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  1. The game isn't optimised for multi-threading at all so a high clock dual core would be more useful than a lower clock quad. Lut is it possible you could run tests where you assign the game to one single core and have all the other processes on a separate core/cores ? Would be interesting to see just what performance increases can be gained by dedicating a whole core to the game
  2. No it won't run BE or anything else because you don't have a power supply
  3. Yup, common problem amongst ATI & XP users then ?
  4. What gives with the text in game it's all messed up since the font has changed, no matter what size I set it to it's still messed up running in 1280 x 1024 resolution
  5. Cornflake sky is a age old bug the Rats don't know how to fix, just reboot the game and all will be fine
  6. I can attest to 3870 running the game perfect also quad core is useless for this game even dual core is useless as even though you can set affinity for this game to use both cores it still only uses the one core & only uses 50% of the power on one core according to my G15 cpu/ram monitor read out
  7. playnet.demarc.cogento.com then it says request timed out
  8. Which makes me think something else is wrong
  9. Strange I managed to log on an hour ago but then decided to exit & do something else, now I can't log in and getting that shiddy page
  10. Stats aren't working right either The sky is falling
  11. Just what exactly does having them enabled/disabled do ? The search function on the forums is teh ghey so couldn't actually search to look for info and the wiki is outdated on the settings front