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  1. 4wing miss you guys. Bota11
  2. Silky still here man. Awesome.
  3. CE you da man...has anyone seen JC? Anymore old AEF around
  4. Axis player would talk to me asking for the bombing to stop...they truly hated 20 to 40 bombers destroying there supply list.... Great times. Great squad. Wrote the book on RDP bota11
  5. Alot of great names, memories. S all
  6. I may be trying it out as well. Any other old dudes still here? bota11
  7. Nice to see you as well Sweet! Im a first year player. Couple questions. Did the population go up with Steam release. How do you like the changes in game?
  8. all. I see some game changes. Any old farts still here? bota11 Ret. Allied CinC
  9. Please remove the 88th sqrn from the programe. It was alot of fun. We in the 88th have been in AEF for a few months now. the 88th sqrn is still active. the officer core of the 88th is not what is was. we cannot give the time needed too new players for us too be in the programe. Please remove us. ty Bota11
  10. I have a there a dot command too look at the roster of squad players in game? i have alot of players not playing or are trial players i want too boot.
  11. great bomber like bombing..join 617th great group.
  12. RDP CAS we do it ALL !