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  1. Presenting the great wall of gridiron.
  2. Right, and not disputing that. I am simply saying that "being organized" is not easy to sustain under demoralizing circumstances. When it comes to the low-pop solution, the only solution is more people on at all times.
  3. Xoom, I will give you that we capped a few towns despite some pretty stiff resistance, and yes it was fun. However, we were overpop, and more importantly 3 hours later our flags were drained, surrounded, and sent back to training. That one town it took so long for us to get control of our spawn area we lost nearly half an inf bde trying to hold it. Didn't help that someone on the axis side was basically John Wick in the CP no matter how many people we had shooting at him. I give you massive credit for 3 successful attacking OPs, the hardest thing to do in the game basically. Yet it handed 2 of our flags to them on a silver platter once the low-pop superheroes hit their stride. Then yesterday more or less the same thing happened, the low-pop cut off led to a successful Antwerp attack which is basically gg. Not blaming you for trying, or blaming you for anything really... just sharing with you to see the big picture here. It's hard to "get organized" day after day when this stuff happens on the regular from what I am hearing. Same old story.
  4. Woogie.
  5. I feel unforeseen problems with a major patch that hasn't truly been tested is a legitimate concern, esp when said patch is supposed to fix things. I guess it's not valid one in your opinion. If they were just adding models or something to the game, thats one thing... this is changing a lot of the bowels of the system, bugs and problems that have existed in the core code for years. Sorry you feel that way. I merely was pointing out a jacked up pre-mature 1.35 that people are waiting for and were told it would be a fix could do vastly more harm than 2 more months of 1.34
  6. OK, lets take your analogy and tweak it..the 1.34 house I am currently in is mechanically sound but has a bad criminal element in the area where it is patently dangerous to go outside. I have a 1.35 house bought and paid for going up *right now* brand new out in the country that doesn't have electricity, water, sewer, or walls... but has no criminal element. It might be cool for me and you to stay in that 1.35 unfinished house, cause we are adults... but think of the newborn baby riflemen wandering around in it. You have a past with the game, as do I and many others... people who have never played the game, people we desperately need... have near zero tolerance for CTD's and stupid crap in 2016. I can hang-on for a couple more months in a place I have lived for years, or I can roll the dice and go to an unfinished house which will be done in 2 months. Then I can go outside all I want without fear of invisible EI. You are assuming 1.35 isn't coming for a long time, It will be here before you know it in the scope of the WW2OL timeline. 1.34 needs to be put out to pasture for sure, but not before that new house is ready for the little baby noob naders.
  7. I am going to go on a bit of a rant, and it's not directed at you Irish, although your post inspired it. Well my thoughts on that are "No." 1.34 for all its flaws that progressively seem to be getting worse somehow... is still very reliable for both the server and client. Hundreds of hours playing this game version and maybe 2 or 3 CTD's caused by it. The server side of things has been relatively rock solid (except for camp 115... le sigh) and the occasional ToE hiccup. Now compare that to 1.35. I had a CTD literally the first thing I clicked, the squad tab, not even in game, not 1 frame rendered. I wanted to make sure AEF wasn't Axis without me, and boom... CTD. As far as the gameplay with 30 or so people being on yeah it seemed better... but there are times 1.34 seems fine too, just not in close quarters battles, and def seems to get worse the more stuff going on. With 1.34 the problems and issues are known. 1.35 is still an unknown without a much larger test, and a live server is a horrible environment to dev on... that's like changing the serpentine belt on a running car. It took them quite a while to get 1.35 beta up in the first place, and that's part of the drill... more unknowns. What if 1.35 has some catastrophic bug or exploit and presents a problem 10x worse than the offset bug and it's something they can't fix in a timely manner. The game is essentially dead in the water at that point unless they roll back the server and all the clients, talk about a pain. Some of the minor patches already have had issues, m1 garand sight getting hosed, blackout beddy bug not being "included," the progressively worse offset and lag crap... it's like the more they try to fix it the madder it gets. I also cannot imagine a major patch like this is gonna be exactly like updating your browser, or even comparable to what this group have already done to 1.34 since the new hardware. 1.35 is supposed to be a stability patch, CRS and the players both are relying on it to come through. The last thing CRS needs is any more black eyes from the court of public opinion, and a fumble 1 yard before the goal-line of the "stability patch" is gonna turn them into "Cornered Racoon Software" their eyes would be so blackened. They have surely worked their ass off on this as I know the ".report DERIDE SHOT ME THROUGH THE WALL" or ".report DERIDE WAS INVISIBLE" 4000 times a month has to be getting old. The amount of time they will save on the the GM side of things not having to deal with the offset wank will be like someone just found money on the street. As bad as it is for us, think about how bad it is for them knowing their own game build hates them and is like actively plotting against them. I can cool off, take a break, walk away. They can't. I bet ol XoomXoom has launched a keyboard or 6 off the roof after he had to calmly explain in a professional manner some BS for the 10,000th time. I am sure I speak not only for myself, but a lot of the unwashed masses when I say this is basically a golden moment to save face and prove this is going in the right direction.
  8. I use shadowplay to death. Zeke is right, you must use the desktop capture thing, which means while it's active you are basically permanently going to have an overlay unless you turn it off. Pros: You can choose to save only those moments you need, like if something strange happens in-game you don't have to have a 5TB scratch drive capturing every second you have to go through. With that same sentiment, editing is easy because its a 10 minute clip or whatever as opposed to 5 hours. Near ZERO performance hit. Cons: Gotta have a recent-like high end nvidia card. the stream thing sorta sucks, I mean it works... but it's not nearly as nice as some others. You are limited to 60fps. Not usually a big deal, but on some games it is annoyingly noticeable. For whatever reason, the microphone capture is slipped into the audio of the game, making it nearly impossible to decouple it from a video... I just never select it, or rarely use PTT when I am using a video to demonstrate something... otherwise i can spoil footage easily. Supposedly there is a work-around for this, but it has never worked for me, also supposedly they are fixing this in the future. I have used all of them, and by far the nicest feature of this is that it always runs and if/when something happens you can just cap it on the spot as opposed to remember to capture it, or just leaving it on forever.
  9. You are for sure talking to the wrong dude here. All I can tell you is a couple sites list it as 121, so I typed "tiger tank 121" into the googlez and bam, the video, along with other corroborating images. It also has a ton of contradiction as you can see, and I am gathering that the tank turret number is not unique.
  10. first time I seen this thread... I am really no expert, so imma let you guys make the call. In the first pic on the right side of the turret, that looks like a large "2" to me. so uhh? If that site is to be believed, this is the captured 121 complete with a youtube vid of him.
  11. I notice you guys or someone actually did move into roermond, lol... however it's on the old AI dealo where it rebuilds every 10 mins or whatever, not a big deal tho, heh. much quicker to get something setup now, so thank you!
  12. Xoom: Barring Area51 or whatever island that was, you could alternatively find a couple FB's close to each other like I did with dinant and ciney. About the ToE's; just about every french flag south of dinant has no ToE, and the ones up north had no axis flags to fight against. Don't get it twisted, this is great... but it makes it a bit cumbersome. I guess the other thing you could do, if you were really honked off about it, is make Roermond and Roermond west the new area51. Allies on the west, Axis on the east, with allied air in Eindhoven and axis in Monchen. I don't know sir, its all above my paygrade.
  13. Hi guys, just a quick question about the training server... is it ever going to have the option to go back to area51 or whatever it was? I mean... yes this is workable and even though it's not ideal its much better than nothing... I still had people coming along and screw up what I was trying to do because reasons, also the f2p subs are locked down pretty badly and there is no reason for that, surely? Anyways, just curious. edit, also half the allied stuff has no ToEs lol...
  14. Not sure if you misunderstood or you do understand, lol. My thinking on this is thus: everything that "repairs" does so very quickly past a certain %, so this wouldn't have that much of an impact unless it was coupled with RDP bombing. The core of the question is stuff like this a possibility in the first place. Can some event wiretap tracks kick off an automatic console command being entered, is there even a way to do things like turn ews off, hit a particular factory with 3% rdp, automatically turn FB's hostile if a brigade pulls out of a frontline town, etc.
  15. Who you want to ask a question to: XOOM/VICTARUS Your Question: I got a funny idea in my head the other day about side-wide penalties, for instance every town you lose past a certain ratio (say your side has less than 100 towns) sets off a penalty acting like every factory just got hit by a full load of bombs or something. Could be something as mundane as losing city flag blinds your EWS for that town. Does the configuration allow you to *dynamically* control stuff like this or any value for that matter when a certain condition is met or are they all vars/flags/scripts setup when the server is loaded?