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  1. Since many years there is a free macOS driver for TrackIR and other cameras available which works almost as good as the real thing on Windows: 2012 I’ve implemented it in a project I was working on. I’ve used it via the so called ltr-pipeline. It was super simple to implement and it worked pretty good:
  2. This still works.
  3. Seems this is for X-Plane only, any chance to implement this in the game?
  4. no one? still no sound with wwiiol.
  5. can't get it running. i think i had it running a while ago but this time i can't get it to work. (win xp) does anyone uses the mbox with wwiiol?
  6. ? why? just press on the little x icon to stop it - then press the resume button if that does not work then clear the safari download list and quit it. reopen safari and drag the download from the downloads folder on the safari icon to resume.
  7. You can (illegally) run MacOS X in a virtual machine. Just install it like you would install it on any other normal PC (e.g. Boot 132) - go to and search their forums, this place is the best source about how to run OS X on PCs. I mentioned it before (in the other thread) that just to run XCode you won't need a real mac. But as i also said before i would not build an iPhone App for final release when running on a non real mac (or inside windows as VM) because you don't know if XCode somewhere saves the specs of your machine in the binary. When it comes to new Mac OS X versions i would never install it before version 10.x.3 or 10.x.4 usually some of the 3rd party stuff does not work within the first months after the release. Unfortunately you had no choice because you mac came with snow leopard. Another solution for you would be to run Windows 7 fullscreen as virtual machine in VMware Fusion which works damned good and fast. So you could do all the windows stuff you like to do and go back to OS X only if you need to. They have a 30 days trial just test it. But maybe the best solution is to stay on OS X for a while until you get really used to it. Try to find all of the little tricks like that pressing command+tab is comparable to the windows alt-tab etc. - maybe at the moment you are still thinking the windows way. Remember: a lot of the windows stuff comes originally from the Mac OS and is just a bit different to use because MS had to change the keys or the way it works.
  8. the most impressive picture of the next day - unfortunately this jpg is not good enough to see the look in the face of the woman
  9. ... british bomber command destroyed the german city Kassel (my old hometown). Slideshows: Before: After: (WARNING: slideshow shows some pictures of human remains) 569 bombers (322 Lancasters, 247 Halifaxes) dropped more than 1,800 tons of bombs (including 460,000 magnesium fire sticks) that started fires which illuminated the entire town. For deception, the attack used Operation Corona radio spoofing and a Frankfurt diversionary raid. Damage to the main telephone exchange and the city's water pipes hindered firefighting efforts. The fire of the most severe air raid burned for seven days, at least 10,000 people died, 150,000 inhabitants were bombed-out, and the city center was 95% destroyed - the whole city was 80% destroyed. Most of the casualties were civilians or wounded soldiers recuperating in local hospitals, whereas factories survived the attack generally undamaged. The German controller was again successful in assessing the target and 43 aircraft - 25 Halifaxes, 18 Lancasters - were lost, 7.6 per cent of the force. The initial 'blind' H2S marking overshot the target but 8 out of the 9 'visual' markers correctly identified the centre of Kassel and placed their markers accurately. Although German decoy markers may have drawn off part of the bomber force, the main raid was exceptionally accurate and concentrated. The result was the most devastating attack on a German city since the firestorm raid on Hamburg in July and the results at Kassel would not be exceeded again until well into 1944. The fires were so concentrated that there was a firestorm, although not as extensive as the Hamburg one. 28 Lancasters and 8 Mosquitos of No 8 Group carried out a diversionary raid to Frankfurt. Bombing was scattered. 1 Lancaster lost. 12 Oboe Mosquitos to Knapsack power-station and 1 to Dortmund, 17 aircraft minelaying in the Frisians and off Texel, 10 OTU sorties. 1 Mosquito lost. It was on this night that an RAF ground radio station in England, probably the one at Kingsdown in Kent, started its broadcasts with the intention of interrupting and confusing the German controllers' orders to their night fighters. The Bomber Command Official History describes how, at one stage, the German controller broke into vigorous swearing, whereupon the RAF voice remarked, 'The Englishman is now swearing'. To this, the German retorted, 'It is not the Englishman who is swearing, it is me'. With 80% of all buildings destroyed, Kassel is the second most destroyed german city of WWII. 13,000 people died in all bombings on Kassel, that's the 7th highest number of victims of german cities in WWII. Kassel was the Headquarters for Germany’s Wehrkreis IX, and a local subcamp of Dachau concentration camp provided forced labor for Henschel facilities. The US Army captured Kassel on April 3, 1945 - only 50,000 people were in residence (versus 236,000 in 1939). On the same day the last produced Tiger Tanks rolled out of the factory where the crews were already waiting to drive just a few hundert meters directly into the battle. Famous Weapons produced in Kassel: The city was home of Henschel & Son, the Gerhard Fieseler Werke, Wegmann & Co and MWK (Motorenbau Werk Kassel, a subsidary of Junkers). Kassel was also the largest european production site of trains. - Tiger I - Tiger II - Panzer I - Panzer III - Fieseler Fi 156 Storch - Henschel Hs 129, ground-attack - Henschel HS 123, dive bomber - FW190 (license) - Bf109 (license - also the only manufactor of the Bf109 T for the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin) - Fieseler FZG-76 (better known as V-1 flying bomb) - Henschel Hs 117 Schmetterling (Butterfly), surface-to-air missile (rocket-engined) - Henschel Hs 293, glide bomb (rocket-powered) - Henschel Hs 294, anti-shipping glide bomb (rocket-powered) - Henschel Hs 298, air-to-air missile (rocket-powered) - Jumo 004 turbojet engine Just for comparison: Famous industrial productions today: Large companies in Kassel: Krauss-Maffei Wegmann & Co KG, Rheinmetall Defence, Eurocopter (maintenance HQ), VW, Daimler Trucks, Bombardier Transportation, SMA Solar Technology AG, ThyssenKrupp Transrapid - Leopard 2 MBT - Puma (IFV) - Transrapid Maglev Train Links: Interactive map showing the old city: City Panoramas - Kassel today:
  10. I think Hitler was the best weapon the allied had to defeat germany.
  11. Didn't played for months on my main machine and now i'm stuck installing version 1.30.255. I'm getting an error saying "playerarc.w2v" is a not valid older version and can't get updated. ahem... help!
  12. thanks that's good news - it's not that expensive anyway (30 EUR) - I'll decided to use it on the place where i have no access to windows so a fix would be great.
  13. works perfectly with win XP
  14. Didn't tested under windows yet (can't till next week) - but it works well in "Joystick and Gamepad Tester" showing names of all axes ("Z-Axis" and "Slider") and also the movements of both throttle axes shown correctly and independent.
  15. No it's not just in the settings - in game both work like they are identical. And in the settings only Z shows up for both.