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  1. The design of the fortified mobile spawn can be improved from its current "above ground" layout. Its a bunker after all, why not expand its footprint so units can spawn in safety. Nobody should find themselves dead before they've had a chance to properly load. The existing design just encourages camping. Its a horrible experience especially if you're new to the game, when you look for a bit of action join the top active mission and die before you even have the chance to review the map to see where the hell you are. If you're going to keep these mobile spawns, make them bigger, like small versions of Forward Bases... with a bunker for infantry to spawn INSIDE, surrounded by a series of connecting trenches... like a sandbag version of the pill boxes.... Setting them should also take much longer (x3 longer)... and get rid of the HC mobile spawns, or put a limit on them so that a finite number of inf can use it... e.g. 5 rifles or 2 smgs, or 1 engineer etc.
  2. Example Scenario; I have created a mission at the east depot of any town I am defending, I spawn in, check the flag for ei, its clear, so I want to check the far west depot... in order to swap missions I have to: 1. press escape 2. click OK 3. click OK on splash screen 4. click "theater map" 5. click "active battle list" 6. click "yes" 7. click "theater map" 8. click "brigade HQ" 9. click "theater map" 10. click on new depot 11. click on mission origin 12. click on mission target 13. click "create mission" 14. click on a unit 15. click "enter world" If I am despawned and at the map, can you not implement a right click function on a depot "create mission here"... why such a convoluted process of steps to spawn at another depot within the same brigade/town!?!?
  3. Hi, just installed the latest full install after a long break (2 years) and have tried to join the fight, but having a few problems. I have a Dell R17mx4 (alien) and when I start the game the initial settings screen doesnt appear to allow me to select my nvidia card (just the intel graphics)... I can login, but it crashes to desktop when I try to spawn anywhere... any clues please?
  4. Got it working, I had to go into the nvidia control panel and change the preferred graphics card from auto-select to nvidia, then I could select it in the wwii settings and finally got in.... now, if I can only remember the binos key, and the look key and how to crouch and run and setup FBs, and whats this shovel for, and and and.... lol.
  5. CRS, any plans to fix the obvious flaw with .voteCO command in game? Currently when the active members want to vote a new CO via the .voteCO command, the current CO can simply kick everybody in the squad, including those people being voted for. CRS, my suggestion would be to suspend all squad recruiting and kicking for 24 hours whilst a .voteCO is in process. Obviously CRS didnt expect COs to act maliciously, but there does need to be some checks and balances in place to protect the members in the unlikely event that their CO goes loopy. So come on CRS, do the playerbase a favour, every squad member needs to be able to safely cast a vote without fear of being booted from the squad for voting "the wrong way"... we dont want to promote Zimbabwe-esque leadership contests here, simple democracy where the members vote for their leader and the candidate with the most votes wins.
  6. BKB (Black Knights Brigade) are a well known and trusted ALLIED squad. We have a membership that spans all time zones and many countries. Training is high on our agenda and we often spend time in the training server passing on the vast experience of our senior members. Learn how to SAP tanks Learn how to use the British Grenadier Fly with some of the most infamous pilots, and run alongside some of the finest soldiers. The Black Knights Brigade welcome all new players... so contact us in game, get on teamspeak with us, and lets have fun!
  7. what were you banned for?
  8. ...probably the greatest driver there was... parker.