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  1. None of em. 4 of em is in Luft6 and Sniff is in jg52.
  2. Flying during campaign 31 from me and vonwiggle. Host1(thanks Surly): Host2: Press Free and wait 1-2mins. Then enter the "code" and you will start the download. Enjoy!
  3. Read this thread:
  4. Read this thread:
  5. Bump. Still getting stutters.
  6. Agree with you stridor. Ive tried everything too. Something is wrong with the code.
  7. I dont think it has to do with big battles but just towns in general, of course big battles will make the problem even worse though. Tried this on antwerpen when it was totally empty and still got alot of stutters. If anyone got time to try this out some more it would be great.
  8. Just been flying around Antwerp and had extreme stutters. Try to fly from a remote AF without any cities close and see if you still got stutters. I think the citys is the stutter problem. Or atleast it seems so for me.
  9. Yep same goes for me. The bigger the city is the more stutters i get. Tried to fly around antwerpen. Got loads of stutters without anyone close. Then i was flying down at Mendig and i had no stutters even tho we were about 20-30 up flying.
  10. Thanks alot for all your help. Just notice something strange during the intermission. I had no stutters whats so ever. We were about 20-30 planes sometimes and i had fps over 50 all the time. Seems like its when flying close to cities that does the stutter?
  11. you wont notice the diffrence between 12 and 5ms. 12ms will do with any fast-pase fps game out there. Tried sevral LCDs at my old job.
  12. Regarding : Testing for FPS variations and results. I feel like the testing should include flight since it seems there is the most stutter problems in the air. Most ppl i know flying has stutter problems.
  13. Ah cool. Ya that will be the next thing ill try. Im just a bit tired from all the testing atm.