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  2. Just wanted to give you guys an update. Everything seems back to normal (solid as a rock). I think my issue was related to my anti-virus software. Seems I have to disable it or fps is horrible. Good luck!
  3. Similar issues here. Yesterday, I had solid fps (35ish solid in action)... now today with new campaign, fps down to 6 while in battle. Makes me nervous since I just got this machine (budget) last week... Intel Core2Duo E6300 XP Home Nvidia 7600 gs 2g RAM Onboard sound at the moment (new card coming) Any suggestions appreciated!
  4. Would a fresh full install improve performance any? My current install has seen many patches and I was curious to know if there is any noticeable advantage to a fresh install. The game runs pretty decent considering my old my machine (1.5 p4, gf3), but I want to squeeze as much as I can out of this dinosaur. Thanks for any input in advance!