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  1. i have found that everytime i fly when i end mission either getting shot down or crash i get cthl
  2. any idea on how to tone down sensitivity? i have done in game and with controller settings and for the life of me can't get it to a point where hair like touches go away, esp rdder, i dont even get to twist more then 10cm before its full cocked, any idea? extreeme 3d pro logi
  3. Recently i started to fly more often, but even after adjusting the software config on the joystick for all axis to minimize the sensitivity i still feel the game is touchy, esp rudder. So can i get some clarification on how the game works with regard to adjusting sensitivity? where the heck does that little red box go to minimize yet smoothly decrease the issue im having? im using flight stick pro. oh and why are there 3 rudder controlls for the ui,anyone?
  4. this error is seriously pssn me off. i've tried most all changes within reason to get it to work, everytime i am attempting to do something very important it crashes, justlike when i was capping the last cp left in beaumont(which we lost anyway) and fkn heap error came up just as i was mowing down 2 ei... so sick and tired of my gaming being interupted for an error.....
  5. im not really getting ctd, its more about the stupid heap error for me, while in bastogne i was a pan, killing tons of ei and was almost at the emsp about to fire and fkn box came up... i can't wait for 1.31 to come out , im sooo sick and tired of having this issue, ever since last patch its been screwing me up and out of being affective when it counts./ i've tried everything peopel have mentioned and so far nothign has worked for me, on my second time logging in to redlocks and then logging in again, i was able to get a s35 and upon killing my first ei it heap errored again... very very aggrivating, always somethign major that happens to a patch... hopefully 1.31 does'nt get bugged to hell too
  6. ONCE A GAIN SCREWED<.... fkn happened while i was recapping the bunker in tilberg i killed 4 ei got into bunker got next to table and fkn heaperror! would have had tilberg bunker BACK! FK!
  7. just wondering if theres any updates. this is getting really really old very fast. can't enjoy a good fight for more then 5 minutes without it punting me off. esp sometimes while im in game ... very disturbing, by the time i log back on, then back off cause of redlocks, and do get back to game its too late to be part of what was goign on, very very frustrating
  8. i posted specs earlier, i have 64 bit it happens a lot esp in heavy fighting in towns as inf... the more thats going on and the quicker you have to keep respawning the worst it is, tonight in hassalt every 4th spawn in i got cthl from heap... getting very very annoying, haveing to log in double just to get back into game cause you get the dam red locks the first tiem around.and it doesn't appear to be an issue while running other programs, because when it crashed it shws its using like 1700000 bytes in task manager, sometimes it happens while actually playing, not just at despawn/spawn screen.
  9. today, it happened again, this time only spawned in a few times, then while i was in the heat of battle it froze then the error came up. here are some specs Windows Vista Ultimate Intel® CORE2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40ghz 2.4ghz RAM:4094 System Type: 64-bit OS Nvidia Geforce 9800 gtx/9800 GTX+ nvd3dumx.dll,nvd3dum,nvwgt2umx.dll,nvwgf2um driver version Application Error Faulting application WW2_sse2.exe, version, time stamp 0x4a454df9, faulting module WW2_sse2.exe, version, time stamp 0x4a454df9, exception code 0x40000015, fault offset 0x00008845, process id 0x894, application start time 0x01ca18bb0994b4e0.
  10. well it keeps happening to me, and i didn't change anything between the patches. i've updated all my drivers just now but it happens more frequently, my playability is crap right now i dont even feel like taking the time to figure it out, for a rig that has 4 gigs of memory to run out in 3 spawns, in a busy town, not very playable,
  11. any information on the status of the solution? this error is becoming more persistant the longer i play and honestly the 2nd most frustrating thing i've seen out of this game.
  12. i know they said they are fixing it, but this is rediculous i pay for this game so that i can play, not spawn in 3 times then get booted, then repeat. im moreless just frustrated...
  13. same issues as mentioned previously. higher pop areas seems to force problem much quicker. Only since the recent patch to unity. its not a fps issue, but i get the ignore, retry things and once it starts theres no light at the end of the tunnel each subsequent spawn causes more problems in game. Anyone else having issues i know theres more with very similar occurences.
  14. Is there no end in site to fixing the memory leak thats been around since 1.30. Even with this recent patch it didn't get fixed. i know im not the only on suffering from this, and its def not an issue with my computer. there is no reason for a computer with 4 gigs of memory to have a memory error only after 5 minutes in a bzy town. happened 4 times in 1 hour while trying to fight in sedan. this is very aggrivating, i can't even play consistnatly without this dam error coming up.
  15. getting the same thing, working with 4gigs here, and within a few spawns it repetedly gives me same error, by the fourth warning its over, just shuts game down and back to desktop. also when it does it, i have the last ingame(despawn camera) angle as my backround when this happens, goes away when i spawn in. killing my playing time and frustration level is getting high.