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  1. @bersi hey buddy! also it smells funny in here
  2. no... insanely higher altitudes your pilot might/probably would passout due to lack of oxygen before he could open his chute.. but then he should just die there is no sensible reason to limit it to such a low alt if it was done due to some game limitation then all of this has been a massive waste of time my conclusion is that it has to be a bug
  3. i don't remember reading about any ceiling and if there was an intentional ceiling put in place whomever made that decision needs to be beaten until sense returns to them i have faith it's a bug
  4. when your plane smacks into terra firma is your time limit why bailout doesn't work about 9,000 feet just doesn't make any sense i would say it has to be a bug...........
  5. well that's pretty farking stupid
  6. how long does the despawner timer take at that alt?
  7. ... odd max parameter
  8. Plink kills have been in this game since forever I have no idea why doc thinks they don't exist...
  9. The only trend I have notice is that it happens after i've been logged in game for a significant period of time, or at least it is more likely to happen then. Possibly some memory error
  10. often alt tabbing out of game will cause the game to lock up but only if i am spawned in
  11. I have the same issue... it's like the sensitivity curve is a non-linear function of speed... i don't know how else to explain it PC here Xfire 4850's E8400 Intel dual core Windows vista Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse
  12. new patch fixed this for me anyway
  13. I'll try a fresh install when I get home it's kinda weird that offline mode works but it just takes a big poopie when i try to connect to the server