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  1. Lol. I see history was rewrote and shilling was erased from history. He was Axis CinC when I was Allied for the first two and then he resigned during the third. We had TOE's during our admin along with the shopping list. Brigades came later, but we submitted our shopping list each cycle for the TOE's FYI
  2. Through the history of the game, opinions have been strong. KILLER used to talk about how the politics of the game recreated some of the politics that happened during the war. No matter which side one looked at there was always things on each side that were stronger than the other, and some things that were weaker than the other. It is no secret that along the way that CRS lost their way on historical information being true in the game. One thing I can state for sure, in recent years is the fact that things have moved back in the right direction. Being outside of CRS and also as part of the team, I can testify fully that there is no bias towards either side. Only a few years ago the game was within weeks of no longer being here. Most of you know this, but it is still an amazing story of facing certain death of the game and being able to rally and pull it through. It is easy to state that CRS (the newer team that is no that new any longer) has been improving the game and that it has been years since they took the reigns and XXX should be done by now. While the time has slowly moved along, having seen the workings of the team from the inside and out, I can say that it is still amazing that they have accomplished as much as they have in that time period. For a team that is made up of mostly volunteers who use their professional skills to better the game with no money in return, it is still amazing that the team is able to get as much accomplish as they do. The game is not the easiest thing in the world to work with on the inside. XOOM once said it was like performing open heart surgery on a patient staring you in the face, while I am not sure if he has had experience with performing open heart surgery, I did find that his words were true. The game is based on languages that very few people understand anymore, and to make it worse over the years it has been scrambled up into a mess. Along the way, CRS has been able to take baby steps to learn what makes the game work, and how doing one thing will result in a million other things breaking. Only a few short years ago no progress on the game was made. Since then the team has made many great advances. It is often easy to forget big accomplishments shortly after they have been completed when dreaming about the next day and not looking back. Even looking back only one year ago, many major things happened with the game that was not possible at that time. Back then it was only a dream to add vehicles to the game or work to be done on the terrain. While there was hope, lots of things were long shots at the time, and since then the small team has been able to unscramble more pieces of the complex puzzle and make progress in areas that they were not expecting too. I realize that the game has always been based on the hope for the future. Ever since the orange boards players have dreamed of what this game could be in the future. There was a time when players wished for screenshots of the game as it progressed through beta, then on to bigger things. The wish list always grew as other items were marked off. The game could never be finished, and still should never be finished since it would end the dreams of tomorrow. Back when it was started many people said it would never be possible, and for years now people have said it would not be around much longer. Even with all those predictions, the game has lived on. The game has always been a love/hate relationship. Even in the early years I can remember having to get up and walk away before I went postal on the family cat. While the majority of the time the game provided great enjoyment, at times it caused major heartburn and anger. As time went on, the game progressed. There is no secret, the game has only lived on due to the community that backs it, and now a strong team of people who utilize their professional skills to move it forward, which most of them get no money from the game. Even the ones who do make a little could make more working at a fast food place part-time. The future of the game is still based on dreams of tomorrow, and it will always be that way. The only way that the game will make it with the continued support of those who pay their subscriptions and continue to back the dream.
  3. The Marketing department is one of the most important departments that players can help in. Their efforts continue to bring the game to the attention of new players. If you ever wanted to have a critical role in helping the game expand, this is your chance to make a difference. While development is great, there is no secret, you have to get people to the game. Once they are here then all the other departments have a role in getting them to stay. Getting the word out is critical and the need for help in this area is here. With the release in view, those would who like to take advantage of this time to make an impact please contact the people listed above.
  4. It has not been ignored, Xoom has addressed this many times in chats and on the forums. I was not here at the time but what I was told new players had a lack of missions to run on with other players. Other LW players were isolated and caused less grouping. As numbers went down it became more of a problem. It is something that is on the board for the future and we have taken in some great ideas from the community to help with the issues, but it is something that will require numbers to increase. Squad missions to me are important in order to give organization to the squads and a tool to the leadership of the squad. I think some of the ideas the community has suggested in the past are good ones but with our limited resources everything has to be planned and organized in priority. It is not being ignored, but ideas have come in to help, and man power has been on higher priority items which with very few that can address this issue. While the team has grown, Coders are limited to a very few.
  5. Saturday May 27, 2000 at 4 PM Central. More info on the FB page in events.
  6. The AO system when put in was with the goal of increasing numbers of players in battles instead of the whack-a-mole that was happening with small numbers scattered around the map. The majority of people who play the game were wanting the big battles to remain, but as the game aged the numbers started to shrink. Killer talked about the small numbers in battles and the AO system was born. While it did increase the numbers of players in battle areas, it did so at a cost. The brigades were on the way into the game which like when they were on paper squads would attach to a brigade and players to either the squads or brigades. When the AOs shrank in numbers due to lower population, then it made attaching squads and players to brigades not able to work. Back then brigades were assigned areas of operation which many took great pride in. This was no longer possible with the lower population and AOs. I do agree that the cost of the AO system was high. Was the cost too high to increase the number of players in a battle area? The AOs also helped to funnel new players into the battle. At the time it was a big problem. The majority of missions in the UI were where AOs were or were about to be, which new players could find action easier through the missions. If the AOs were removed today it would be a big nail in the coffin since the player numbers are still low. Yes Steam is on the way which will help populate the world, raise the AO numbers, and fill in the HC system to how it was designed to work. The goal is to increase the numbers which makes the game play much better for everyone. Back in the day, the squad leadership and their members made up the majority of the HC, which gave their squad the ability to lead their brigade/KG and have a say in the Division and above leadership. This also allowed them to have an equal vote at the table for AO placement. This is still true today. Maybe the Brigade/KG system on paper should come back to help in this. Being able to say XXX squad is in XXX brigade and their members are the leader of that brigade. In the old days the Orbat was updated and posted by the CinC level so that people knew where they are at. The HC was not there to boss around but to coordinate and it gave the tools to allow more organization on the field. The squad is a core part of our game and we want to increase their ability. There is a place for small squads, and a place for larger ones. We are looking for ideas that enhance the ability of the squads and to help increase the ability of a squad to retain members and help grow our community.
  7. It is a balancing act to keep everyone in the loop. We love to tell what we are doing, but when things get talked about a long time before they get released some in the community start to get upset when it doesn't happen over night. We try to over deliver and under promise to help with this. Recently many things were talked about that have taken a bit longer to get it accomplished than expected. We are working to keep everyone in the loop and this next Rat Chat will be very exciting for many people.
  8. Very cool! Thanks for the post letting us know!
  9. Keep in mind Xoom also asked what you feel could make squads a more important part of the game. I know a couple pointed answers towards this, but would like to find more answers to discuss and look at on that part of the subject. The loyalty towards a unit is important and we realize this. What tools or features would help improve this? Of course it can not isolate other players at this point due to lower numbers. This is something we are looking at for today and also the future.
  10. I still enjoy the original triangle. Lots has changed in the area. The mountains have grown up and the trees went from little seeds to nice looking trees! Compared to the original beta days
  11. Good to see ya around!
  12. You do an amazing job along with the rest of the team. The future is brighter now than it has been in years and can not wait for what can be said next year at this time.
  13. The software was the same as the original team used to build everything in the game minus the infantry. It is very important to the hope of having more vehicles and other items in the game today or tomorrow. The team is not currently in a position to switch methods or develop in house items at this time. The player placed objects utilized the creator software to build them for the game. The new toys Hatch is working on with his team are all using that.
  14. Like many of you I do not always agree with the decisions made to move forward, but I am one to realize that I am not the only person in our community. What I do find excitement in is the fact that the team at CRS continue to try new things. I can tell you that each time they try things they put lots of thought into it. It is not something that they decide to just do. They discuss it inside and out and look at the benefits that they see on the other side. They looked at discord over a year ago and it did not fit at that time. It had many issues that kept it from being something that could be used at the time. Since that time discord has moved forward and fits better into the future of the game in the view of CRS. Personally I do not utilize voice comms since I get upset when I can not hear what is going on around me, and everyone knows I need as much help as possible to stay alive. I do like the fact that the team is always looking into new ideas and also revisiting old ideas when something changes to make it fit into the picture. This is something that came from the community as an idea, many times, and something that was reviewed again and again. Many folks like it, some don't. Those with TS with their squads will probably never change if they have not yet, and it will be seen how new players and vets migrate to the new system.
  15. A Team effort can help grow the numbers in the game!