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  1. Guess I better go in game and see if any other issues plague me.
  2. patch worked for me (though I didn't actually play yet-just logged in and poked around UI). Will post if any problems in actual gameplay. THX Rats.
  3. I've got an Invidia ti4200 and use Omega's (45.23-I'm win98se still), which means no messing with any of the quality type settings, and Powerstrip for the OC end (279/572). OR, for the most basic method, download the Coolbits registry tweak.
  4. I've been using Omega drivers for several years and am quite happy with them. I still run 98se so I'm currently using the Omega 45.23's with my ti4200/128. IF I can ever get back in game, perhaps I'll shift back to the Omega 44.03's and give them another look-see. Seem to recall that they were often touted as some of the best drivers of the lot
  5. Well, once today, it looked like it was hung on "authenticating" but when I cont+alt+Delete it did NOT say (not responding) next to wwiionline. I hit the "cancel" button.....and CTD. Hey, at least it's a new twist:). Same old hang on "authenticating" several times since however.
  6. 1.19-stopped responding at "Logging into host" phase of progress bar. 1.19.1-stops responding at "authenticating" phase of progress bar NO problems whatsoever of this nature prior to 1.19 (or at least since CTD hell back in Nov. '01). "Checknet" results all good. "Netcheck.bat" times out after 14th jump Pingplotter utility comes up with "Destination address unreachable" after 14th jump (obviously redundant of netcheck.bat). Same for training server. Same problem accessing training server.