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  1. As stated by others, sound play's a massive role. This is often massivly overlooked in Armor especially. It's incredibly likely they heard especially as you fired from their flank. Then perhaps the POV discrepancy came into play. Some have fancy sound setup which I'm sure is nice and helps, but the truth is all you need is a headset/earphones, your onboard driver will likely be sufficient. Speakers are fine and all but it can be harder to differentiate where the noise is coming from in world.
  2. Notion of ‘Private mission’. I guess I didn’t really see it as that. I’m 100% on board with the openness of battlefield, battlefield for all approach. Interesting that Squad missions had already existed in the past. Hadn’t realised you guys have already put forward your stance on ‘private missions’ either. Fair play. Don’t know about others so much, I was thinking more of a ‘This FMS isn’t valid yet or might never be, or not ready yet’ so toggle off. Not so much private missions. Whether you could ‘Open/close an FMS’ or, as is, just sitting in an Opel and waiting deploying/deleting as you see fit (the option exists already in theory, just stay in the truck), it doesn’t matter, you’re still going to get people spawning from your origin, lost, whom need guidance of what’s going. A lot of these situations are a result of the dynamics of the game. More Indication of what’s going on. I spawned in AF HQ the other day in a last-minute attempt to protect factories. New guy asked me where the tanks were that needed bombing, and rightfully so no doubt, the actual brigade is near an AO/DO so it follows. I think lots could be done with the HUD/Brigades screen etc to give more depth to mission’s/mission types, maybe with tooltips for new guy’s/gals explaining what to expect. Do tooltips still exist? All MS’s look and function the same but we use them for a whole host of reasons. Many flavours. Communication I think we’ve all experienced the masses of uncommunicative wild recruits recently. It’s not always that they don’t care or aren’t interested, although that totally can and does occur. For instance; Less than 24hours ago Axis Lost Luxembourg. Allied did nicely and capped with a single link and we had 4 active links after Ab’s gone. Towards the end, I stopped what I was doing and drove a truck to town and started to recap. I was joined by others, great! None recapped. Not sure if they tried. Would they want to? We had enough on the mission to target +90% of all depots. All recruits. Mission orders were as simple and clear as a mountain stream. Upon the town being captured, a lot remained in town. It’s not uncommon as of late. I broadcast a message over side and mission In English/French/Spanish/German something like ‘Hey guys, Luxembourg is no longer active, please join an active battle’. Upon revisiting the mission, the mission pop had grown. I realised some were talking in Hungarian. Once I communicated in Hungarian most left the mission. I would welcome an in house auto translate. Alternatively, we need a way to traverse language and fallback to a more basic and intuitive communication. Maybe part of the answer is training. If people don’t wish to be helped though, then they wont be. Training I think you guys have done a great job with the training tutorials with what’s there. As it stands the mandatory /optional training for X/Y/Z. What I often see in game with the new guys is them demonstrating an understanding of this. i.e. Using grenades. (: Walking towards the mission target. How often do we set the target to what’s relevant? Numerous times when this doesn’t occur. It’s just the games mechanics. What I think could be added asap; · Training on how to play the game. Sounds stupid but I’m being genuine. Even if it’s somehow simplified or in game ‘hints’ at what’s going on. Something simular to the tutorials. I’m not talking a complete manual/training scheme, that’s ridiculous. Just a… What’s an AO/DO maybe. Whats actually going on. What happens when your down to Bunker, what you need to do… Defence/Attack 101. Maybe automatic orders... lol. What to do at a FB etc. · How to use a truck and set fms. Time and time again 1 fms to attack and when it goes down 70% will walk from the FB until someone sets another. This is 50% of what’s needed to know to drive a tank and might help save some time on their part. Ignition, forward gear, reverse, brake, deploy fms job done. · Flight school. Crazy that this slipped from being mandatory, pretty sure it was. Pretty sure this been mentioned too. The constant mindless trashing of equipment… etc etc… I think I heard you’re going to do something about this. Don’t get me wrong, I probably did the same thing 12 years ago, hell, I still crash now. Ultimately if you haven’t been instructed in what to do, you can’t expect to know unless someone or something steps in (reliance and need of squads/help/PB/Discord/native speakers). You could, in theory, expand these tutorial’s and integrate them into the game someday, using the relationship with rank and equipment as a template. Have Rank, Equipment, Training, achievements and awards all rolled together. Apologies for the war and peace.
  3. Spoken like a decent ML and team player! And it's how it should be done, rightly so. I guess it depends what sort of mission your on, for a live/major AO/DO that works a treat.
  4. Some say the current training is forever taking as it stands but I totally agree here. Current mandatory training teaches you how to move around, shows you were your grenades are and how to shoot, how to follow a waypoint etc. Not enough. Result is greens wandering around, firing rifle, throwing grenades and following target waypoint, often to the middle of nowwhere where most town target's are. Would be cool if there was a 'Defend' and 'Attack' training tutorial. Teach'em how to not walk 3 kilometers to a target, set a fms and learn that a target is not always a target. lol @delems
  5. Whole heartedly agree. This would be my first suggestion. I like the idea of private, squad or rank (maybe option Enlisted/Non Commissioned Officers/Officers) only too. Totally agree. Greens won't understand this, the more that spawn though the further up the list you go on the active missions tab the worse the situation gets the worse the experience for them. Thats fine if your in the truck but if you've despawned your screwed, you'll have to drive again.
  6. Mosizak, just logged in to post the same. Biggest thing for me is the fustration that get generated from the PB in not being able to see marks because of the different target issue (Depot/AB/Town), let alone the disorganisation it causes. I can understand that the RATS may have implemented this the way they did for resource etc.... though since surely all the marks exist on the server for all the missions etc, so putting them together makes a difference? I don't pretend to know anything about this but am interested to know. Also can agree with Wockawocka in that you eventually learn about this and it's better to have up to date marks, but it still needs badly addressing, since you won't see those marks if your on the wrong target in the first place! Plus if your new your totally lost anyway. Not sure if this will be effected by the proposed voice coms in the future, but it could really do with getting a bit more organised. Thats all.
  7. Congratulations cookie420 and all whom fought, it was an interesting day in Bapuame!
  8. Love Spinach. Maybe a nicety to see the PPO's a bit more seamless in their build.
  9. I believe the result would be a 231 as opposed to the 232 we have.
  10. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I think that's a good idea Viggen. There is some information out there in the deep which is dtill viably useful though there definatly has been changes etc. I would be interested in pitching in.
  12. I use the Logitech extreme 3D pro as suggested by GraNit, Chimm, ghroznak and Odonovan1. I bought it back in 20o7/o8 or maybe even o9. One of the 6 base buttons died on me a while back but it has served me well and would say is a reasonably reliable choice. I do wish it had more buttons though! Never enough buttons... Odonovan is right however when he say's try to have a light hand. I tend to flick between keys/mouse and joystick for AA as I find the Joy isn't so good for tiny tiny tiny movement's, I'm not sure if the T16000m would be better for small movements? Anyway, it will be worthwhile to get a joystick. For Moving targets while aiming AA you are able to get more of a smooth movement to follow the target as compaired to using a combination of Keys/Mouse. I still use keys to drive though! Biggest payoff is with flying/AA in my opinion. Saff