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  1. S! What about the Bombing of Guernica? Next year is going to be the 80th anniversary. April 26, 1937 Known as the Operation Rügen, the Bombing of Guernica was the aerial attack by the Condor Legion, commanded by Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen ( cousin of the Red Baron ) Refugees from all Spain were travelling north to exile to France, going through Guernica a civilian town with a population of 7000. Guernica had a weapons manufacturer, one of the most importants in all Spain. At that time Guernica had any Anti-Aerial defenses. The attack consisted in bombing the road and destroy the east bridge to difficult the retreat of the republican troops. Two Heinkel He 111s, one Dornier Do 17, eighteen Ju 52 and three Italian SM.79s were assigned to the mission. The italian bombs fell around the bridge ( Puente ) and the railway station ( Estación F.C. ) and Dornier Do-17 bombs at the Saint John's church. At 6 o'clock the heaviest bombing took place by eighteen Ju-52 with explosive and incendiary bombs. Five Bf-109 were raiding inside the city and sorroudings. Town's alarms sounded from 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM. 271 buildings were destroyed. Around 300 people died officially, republicans estimated 1700 casualties. Until Franco's death the official story was that the republicans themselves made the massacre. Axis Forces: Four Heinkel He 111, one Dornier Do 17 (Not Available), twenty-six Ju 52 (ocassionaly used as bombardier in the Spanish Civil War, but no bombs in-game), ten Italian SM.79 (replaced by Ju 87B Stuka) and sixteen Messerschmitt BF 109. Total: 31 bombardiers and 26 fighters Allied Forces: Just Riflemans Objectives: For Axis, kill all the allied forces. For Allies, stay alive. (And those who succeed could be rewarded in some way) Here you have a short documentary about the bombings: and a long one from History Channel: (Unfortunately they are in Spanish) Picasso captured the drama in his paiting Guernica If it's too precipitate to do it for the 15th anniversary it could be planned for the 80th Anniversary on April 26 anyway! S!