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  1. I suppose it boils down to the decade old argument between choke-point capture, and area-of-control capture. Jamming whatever numbers into a CP just makes it another shoe-box twitch shooter
  2. Server time is what GMT?
  3. Just about my experience as well.
  4. And hold the lines there so we can work up the eq list
  5. *grumbles*
  6. Yeah, back to 2001 stats are missing.
  7. You want current screens, or legacy- I could dump a lot of crappy oldies.
  8. Hum...just recent stats? Not all-time? Was something lost?
  9. Merlin, do you ever sleep?
  10. Where did they hide it nowadays? search was most unhelpful.
  11. Trench run? Dunkirk?
  12. Update failed. Do I have to wipe and suck the steam-pipe to play again?
  13. *giggles* how soon the Breakfast Club is forgotten... There was a time, when 2 players and an Opel could cap half the map.
  14. SPAM. Mods delete this. Only soldiers of the Fatherland need log in.