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  1. jg26 schlageter (the S on the side of a jg26 109/190)
  2. Hes got an alienware, don't they usually hook up a nice cooler to it? I think its a settings issue more than over heating, but if im wrong, then thats pretty easy to fix, just go into the drivers and max the gpu fan out at all times (will be louder than usual)
  3. NO DONT GET THE WOLFDALE! I would send you mine for free, but gonna use it as a server. It is a beast overclocker, and a good cpu, but doesnt handle the game as well as the core i7 at equal cost. 1080p = 30-50 fps wolfdale, 80-150 fps core i7 bloomfield
  4. Going to need a better laptop, try sager notebooks
  5. 3VL9V7yy4Dc
  6. Ok, posted in the trainer section to see if some of the guys in the states or other timezones closer to you guys could help you out. If they don't reach you, I'm available on the weekends all day usually. Ill be gone from Sept. 3 - 17th up at Fuji.
  7. misjudged your e-state, good guns
  8. Kroni and nwo are listed twice in e4 section, fyi, if coopes wants an e4
  9. nwo is on there twice under e4, theres a slot opened
  10. can you move ace to our group
  11. Hey guys, go ahead and post your timezones and what country your in, along with times / days best for you. I'm going to see if I can find someone in your TZ thats a trainer to help on the odd days, if its a weekend I can help you out. I'll send some pm's with some helpful info and videos probably today.
  12. sign me up for the e4 please
  13. Fixed by switching ports. Now i gotta fix my files
  14. Windows 7 ultimate, under preferred devices, it shows as fix isnt working for me, need help edit something to do with ch manager, since they dont show under the list at all