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  1. I dont know about you guys but whenever I play this game, it certainly isn't laid back. WWIIONLINE is more than capable of being the 'COD' shooter, you just have to know where to be and when to be there, period. And this whole forum is a perfect example of why I love WWIIONLINE so much. You actually have to be "smart" and have a "brain" in order to get kills. Not just an itchy trigger finger.
  2. One thing that allows you to do well in this game is patience. Logically look at the map and assume how other players will "impatient." Generally, people would prefer to run straight towards their target area and not prolonging the time it takes them to get to the action by taking a more concealed route. Catch them making a mistake and take advantage of it. Second, do your objective! Go to caps and cap! You cap a place, guard it. There is no better magnet in the game for enemy infantry than a capped depot. PM me if you want more.
  3. I still have the same problem as Silverburn, fixed the XML parser error by going on my other computer, copying the Battleground Europe file into My Documents and it fixed the XML Parser Error. But now, whenever I try to open settings, Practice Offline, or Play Online, it just brings up the "Send error message to Microsoft" or what not. Not sure what it is. I run off XP with this system doesn't work. My other has Vista, and works just fine.
  4. I recently returned home from service, and found that the game wouldn't auto-update from 1.28 version. So I uninstalled, downloaded the full game client and installed it. Now, whenever I try to load the game, Offline or online, or even the settings menu, an error comes up. It didn't do this with 1.28, so it obviously has something to do with the new version. This comes up when I try to load the game. file:///etc/xml/catalog:1: parser error : Document is empty ^ file:///etc/xml/catalog:1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found ^ file:///C%3A/Documents%20and%20Settings/McKay%20Allen/My%20Documents/Battleground%20Europe/wwiiol.xml:1: parser error : Document is empty ^ file:///C%3A/Documents%20and%20Settings/McKay%20Allen/My%20Documents/Battleground%20Europe/wwiiol.xml:1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found ^ data/wwiiol.xml:1: parser error : Document is empty ^ data/wwiiol.xml:1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found .......... Any ideas? I run in Windows XP.. would that be it? I have absolutely no idea.
  5. Since I moved to this base, I have been having odd CTHLs. It hick-ups a bit, then gets back into the game with the CTHL thing up, which if I click OK it gets out of the game. Annoying thing is, I can move that to the side and continue to play where I was, until either I die or I have to get to the menu again. Before, I remember it reconnnecting and continuing regardless of a loss of connection, but now it just boots me completely after one mis-connection.
  6. I was thinking about finding some software for that, but never did it. I'd figure thats all I need to do, probably bloated with crap because it was reinstalled several times. Ill give it a try.
  7. Well, I did it and it was just the same as before. So I started to mess around with it, and did something that made my monitor not able to use the resolution or something. So I came back into Safe mode, reinstalled the driver again, and it came and work good. Tried to start the CCC, but it didnt come up. Did ctr-alt-delete, and CCC came up to be running in the processes. So heres the run down now. I cannot get CCC to come up at all for some reason, but I fixed the resolution problem I had at the beginning. All my games seem to run the same as before, so I dont think anything is wrong or what not, I just cant get into CCC. Not a real big deal, I just hope I never have to use it. Thanks for your help, Now I can have a clearer view of that enemy scum because of Higher Resolutions!
  8. Well, changing it in game, 800 X 600 is the only resolution that shows up. And, when I try to open up the settings application, it says it "has encountered a problem and needs to close." Im pretty sure my drivers are up to date, ill check again, and also I guess ill just reinstall the game. Not a huge problem, but in a way it is. Like to have a more clear view, instead of blocky things. Thanks for the feedback though.
  9. For some odd reason, I can only use 800 X 600 Resolution in game. I recently upgraded my video card from a Radeon 9550 to a Radeon X1950 Pro, which is quite a jump with graphics power. Is this something that can be fixed or do I completely have to get a new Videocard?
  10. I am looking for a squad, large or small, (prefer smaller) who believes that team-work, wins the game. A squad that actually functions like a squad in the sense of staying together, accomplishing the mission together, and winning the war together. If no squad is available that does this, perhaps there may be a few individuals who would want to start a squad with me to greatly ephasize tactical, team play. (Yes, i am a very tactical/realistic gamer) Any takers?
  11. Honestly, it doesnt bother me much having these, but I think you guess would want to take a look at it. It seemed like it was a giant bush in the sky, they moved with the wind like the normal bushes do.
  12. This is wierd. I just bought a new Dell Dimension E310 with a Flat Panel 17'' screen. I just downloaded the game, and when i start it, it loads and everything is upside down. I quit out of the game and go back to the desktop and its back to normal. I changed the settings around to see if it would do anything, but no luck Has anyone had this problem before? Does anyone know what to do? I have no idea...
  13. i did the same thing and i got 21 kills ahhah check it out there
  14. do you sit in this forum and just write bump all day?
  15. you saying bump, so you can have your forum at the top?