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  1. sadly it's not my computer, and my friend is scared of trying stuff like that even though I've offered to walk him through it. I figure it's probably the ports. thanks
  2. I have a friend with this exact problem. Just wondering if any fix has ever been found. I would really like to add my friend to the playerbase for BE, but he just cannot play it like this.
  3. He's trying to help you with the first question.
  4. Also, updated my RAM, MOBO, GPU, and MONITOR. I needed the 16 G of RAM for the Dual Channel to work properly, and I didn't want to go below 12 because I only upgrade my PC every few years so it needs to last. Vodka convinced me on the monitor thing, new MOBO has SATA 3.0 ports which I'll use with my HDD since 3.0 runs at 6 Gb/s compared to the regular SATA 2.0 which runs at 3 Gb/s. Got an O/C GeForce 560 ti since the one I was looking at seemed like it had a couple stability issues on further review. So everything looks good now and will probably order after the weekend. Thanks for the help everyone.
  5. I have a 750W Corsair that I'm going to throw into mine. I was just wondering because from your pic it looked larger. And yeah, I loved that case as soon as I saw it about 4 or 5 months ago and decided if I did a build that I was going to use it. It comes in black, white, and red if you don't like the scheme btw
  6. well the case comes with 5 built in fan controllers. So I'll probably just use those. they are the unmarked sliders on the left in this pic. nice case btw, what PSU do you use?
  7. A system design flaw, good catch. Didn't think about how with the dual channel I would need something in all 4 DIMM slots. That's why i posted on here. Your reasoning is sound. I like where you heads at. lol. I'm giving it to my cousin. We're living together while going to college, and my plan is to hopefully addict her to video games so i can have someone to tow my 88.
  8. OK, now what?
  9. i kinda hate you because now i'm really considering spending the extra money for the monitor
  10. i'll look into it, TY
  11. I'm shooting for 2 TB of HDD because I d/l alot of movies/music. I could use a 100 GB HDD for the OS which wouldn't be a bad idea or very expensive. Thanks. I'm going with the full tower because I'm tired of messing with the confines of mid-tower. Also if you look at the tower it has some awesome options for cable management + 7 3.5" bays should cover just about anything I want to do in the future. I disagree with the power supply. I have a GeForce GTX 460 in my current rig and I know that it requires a minimum of 450W PSU. Add in everything else in the build and anything I would like to add later, 450W is just too small. I agree that the PSU is very important and my 750W is a high quality one with alot of expansion options as far as different power cables go. I know the sound card blows, but unless someone can convince me that there is a large benefit to the more expensive sound cards (for gaming) then it's just not worth it.
  12. BUMP. Would really appreciate some more opinions before I press the "checkout" button.
  13. Thanks for the replies and help. CPU and MOBO updated, glad you suggested the 1155 chipset, seems to be more upgradeable in the future. And even saved a little money. Although I think I like the other MOBO features better, i definitely like the new chipset. Any thoughts on this MOBO? And I don't just want to crush WWIIOL, I can do that with my current rig. I want my PC to crush all games + small children.
  14. no, how much of an improvement are they? Very visible difference?