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  1. There is a issue with the strat server atm the rats and working on problrm right now!
  2. What is button to use and where is the screenshot afrter i take it?It used to be in the crs file but i cant find any!!
  3. I can log in no worries when the game start to load i get this message. This has never happened before? Any1 able to help?
  4. I am a member of the Austalian whirlpool fourms. There is load of members just itching to play ww2ol . They just dont know it yet!!!!!! Im trying to keep this post goin so we can maybe snag a few people to our low pop t/z. Please feel free to hijack it to advertise ww2ol. Thanks PS I will post this in the barracks aswell!!!
  5. Come join the lowpop rock!!!!
  6. Anzacs rock tz3!!
  7. Bump for me mates in the 101
  8. Bump for my mates in the 101st S!
  9. mmmmmmmmm sheep!!
  10. Hey guys i have just quit as 101st XO and squad member. I will be looking for a recruiter tonight 11.30pm after work to join up. I have joined the fourms but have no response yet. See you all in game S!
  11. Prob take awhile to update billing info .I've had the same thing.Give it a day or so .
  12. somebody say boiled lollies !!!!!
  13. ok im a dumbass it took me an hour but i finally worked it out CURRRAHEEE!!!!!!
  14. Thats all fine if you know how to open all that stillu need a guide for puter noobs like me!!! This is now my 2nd night with no BGE not happy!!!
  15. I use the 9.1 drivers i have a 9550 .I have all the crap turned off though i get low fps it still works fine. Im not game to use the 9.4 yet!
  16. I have my res set at 1920x1200 seems to be ok.
  17. Make sure you uninstall game the reinstall 1.30.