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  1. @bersi hey buddy! also it smells funny in here
  2. BTW, it would be definitely cool to see some Lavochkas over in Reno for the races, I bet they would boast some very impressive times. They have a bastardized Yak-11 over there with some Radial in it I forget which.
  3. It was most certainly not irrelevant. Although you are correct that the bulk of US production was geared towards the war in Europe, nearly half our casualties were in the pacific, it was a long bloody war in that theater and I would say the clear turning point was the battle of Midway. --- And I wouldn't call the La-5 even the FN version a clearly superior machine as most Russian sources love to overinflated the abilities of their aircraft. It was however definitely on par with contemporary LW fighters of the time, tho a bit difficult to fly from what I understand due to the complex engine controls. The La-7 was definitely a superior aircraft to the LW contemporaries under 3000 meters, but too few were produced to have "broken the back of the LW" A great plane yes, but a war winner no. In my opinion, and also the general consensus of even Russian sources, the Yak fighter is what won the air war on the Eastern front, and set the LW for defeat by the Americans in 44 as the LW was drawn up to defend the Reich and butchered by P-47s, 51's and 38s.
  4. there is a pacific theater too Yak series was far more responsible for doing the damage to the LW than the La5 and 7 ever were... sooo many more Yaks than there were La's the final straw that broke the LW's back was carried out by the Americans in 44 after the Russians had pushed them to the brink
  5. ASDIC- Essential ASW technology that helped win the battle for the Atlantic and kept Britain afloat Essex Class Aircraft Carrier - Was the backbone of the United States Navy need I say more? B-24 Liberator- Most numerous 4 engine bomber of the war and was the workhorse for the strategic war effort in Europe (lol at you nubs with your Lancaster) P-40 Warhawk -served in many countries in all theaters and provided the allies with a surprisingly effective stopgap fighter until more modern fighters could be fielded. Yak Series Fighter- Instrumental in crippling the Luftwaffe on the Eastern front
  6. no planes no game
  7. okay well it installs but it hangs at loading vehicles or whatever so ya....
  8. nvm i cleared my registry then did a restart and it was okay wtfg vista
  9. 1.30 won't install, it gives me this error. C:\PROGRA~1\Playnet\Playgate\UNWISE.EXE "Windows cannot find 'C:\PROGRA~1\Playnet\Playgate\UNWISE.EXE'. Make sure you type the name correctly, and then try again. Error Could not execute the external program C:\PROGRA~1\Playnet\Playgate\UNWISE.EXE.
  10. From the hangar: Please for give the grammatical errors, I will make changes later when I am awake "After a very successful sortie, barcapping Maubeuge with vyper and wiggle (whom had already RTB and logged for the night), vyper and I were making our way home thru Dinant to Bertrix. The last hawk we had downed flew right over his FB, upon which I spotted a laffly towing a large number of ATGs, we orbited around searching for the vehicle for a few moments, but were quickly persuaded to leave as several bofors had been set up by this time, and they were all firing upon us. Choosing discretion as the better part of valor, we leisurely approach Feschaux when vyper calls out on ventrillo, "Contact diving in with alt, could be a bad guy." Immediately I begin to turn around as I am about 700 meters out in front of vyper when vyper then confirms his suspicion and labels the unknown as a hawk. Soon after which, I call out a second contact, another hawk also closing in on vyper six o'clock. We quickly decide to split up and attack the two targets separately, taking the closest ones to our own aircraft. I hop on, what turns out to be, a hawk 81 and start letting of Machine gun rounds. I am being cautious with my ammunition as I am down to a mere 20 cannon and around 400 mg. I soon begin to land hits and my hawk, in a desperate attempt to escape flies himself into a grove of trees and crashes; however, as soon as this occurs vyper bleakly calls out on comms, "S**t I'm dead!" Now I know I'm in trouble, I have no visual on the hawk, all I can see is vyper's lifeless aircraft gracefully flying towards a hillside behind me. So I make a quick decision and bank hard to the right and perform a complete 180, such that I am now heading toward where vyper was. I did this assuming the hawk would be transitioning from vyper to me immediately and as I could not see him at the time, I rolled the dice and turned hard hoping it would thwart any attempts he had at a gun solution. I level out, heading south, and start rolling while looking down my right side to acquire the hawk, as if he wasn't on my six at that moment, he soon would be. Sure enough I spotted him, about 600 meters back closing, right over where the hawk81 went in. I put myself into a slight climb to give myself room to Split-S back into him and re-engage. With the hawk still closing, I roll around and then quickly choose a direction and perform a pseudo split-S type maneuver, cutting into him as hard as I can... The hawk attempts to follow the maneuver with his six fifty caliber machine guns pointing dangerously close to my aircraft; however, he cannot follow it and comes up under me and attempts to go high. I match him and we enter into a low speed rolling scissors. Flaps rapidly being deploy from both our aircraft such that we can maintain our nose high attitudes. With both of us struggling to keep our planes pointed up, we look for the opportunity to get in on one another aswell, but the hawk stalls first. (At this point I had a suspicion of who my opponent was, and it was confirmed by vyper to be Cobra516 during this time period). I roll in behind him lining up for the shot, he dives out while raising his flaps to gain speed, then pulls back up hard throwing out his flaps again and cutting throttle, in the hope that I will pass him by, however, I anticipate this maneuver and cut my throttle accordingly, line up for a gunsolution and let him have it... Cannon and machine gun rounds bounce off the fuselage of his aircraft, around the engine cowling and the inner wings. Coolant immidiately starts spewing from his radiators and I maneuver my aircraft just above him (still going incredibly slow with all my flaps out) and look down expectantly. The hawk does not oblige, what was sure to be my sixth victory of this sortie still remains stubbornly aloft... I come back down upon him. With no cannon remaining and only a couple hundred machine gun rounds left, I line up on the cockpit of the crippled hawk, determined to finish the job. The hawk attempts to evade, and slow down in vain attempts to cause my Bf-109 to overshoot, but he has no hope left at this point. I pummel his aircraft with machine gun rounds repeatedly into the cockpit area of his aircraft... Yet the hawk still persisted. I climb up and over again, ready to finish him of for sure this time and with only 163 rounds left in my mgs I was going to make these count... I come in close behind him, lining up my shot perfectly, when the hawk ceases evading... I'm sitting off at his 5 o'clock and the hawk just stops maneuvering, and sits there, perhaps finally accepting defeat. I place my revi sight upon the pilot avatar in the aircraft and start to depress the trigger, when the hawk waggles his wings from right to left quickly... I ease off the trigger, and follow the hawk for a few moments... debating whether or not I should finish off this opponent... the hawk waggles his wings again... Then over comms I say to vyper, "I'm going to let this one go." I maneuver off to his 7 o'clock, waggle my wings a few times, break high and left and return to bertrix. S! Cobra516, You owe me one SORTIE DETAILS Origin CP: Verviers Origin Fac: Theux Airfield Mission: Area Attack Unit: Bf109F4 Started: May 12 01:50 Stopped: May 12 02:30 Kills: 5 Caps: 0 TOM: 39 min Success: Yes Crit. Dam.: No Result: Returned to Base SORTIE CREW-MEMBERS Maj Gen Tempest CRITICAL DAMAGE FROM No enemies found. AFTER ACTION REPORT This sortie has no AAR. If this is your persona, you may add an AAR. ADD AAR > SORTIE KILLS KILLED OPPONENT PERSONA ORIGIN UNIT K C T May 12 02:01 Capt Welky UK Air Force Maubeuge Spit Vb 0 0 10 May 12 02:09 2nd Lt Lank914 FR Air Force Brussels H81-a2 0 0 10 May 12 02:14 Capt Welky UK Air Force Maubeuge Spit Vb 0 0 5 May 12 02:15 Sgt Maj Falcongt UK Air Force Maubeuge Spit Vb 0 0 9 May 12 02:20 2nd Lt Wolfs88 FR Air Force Maubeuge H87-b3 3 0 18"
  11. apparently the p-38 could barely get it's engines past the idel setting