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  1. Wounder if I should try it too..I got a 4870 1Gb running on XP Professional 32bit SP3 Here is the link:
  2. What model of Geforce card did you get 8800GT,9800GT,9800GTX or the newest ones GTX260 or GTX280?
  3. Thanks layzboy good to know..think i will bye the 4850 after the summer... Then it will be even cheaper then now and maybe have versions with a 3:ed part cooler...
  4. Any test resolt yet in game guys.....
  5. Is it any good? I have an ATI x1900xt 256 Mb think I will switch to this baby..
  6. Same version as dover and like him I youse it for TS only.But I know the screen can show different info as CPU and MEM usage,clock and other things.And I played a little Red Orchestra and there it shows ammo and health and on.... You need to get a plugin for TS to workon the screen.Like to test your prog when its finished,sniff. I like G15 very much.
  7. Logitech Mx518.I am happy with it....
  8. Core 2 Duo E6750 2,67Ghz(Zalman 9700Led Cpu fan) ASUS P5K P35 Chipset Mb 3Gb DDR2 5400 675Mhz cl4 4-4-4-12 ATI x1900xt (256Mb) Artic-cooling Gpu fan Audigy SE HD Samsung 1*320Gb 1*500Gb Hiper 580W Type R (PSU) Lin Li PC7A Scandinavian edition V3 (Chassi) Around 30FPS in heavy town battles around 70FPS on the countryside. No AA and res 1280*1024 I think I have Catalyst 7.11 not sure...Im at work so cant check. And Windows XP Pro.ed. sp2 ADSL 24/1Mbit (Ping around 200ms in game)
  9. I will build same system exept the Ram is Pc5300 to my brother.Havent got the parts yet...then I will test WWIIOL on it. To see if I get some kind of truble.