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  1. You can delete this, It was a Matrox setting issue that fixed when I updated the software. So, I haven't played in a while. I decided to update the game and log in. The game ran perfectly the last time I played several months ago. Now, when the game starts up, the game opens in the center and right screen (left screen shows the desktop). The loading screen then resizes onto the right screen, but then the mouse only works in the center screen and you can't click on anything on the right screen. Its a matrox triplehead2go digital setup. I have never had this issue with this, or any other game. All other games are working fine. WW2ol used to work fine until I updated. I have tried every option with the Matrox software. I have checked the ww2ol settings, it has 3840x1024 as the resolution. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled, same issue persists. My rig: Windows 7 64x Intel Core2Quad Q9550 Nvidia Gtx260 Creative SB-X-Fi sound card 8 gig Ram
  2. I just got it the RC, but my mouse won't work in game. Its odd, if I Alt-Tab out it will start to work, but when I maximize the game it goes dead.
  4. Fly with Elmo. Join the 101st
  5. I have it too and am running an nVidia 8800 gts, get 50+ outside of town even in big battles, 30+ inside town. It is great if you have the desk space for 3 monitors. I would recommend getting the digital version. I have the analog version. They fixed a lot of the minor issues with the digital version. Eventually I will upgrade, but not yet.
  6. I hadn't read the full text, I just stopped at the pics and started drooling. My bad. So it may not be in 1.29, but here's to hoping.
  7. Known issue that will be resolved in 1.29. Currently the game engine stretches the game world to fit the width of your monitor and cuts off the bottom and top view, it doesn't offer true widescreen support. Its supposedly fixed for 1.29.
  8. Try uninstalling and downloading a new copy. Are you having problems with any other programs? It sounds like you may have a bad memory stick as well. There are some free programs available for testing memory. I would check to see that you don't have bad memory.
  9. Yeah, XP is better. XP will recognize over 2gb of memory, if you use the 64 bit verison. The benefits aren't really worth it though.
  10. That system, depending on game settings, will get you around 70 fps outside town, and 30+ in a busy small town. Large towns will vary between 20 and 40+. Which OS is it? XP will get slightly better performance than Vista. What speed is the memory? 2GB is enough, but the faster the memory the better the system will run. That system should be good enough for the next 3 years plus.
  11. I had the same issue with my old X-52, the mouse knob thingee on the throttle wouldn't center properly sometimes. I had to press it all the way left and right to recenter it.
  12. You can also do a dual boot with Vista and XP, though unless you want to play Crysis or something XP is still the best OS.
  13. Just tell them you tested it and its dead. If its unresponsive when hooked up to your mobo and connected properly its dead. Send it back.