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  1. Hoo boy. As a buyer of the original coaster (won't belabor that) I've returned to check out the game. Looked great offline and I've bought a month, but first thing I find is the usual airplane slide show over vills, and then the servers go down..... Please tell me things are better than that!
  2. Thanks all. The NT compatiblity thing seemed to be the major fix. From there I am able to fine tune FPS, but I don't get the drops to 2-3 fps I had before!
  3. Damn, I'm using lower settings and getting 3 fps in dogfights. Something is seriously wrong here...
  4. Young Jedi, heh. I'm 59. I know most of the system and game tweaks I think. But I can't test them out 'cause servers are down... I would think this system on high performance for aircraft would keep decent FPS: 2.56 P4 1 gig ram 256 6600gt nvidia 80gig hd defragged, latest drivers, most processes shut down, yadda yadda Assume most people use different settings for inf. v. aircraft?