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  1. Early days with BKB, forget the town, but it was down south and one with a completely isolated airfield, like bertrix or something. call went out for paras for lux, i jump in, a bunch of people hop in, we wait like 8 minutes, a ton of people in the plane. plane lifts and we all immediately die to a clown car, not even 10 seconds into the flight.
  2. The way I hear it, you have woogie and gret... about the only thing I would be good for is ammo resupply at that rate.
  3. this jsilec cat sounds familiar =p
  4. the 3f and 3b kills are very difficult if not outright impossible to pull off if the tank has the slightest hint of tilt in any direction, to the point it's not even worth it on live unless the guy is absolutely clueless. 3h is flat out impossible... I have managed one time ever to get one gas leaking on the training server after seriously like 20+ mags, and was never able to duplicate it. The 4g/4d rear kill isn't too difficult, but you have to be at the right distance and you have to really hammer it, usually 2 mags will do the trick. The 4d you are much better served going after the instant kill spot on the side imo. The opel your absolute best bet is to hit it from the front or back, any range essentially, side shots at speed are not forgiving unless you hit a tire or some such. 2c is a dream, if you can get side shot on the turret it's instant death, probably the one tank that it's over kill on. 38t is insanely tricky unless you have good elevation, then you can not only kill the driver but explode the ammo. 232 you have to hit way lower on the hull than you think, and depending on the direction of the turret you can get an instant kill or nothing. The gas tank shot for whatever reason is now basically impossible at super ranges where you could flame it before, it's a 200m max affair now, and the step shot is practically impossible at speed now, always best to try and take out the gunner from the side or back by shooting center mass as it were when the turret is facing front. I remember a very long time ago someone mentioning a driver kill spot on the APC, but tbh whenever i tried it, it just took way too long if it worked at all. The allied ATR is ok, it's just a bear to figure out at first and the sight is ever so slightly off. I would say that the ATR crew kill spots for the axis are much more forgiving on angle, but not much else. Most if not all axis ATR insta-death shots are distance sensitive, (too close and it simply doesn't work) a lot of stuff axis ATR can't scratch, and the Axis ATR itself and it's cycling is obstructive and obnoxious as hell.
  5. There are some unfortunate things about ww2ol compared to other games, been playing a lot of Planetside2 to scratch the MMOFPS itch and tbh, the thing i miss the most about the game are the people in AEF, not the game itself. The primary reason people get burned out I would suspect is sheer fatigue, the campaigns are long and drawn out and it requires simply too much time investment (or zerg) to make an impact that sticks, that coupled with the oddities of the game in general and the lack of utility individual players actually have, you are at the mercy of HC a lot of the time and HC is at the mercy of the rats and ultimately the rats are at the mercy of the dollar. The game is really and I mean really niche, it strives for realism and true simulation of an alternate historical scenario that is just a desperate situation all the way around, hence the name World War II. The engine is a dinosaur, there is no way around it, and no amount of lipstick on that pig that will clean up the infantry game to satisfaction. The battles are dynamic insofar as who is online at any given time and what their tendencies are. The game breaks down at a certain lack of population, there just aren't enough people to fulfill the roles. I could go on but the faults of the game have been repeated so often, everyone is aware of them. The scenario itself is stale imo, I don't know what town has the most fights and swapping, I would suspect Turnhout is probably on that list because that is usually the edge of the lines so to speak, where you just don't want to commit resources to properly swing around it either way. Once Antwerp falls, the allies chances of winning are very slim, that's usually the deathknell. Same with Liege for the axis, that's usually when the writing is on the wall. You could argue a town like Ciney or Sedan is just as important, but the middle of the map is where the campaign is really the indicator imo. So something like 75% of all the fighting ever to take place on the server is probably covered by 5% or so of the "game map" and far less than 1% of the actual game world. I have a lot of ideas on how to change that, but I suspect it would be a herculean effort on the part of the devs to set the scenarios up properly... when last i played the axis still had 50% more semi-automatics per flag than the allies did, so it's apparent to me that their day-to-day monitoring resources are stretched as is. Ultimately, I don't blame the rats for sticking with the model or the players for bailing on it, the game truly has had an unprecedented run up to this point, and it stands alone in some respects. I doubt sincerely any other game other than perhaps world of warcraft could claim a similar feat of staying relevant and reinventing itself. I also doubt sincerely any other multiplayer virtual world is as large in scope, the vast majority of the world has no towns whatsoever and no battles have ever been fought there in any form, I don't know how big the actual game world itself is, but I approximate that the "campaign area" is about 20% or so of it, what that contributes to server resources or what not, I cannot say. The other thing of course are the veteran players are just tired and have gone on to other things, like myself. I cannot imagine how frustrating it is to be an HC for either side, I would seriously rage at some of the stuff I have seen go on. I also don't know how someone like Matt stays sane, it would drive me to drink to have to deal with this.
  6. I realize no one gives a damn about my opinion, but here goes Matt; you have two fundamental problems, first off... the very nature of the game promotes an "us vs them" mentality, there is no getting around it. You have an adversarial relationship from jump street between players of opposing sides. While this is not inherently a bad thing, the side effect is, unfortunately, you are going to get some people who lose perspective and are biased. When something very blatantly helps one side (like the spawn lists are out of whack) all it does is throw gasoline on the fire. The second problem is at this stage of the life of the game you have people who have massively invested their most critical resource (time) into the game and want to see what they want to see. They are long past any sort of half-measure satisfying them, you have to give them something completely unique and compelling to re-energize their will to play. As for what can be done? on the first part not much, other than total transparency as far as you can fathom. Now, you guys are way more transparent than the last bunch, but there are so many details we as players really want to know (who is banned, what are they banned for, how many people do we have playing, why are campaign stats not saved, etc) and up to this point there is no indication we will ever get that sort of knowledge. I get it. Realize that even this though won't stop all the negativity, some people are just dogmatic. As for the second thing? There are all sorts of things you could try, but most of them judging by how difficult they would be to setup, are a pipedream. One thing that is somewhat easy with a bit of pre-testing: create another scenario to offer other than "Blitzkrieg." I have suggested in the past a simulation of the allied invasion of france, but that was poo poo'd pretty quick. have a decent idea how to implement it, but again was shutdown so fast it's not worth repeating without some acknowledgement. my 1/50th of a dollar.
  7. OK, I messed around on the training server again, with GREAT effort i was able to flame a tiger at about 50M side shot with 2lbr, was nearly down to HE before it popped and it's the exact area I was talking about, only from the side and it was leaning towards me by the end cause it was tracked. Now yes, you can get it to smoke a bit from far out but killing it is a different story. Same thing with the sherman, it's fairly easy to get it to start smoking but it's very far away and hard to follow it up unless you are within 300 or so. You really want a video I can provide one, but suffice to say you have to be really close and shoot it a ton, and it gets tricky cause you can't get through the upper hull like at all so you are relying on the area on the skirt. You are almost better off trying to kill off the crew with spall for a forced despawn explosion imo.
  8. I am an allied player and have tried it countless times, training server or otherwise. It simply doesn't work. DAC is a different story. Feel free to try it though and lemme know how it goes. If there is a weakness I don't know about I would be glad to see it actually.
  9. Kazee, I know you get easily impassioned, but trust me, the 2lbr has to have a nearly perfect shot to kill a tiger and it's a very specific shot and it doesn't always work, esp if the tiger is on any sort of incline whatsoever, and to make matters worse it requires elevation, which is why the DAC is actually somewhat capable of doing the job. The pak36 can flame or explode either sherman from 500+ on the side if you get it dialed in, but anything under 300 or so is super easy. The pak36 doesn't do much against a c7, even with the armor leak. It can get it smoke and fuel cloud pretty good, but the flame is difficult if not outright impossible for in-game conditions. I just farted around on the training server, I was able to get a kill on sherman76 from about 600 or so after using all my rounds basically, and then one shotted it at 350 and that simply cannot be done against a tiger with 2lbr. I know you want proof, here it is:
  10. well, it's probably happened the other way more than you think, you just actually get killed much later. Next time you get wounded just RTB, and probably 25% of the time or so you will be KIA. Hell I have lived so long that a dude got kill credit on me, he switched sides, and I see him in the CP with me as a friendly where he was attacking 15 mins ago, then I get finished off by a 111 and i see his name pop up, CSR said he was a "DE rifleman" but he was a reserve sten for like 4 minutes defending with me before I got killed for good. Edit: what is far more infuriating from my point of view is absolutely LACING someone with a BAR or a Thompson, they start shooting back and I die, then they die right after they kill me.
  11. You never been shot before and RTB only to see you have actually been killed by someone? I have "traded" with people and still have been able to *walk* around, fight and cap, but the whole time someone had a kill credit on me. It does seem to happen more with SMG cause it does take a couple hits most of the time to actually put someone down. Also happened the other way where I shot someone and they are "dead" but they are still able to fight and kill. This is no different than double tracking a tank. The unit is "dead" but is able to get kills.
  12. CE, until the ticket and supply situation is straightened out, we can't attack like we used to.
  13. I've got an elaborate but plausible idea.... how about a special "command truck" that only someone Lt.Col or above can spawn, so typically HC or a vet at the very least. A high-risk high-reward unit. -Two per *GROUND* HQ flag (Beddy, Laff, Opel) could even make it a special version carrying a cap point flag in the bed of the truck and unable to tow or carry troops to make it fair (laff has better towing options than the others). If possible give it a special EWS signal. -Cannot spawn from FB since it's HQ. You also lose a ground flag from the FB due to the way HQ spawning works, i suppose you could have a HQ unit from another div show up though. I am not a map guy, so I dunno how bad you could game this system. -Uses entire HQ spawn list on a depot style trickle. Limited inf, but tons of other gear that finally has a legit chance to see attack action, usually the flag is reserved for last stand defense ive noticed. -Builds a "command" FMS that is twice the size with a cp flag on top, directly behind it like 15 meters are 3 functional truck style ammo cans with no collision that is the veh spawn point. It does not come with walls or any sort of protection and the ammo cans will block any attempt at further fortications or sandbag grief. Also it will have to be on somewhat flat ground due to size. (so no forests with berms, but you could deploy it in say... an enemy Army Base.) -Must have AO on the town to deploy (but not to spawn). You cannot build it out at an FB or some such beforehand and giggle. -Must be within 1k of an enemy controlled building or FB to build, so the REVERSE of current rules and it will for sure set off EWS and you will really have to hustle that thing outta there to get RTB or Res. -Joule value makes it immortal to bombs, but vulnerable to satchel charges, like an FB. Keep the same 4 satchel rule so you always have a shot at beating one even without engy. Idea behind it is to give a hardened FB style option that is limited but could be super evil at the same time. Imagine attacking antwerp/aachen and you can just straight up claim an army base essentially with an armor and bofors etc spawn. I dunno, just a thought. Go ahead and flame me plzkthx.
  14. Presenting the great wall of gridiron.
  15. Right, and not disputing that. I am simply saying that "being organized" is not easy to sustain under demoralizing circumstances. When it comes to the low-pop solution, the only solution is more people on at all times.