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  1. Anyone playing this game ?
  2. Hello There, anyone arround ?
  3. title tells it.... anyone else? or is it just me?
  4. i had the game running propper. since last patch my joystick´s arnet working anymore. i tried to set up keymap again but no direction of moving the joystick or klicking any of the buttons did get any feedback. joystick 1: saitek Cyborg joystick 2: logitech extreme 3d also when you klick through the pics where you can calibrate the joystick ingame no reaction on using any direction of the joystick or any of the axses. under windows both joysticks are working at the calibrate screen. i only used 1 joystick at a time. when switching them i restarted the pc jsut to be sure. also after detecting controller ingame no reaction. starting game again----> nothing Strating Pc again ------> nothing
  5. hey there. my joystick wont work ingame even took my old one and nothing ingame. under windows everything is working propper.... just not ingame tryed the detect controlers several times without luck.... any idear? any help? !S
  6. Our CinC´s is a proud menber of this awesome Squad
  7. Upward!!!! check it out!
  8. bumb for a kickass squad!