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  1. Ok just figured its because of TS overlay, problem fixed, using just OPEN GL
  2. So it happens that the only way i can play is after restating my pc over and over Everytime i ctd i try to relaunch and it just crashes on startup, only way around is to restart computer This makes sense?
  3. Date and time: 3/2/2013 23:32:36 Program compile time: Jan 23 2012 11:58:51 File version: 1.34.9 GL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Renderer: GeForce GTX 460 v2/PCIe/SSE2 Access violation: Illegal read by 6820B3E7 at 00000000 OS-Version: 6.1.7600 () 0x100-0x1 [6820B3E7] (ts3overlay_hook_win32): : HookFunctionKB [681A5E6D] (ts3overlay_hook_win32): : [681E65C1] (ts3overlay_hook_win32): : Initialize [681ED58E] (ts3overlay_hook_win32): : Initialize [681EFC21] (ts3overlay_hook_win32): : Initialize [68200FB0] (ts3overlay_hook_win32): : HookFunctionKB [681EF850] (ts3overlay_hook_win32): : Initialize [68201231] (ts3overlay_hook_win32): : HookFunctionKB [682007F5] (ts3overlay_hook_win32): : HookFunctionKB [75035A20] (GDI32): : SwapBuffers [68201266] (ts3overlay_hook_win32): : HookFunctionKB [682006D5] (ts3overlay_hook_win32): : HookFunctionKB [0041F3AC] (ww2): : [005C2559] (ww2): : [005C2561] (ww2): : [776E8153] (ntdll): : RtlUnlockHeap
  4. Looking to buy it trough amazon so i can get it shipped to me I decided a PC is better than a laptop cause im not planning to move it around and since a pc of equivalent power should be cheaper than a laptop the choice is obvious Money is not a problem so far (Thank god) and im looking for something that could last me 5 years like the one i have still that after so long its still plays ww2ol Pls if you can link it as well i would appreciatted
  5. Good advice guys, seems like i either wait for w8 or not and it seems like may hd will upgrade once w8 is out so better to wait i guess Ty for all the input gents Cheers
  6. Pls need a couple of alternatives to choose from, real stuff not imaginary or fantasy land stuff, i need proven stuff cause i wanna buy one asap Ty in advance BTW randazzo, ty for that link
  7. Any productive advice is appreciated
  8. I need to buy a new computer and a new video card Which one should it be?
  9. I think the format command solves this problem easilly and fast
  10. I mean the nvidia settings that show whats on and whats off
  11. You can also change it in the profiler that comes with the stick
  12. If you have a hotas just go to your stick settings and change stick 1 for 2 or viceversa You can recheck stick ingame at the calibration screen