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  1. Got Vista ultimate and SB X-FI PCI-E card installed. For some reason, Vista detects my microphone as line-in and not mic so that the mic volume is really low. It works if I shout but I don't think my neighbours approve me shouting at 4 AM at the top of my lungs "spit on my ***, spit on my ***". Getting some funny looks... Volume is max, can't use mic boost because Vista thinks it's line-in and not mic, other jacks don't work, drivers are updated, done just about everything that I have found from internet and still no go. I have a M-audio 410 Firewire thingy too but (surprise surprise) Vista 64 bit not supported... (Hm, edit on that part, just found out that they have started a 64 bit Beta program, gotta try it then) Well, still, any ideas?
  2. I had so much problems with Realtek crashing the system that I disabled the whole thing and substituted it with external USB audio (have a bit special configuration, couldn't find suitable internal audiocard). Realtek eats up a lot of resources too.
  3. Did you also select the correct audio devices in ingame settings?
  4. I had CTHL problems mainly when re/despawning. I'd CTHL every 4-5 missions and tried everything I could find from the forums to fix it. Nothing worked so I was going to change my ISP. Netcheck gave me upto 9000 ms pings, teultest usually halted, checknet dropped packets up to 10-15 % fulltime. The ISP provider wanted still to check if they could do something to fix the issue. We did 2 things: 1. They upped the priority of my line (what ever that means) 2. I adjusted the speed of my ethernet card to better match the speed of my connection (from automatic to 100 MB, half duplex) First it didn't seem to work but now for couple of days no CTHL. Also Netcheck, teultest and checknet give healthy results and constant ping.
  5. The shutting down is probably BSOD aka Blue Screen Of Death. It's quite an common windows fatal error leading to prompt re-start. There is actually an Blue Screen flashing for a nanosecond before the re-start. In this screen there is information about what prolly caused the shutdown. In order to view this information, you have to disable the automatic re-start option: 1) Go to Control Panel2) Double click 'System'3) Click the 'Advanced' tab4) Click the 'Settings' button under the 'Startup and Recovery' section5) In the 'System failure' section next to 'Automatically restart' make sure the checkbox is NOT checked6) Save changes by clicking on 'OK'
  6. I have 4G and have found no difference in the amount of CTHL regardless of programs running in the background. Usually have TS, browser, gamecam and TrackIR up. Even with all of them off, used to get CTHL. Looks like it has to do something with windows default browser setting.
  7. I downloaded Mozilla Firefox latest version, enabled it as my default browser and go figure, a lot less CTHL Used to use IE. Money$oft sucks
  8. It's just a standard message reporting that you have dropped connection long enought to time out. Prolly nothing to do with your firewall if you haven't been messing around with it.
  9. You are probably having BSOD (blue screen of death). BSOD usually flashes a blue screen with somewhat cryptic info on the cause of the BSOD but by default Windows shows it only for couple milliseconds before restarting the system. There is a method for disabling this so that you can view the message. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System Go to Advanced Under the Startup and Recovery section, click Settings... Under System Failure un-check "Automatically restart"Go BackTip source: ActiveWin
  10. No, it's different. Only loud swisshhh-swisshhh-swisshhh -sound that goes on for seconds to minutes. I get it mostly when flying. Quite annoying, can't hear TS. I have the concussion bug too and this one is just an audiobug.
  11. Been having plenty of CTHL lately. Also sometimes ingame I lose chat for 30-120 secs without CTHL. When chat again resumes, I get all the messages I or anybody else typed during the chat connection lost. No error message during the connection loss or after it. Ran Netcheck for 10 times in a row just after I had CTHL 3-4 times in a row. Combined results (in msecs): Average Min Max Median Test 1: Auth Pri 156,3 156 157 156 Test 2: Main Pri 1057,9 156 3203 157 Test 3: Main Alt 1663,3 312 3375 328 Test 4: Main PingPri 1634,3 156 9078 156 Test 5: Main PingAlt 1445,4 156 6922 157 Test 6: Main Chat 2315,8 156 9235 156,5 Test 7: Event Pri 828,3 156 3953 157 Test 8: Event Alt 1559,4 140 7047 312,5 Test 3 timed out 1 time out of 9. 15 mins later I ran Netcheck again several times and got all values between 150 to 300 almost every time. So what is the problem? My system has up to 9 sec (and sometimes prolly longer) delays that drift from test to test with no logic. ISP quality problem? Any ideas for a fix?
  12. Aren't those supposed to be stand-alone flicks for Windows Media player and such? You can't run them from inside the game IMHO. So you can save them on your desktop or where ever you wish.
  13. Same here atm. Can't even download files (doing a re-install atm). No Tiscali here.
  14. I had mucho warpiness before. Then I updated my graphic drivers for an "tweaked" non-official performance version and warpiness just about gone. All warping doesn't look to be connection dependant.
  15. Couldn't connect to auth. server. Tried many times. I usually play with IE on the background so that I can alt-tab. Had many CTHL:s lately so tried to play without Ie on, only TS running and ok. Just couldn't get in. Then started IE on background and it worked ok. Apparently my comp doesn't open internet connction for WWIIOL unless IE on. TS was working all the time, guys chatting so net should be open. This just for some other dudes having the same problem prolly. Go figure.