely and see what happens).

    Thanks Munchkin, You saved my playability! :D

    This fix made my FPS go from unplayable 8-25fps to 40-100fps!

    I was running Vista compatibility mode on Windows

    CRS should sticky this fix!!!!


  6. I noticed I had forgotten th change the compatibility mode for the executables. With 1.30 I had them set to Vista SP2 to not have the mouse pointer freeze.

    After installing 1.31 (I just installed it over the old, didn't uninstall or anything) everything worked and I had satisfying framerates, even though they felt lower than they did in beta.

    So, I remembered the settings so I went in for each executable and removed any compatibility settings and behold, my framerates went sky high, they almost doubled across the board!

    So, for anyone with windows 7 that experience low framerates, have a look at the compatibility settings, it should be unchecked.

    Munchkin, You saved my playability! :D

    This fix made my FPS go from unplayable 8-25fps to 40-100fps!

    I was running Vista compatibility mode on Windows

    CRS should sticky this fix.


  7. Thanks for all the input everyone.

    The motherboard on my new system (should be here in a few days) only supports Crossfire,not SLI (I think), so that will likely be another factor.

    I will keep the 7900GTX for now, see how it runs, and get a new one later when prices drop a bit more. Prob ATI because of the lack of SLI on my mb. (Be my first..I've always been a GeForce guy).

    AS far as monitors go... I'm going to hook it up to my 46" Sony Bravia just to see how it runs :P


  8. go for 2 5770s the 260 has gone up in price it used to be down at 120$ 5-6 months ago... so that'd be my suggestion... or if all u can afford is one go for 1 5770 then buy a 2nd in a few months... u will get alot outta those cards.

    OK, thanks for the help!

    I assume it's not possible to double up with my existing 7900gtx, right?

    (if I got one new 5770?)

  9. 200$ for a 260? whose ripping you off? u can buy a 5770 4890 or a GTX 275 for that price... but def upgrade with 1.31 coming out. 5770 would be my reccomendation just b/c of DX 11 and the ability to xfire if u have the mobo for it' date=' great card, but so are the 275 and 4890. all around same price. 5770 is abit cheaper[/quote']

    I'm looking at prices at Tigerdirect and NewEgg... where can I get them for less? I'm in Calif. so don't pay sales tax if I buy from Tigerdirect, which saves me 10%.

    My motherboard is Intel P55 Chipset 1156, with 2 PCIe x16 and 2 PCI.

  10. I just bought a new i5-750 266 Quad Core with 8gb ram.

    Unfortunately it comes with a GeForce 210 (which I plan on yanking out immediately).

    My question is, should I keep my old GeForce 7900GTX, which has served me well in WW2 Online, or is it worth spending another $200 to get a GTX260?

    Reviews show my 7900GTX much better than the 210, but not as good as the GTX260.

    What about dual-card options?

    Thanks for the help!

  11. I had the game running for several months on my Vista machine.

    The performance was not what my XP machine was capable of, but it worked fine. Just low fps.

    After the last major patch (TOE,etc) I can't get Playgate to work.

    It stalls out when checking for updates before the game actually loads.

    I've tried downloading the entire current version of the game.

    Tried turning off firewalls, etc etc.

  12. Ever since the last patch I cant get the game to load.

    After I enter my name/password, it brings up a screen saying "Receiving Update" and then it stops after 2 seconds with the message:

    "Playgate.exe has stopped working"

    Then a WW2Online webpage somes up saying I was unable to connect to the patch server.

    I have removed the game AND Playgate and reinstalled both 3 times.

    I've downloaded the FULL install so shouldn't need a patch at first.

    I've used Checknet, all seems fine.

    I've turned off all firewalls.

    My account status is current and I can play on home comp fine.

    I've gone through all of KFS' suggestions on the other thread.

    Any ideas what may be happening?

    This machine does use Vista :( but I didnt have problems before this last patch.

    Many thanks for any advice that may help. (I know Vista sucks but I have to ue that on my work computer).