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  1. Welcome back CE
  2. Sounds like trainers, think they have a T in front of the tag instead of a hamer. We have hostsquads who try to help new players.
  3. Rip Keysie
  4. I was wondering the same. I could play yesterday, today the game keeps freezing and then my screen turns black. Just hope it will be solved tomorow
  5. Would be cool if HC can appoint 1 AO and 1 DO as our P1s and get the missions to the top of the ABT. Might be an idea to place a mission at the ABT when it is promoted on the open channels Took me some time yesterday to get to our P1 attack because i expected it in the ABT, but it wasn't even listed, so had to go to the brigade screen to join the mission.
  6. if you got problems it is always a good idea to see if a new reinstall will solve the problem
  7. What happens with new players atm? Doesn't look like we have a Host squad atm.
  8. Finaly getting people interested in the Host Squad. Whats the minimum of trainers we need in the squad? Trying to aim for 5 as minimum, but not sure if thats doable. The trainers will be the ones who contact the axis players and the players who don't talk on our chat, the rest of the squad can help them too as long as they use the F4
  9. It took me years to find out i could recieve pms on the forum Easiest way is to grab them when they login. I found it annoying that you get the message "MrX joined Xsquad" when they make the account instead of when they login. I had more people setting up accounts then members logged into the game. Guess for some people the dl took too long and they moved todo something different
  10. Think you need to double click on the text box. Change text then save the changes.
  11. Hm, you need an axis player in Lancers
  12. I switch to the pathfinders when i login the game.
  13. Not a real AAR. Think between 50 and 75 joined when i was online last few days. (300/350 total) I was unable to chat with them, the grab didn't work because they got kicked before i could grab them. Think the players who are trying to login for the first time all gets kicked. Not sure about 2nd accounts. I could grab a few when they relogged, but most names didn't logged back in. I don't have problems with the grabbing ppl and have a chat with them but when you try it 10 times and noone is available it doesn't work. Not sure if i am the only 1 with this problem? We had 2 players playing axis who wanted to stay axis, i handed them over, so that part works
  14. Is it possible to add another status? Promoting recruits to member will make it a lot harder to check all inactives. I prefer to keep them recruit till you know it won't be a player who only logs in a few times in the first week. Ofcourse when he (or she) askes to be promoted he/she will become a member.