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  1. Thats funny actually,,,, This is not a Brand New Issue, its just the game has run everyone off that would make this arguement already... Every year that goes bye the game has become more and more and more army focused and the Navy and Airforce are just after thoughts... Who is it thats beyond reason? The guys "HC" who have refused for YEARS to provide the necessary support to keep the naval players happy and enjoying the game?!? CRS that allows this broken HC system to continue?!? Pittpete says if you can't beat em join em?!? Read my Sig I have been HC Multiple times that did no use just gave us a new channel to fight in... and made our personal disagreements with Heer HC even more fierce! 2006 -2009 I was one of the more reasonable and more diplomatic naval players having been PanzerLehr from 2001 -2006 and Feldjager since, I tried to bridge the divide between the Heer and Navy that was just pointless... Heer [censored] on the navy at every turn! Hell the entire KM HC switched sides, and most of the KM boots including 2 of the most major KM squads, to make a statement that went on completely deaf ear's!!! This has been an issue for 10-12 years now and NOTHING absolutely zip zero and Jack squat has been done to fix it!!! But I am the unreasonable one?!?
  2. Most players playing now will have zero idea what a Breskens Vrs Vliss fight was like With Multiple DD's Even those Weird TT's no one ever see's anymore and a sky dark with planes over heads as a mass of FMB's going rushing across the way Para planes dropping trooops into the mess and troops riding FMB's DD's etc... This is the most fun battle that can EVER happen in this game and HASNT happened for years?!? WHY??? Because the LW is gone the only planes you will see in the air is ally's The Navy is gone for both sides!!! And this is mainly because of the HC system and there utter contempt for the north being relavent to any type of strategy... You see the armchair general in commands fun is more important then that of the majority of the playerbase... So the only people left are the people that believe the south is the only place that matters!
  3. The main thing that has been broken for years is your failure to see that High Command has pushed away over Half of your playerbase... You want to talk sensible?!? Until you teach HC that it is their to provide for the playerbase's needs... Not to be an arm chair general doing whatever they want regardless of the playerbase! HC has been destroying this game for years... If you really want to fix the game its easy... Very easy and it doesnt require adding Italians or new units or any of that... It requires gettting rid of the HC... Thats the route you should be looking at to fix this game. But you can continue to stick your heads in the sand... And continue to believe that your broken system hasnt run off the majority of your player base because its a system that create's Hate creates drama creates conflict creates politic's... And doesnt serve to do the one thing it should, assist the playerbase in having fun! I am a naval player, guess how often this last campaign I was usefull?!? Guess how often I was in a DD for a reason that assisted the war effort??? You can't even get remotely enough sorties to even have a number 1 DD anymore unless someone purposely spawns in and RTB's 50 times so his one mission will be credited?!? Again HC is busted, there is only one RIGHT path for the HC... And thats thru the south.... Its old its stale and it keeps the Navy from being able to play the game!!! Again flashy toys, SPAA's, Italian soldiers, anything you might THINK is the right path isnt going to change CRAP.... The HC will forever treat the Navy like its useless and the naval players will simply never return... Very sad, as warfare in the zee's with combined arms is 10,000 times more fun then the warfare experience you get in the south!!!
  4. Yes they have done welcoe back soldier several times infact as what has been said not that long ago... I have recieved these emails... The Problem is the game Hasnt improved you still have a "Meaningless North" Its NOT.... Its alot of fun for Naval players problem is HC keeps the Naval players from being relavent... So as far as I can see the game is STILL BROKEN... Get rid of HC or give us a dedacated AO in the North at ALL TIMES.... The changes 4 different types of Rifles??? Big deal The changes Sappers and Engineers??? Big Deal About the only cool change as far as equipment goes is the SPAA... Most added equipment like Bazooka's and Shreck's have made the game worse!!! You still have AI that ruins the fun and still have EWS that ruins the fun but most of all you still have HC ruining the fun....
  5. In order to agree with this I would have to believe that HC and AO's and Mobile spawns were better then the old days of Squad's running the map working together Infantry covering tanks because you couldnt just instantly be back at battle because you had to rid on a tank or a truck to get back.... So many of you seem to think that the old game ^^^^ was so bad, I quite liked the old game myself... I enjoyed DD's setting up ambushes (Impossible Now because of EWS) I quite enjoyed sitting in a bunker for hours because that town could be attacked at anytime... I quite enjoyed the smaller scale battles that happened because the playerbase was spread across the entire front line not all at the same damned place! You see its all based on the fact that the current AI and EWS and mobile Spawns and HC has actually improved the game.... I could list 50+ Names here without even having to think hard of naval players who have left this game because "THE NORTH DOESNT MATTER"
  6. Returned to the game to put in a solid campaign.... Broke my vow... I was simply going to stat [my mom]... Ignore the map, Ignore the HC, ignore the sad and sorry state of the zeelands. Ended up once again raging at the lack of Northern activities the way the Navy and the Zeelands is treated as needless map space! Once again finding myself sad that I came back to play, sad that the game is still being dictated bye the worthless HC system!!! Allys made stupid flag moves that a blind person could see, Axis played over aggressive and as always focused on there rush thru the south. The same stagnate repetative over used strategy just makes me sick!!! You want to fix this game!!! Get rid off all HC... Make all AO's system placed... 1 in the north at all times, 1 in the south at all times, 1 in the center at all times... Let the playerbase choose where they want to be!!! Let the playerbase vote on flag movement's... Get rid of all the stupid AI, Get rid of the Horrid EWS that ruins the game! Also your new smarter capping is just going to turn into a Time Zone 3 Big town cap fest as the underpopulated side will actually have the advantage when in a big town with lots of caps to guard... You will see big towns falling because no matter how you try to tweek the game there is no magical fix to population! Though I could certainly think of some better fix's... For example Mobile spawns should have a limited spawn pool based of being Over poped.... the underpop side's MS would be unlimited.... But the easiest fix for the game is to bring players back.... Bring the Navy and Airforce back bye making our game relavent in this world again... And that means a relavent North... I don't know add some freaking factory's up north so maybe its more important but do something already.... How about bring back the dedicated Northern AO... That would be a great first step!!! But I am gone, I will come back a year from now as I always due so I can see that nothing has changed and curse at the Heer for being my mortal enemy in life!!!
  7. I am quite annoyed I am having the same issue!!! Anytime I get in a plane, boat, sometimes in a tank I get a momentary sound hang then game crash's then you see the blue screen of death for a few seconds and then the Computer restarts! I was thinking I was the only one until reading this thread and my thought process was that with whatever recent patch the 3D rendering somehow became more tasking which was causing any fast moving vehicle like a plane or boat or tank too cause my 8800 GTX too PULL too much power for my 600W PS to be able to handle making it trip off! But now that I am seeing this is a more common occurence not just happening too me then I am asking that one of the RATS pls get this fixed as I love the KM and my DD's and not being able to play my DD really sucks!
  8. Okay I had a great mission going, And then I got an unexpected Disconnect from server! Luckily it got counted as an RTB as I was near port..... But it was my personal best ToM ever and its not showing in the Longest Sortie top 100 list nor is it counting towards the the Top ToM list! Is there a way we can get this fixed did the disconect cause some sort of communication problem with the Stat tracker?
  9. Okay when I play since upgrading my computer with Ram and Video Card my start bar wants to jump up while in game whenever I right click my mouse! It makes the game next to un playable...... I have put the bar on auto hide no help I have set the game to run in Maximum no help does anyone have any idea's..... I am sure I am just over looking something simple but as is I really dont want to play cause I end up waisting supply!
  10. Okay I just signed up to play and I am having one heck of a time trying to get going...... I am on the understanding that playgate is suppose to automatically update your game when you attempt to launch..... This is not happening so I downloaded the updated playgate and when I attempt to install it it says there is a file missing barelly even 2% in after launching and aborts..... Now it would seem my only course of action is to download the entire game but thats going to take about an hour and a half..... Any ideas to save me time?