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  1. Thanks all. The NT compatiblity thing seemed to be the major fix. From there I am able to fine tune FPS, but I don't get the drops to 2-3 fps I had before!
  2. Damn, I'm using lower settings and getting 3 fps in dogfights. Something is seriously wrong here...
  3. Young Jedi, heh. I'm 59. I know most of the system and game tweaks I think. But I can't test them out 'cause servers are down... I would think this system on high performance for aircraft would keep decent FPS: 2.56 P4 1 gig ram 256 6600gt nvidia 80gig hd defragged, latest drivers, most processes shut down, yadda yadda Assume most people use different settings for inf. v. aircraft?
  4. Hoo boy. As a buyer of the original coaster (won't belabor that) I've returned to check out the game. Looked great offline and I've bought a month, but first thing I find is the usual airplane slide show over vills, and then the servers go down..... Please tell me things are better than that!