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  1. I tried the 2 accounts on 2 screen thing. Was hard to do and had to use a free trial on some 3rd party software to do it. This was the only trick that worked. The game will launch on the primary screen, so I had to launch the 1st instance of the game. Then use that software to change which screen was now the primary screen (if you change it in windows settings the game just moves to the new screen). Then launch the 2nd instance of the game. It was such a hassle and I think it even required a bit more than that. And then if you had a CTD or CTHL you had to do it all over again. I just gave up on that and I only alt-tab now. Don't really need to see my other instance of the game while I'm on the tow account. At least it wasn't worth it for me to be able to see it as little as I needed to.
  2. awesome, ty. Its working now
  3. I used to hear satchels every time before 1.29 or so, now most are silent. Silent deaths where you can't hear ei run up to you or ei shooting right next to you. All very weird, and I have an actual hardware sound card that supports 128 sounds.
  4. I'm trying to add in a signature picture for the forum but it is only letting me add ones that are 500x100 or smaller AND 19.5kb or smaller; however I see other members with larger pictures in pixel size and file size. How do I get such sigs?
  5. I gave-up on Vista and decided to use my old computer I used to play on. It worked over a year ago, but now it doesn't . . . it has the same ctd on despawn bug and I can't use binocs or the sniper like before. The simularity is that this computer has the same chip set (Intel 945). I know this game used to work on this comp, so I will try finding older drivers and trying those.
  6. Update: I tried lots of things and experimented somemore. I found some more commonalities though. It seems that if I try to despawn in a vehicle or plane while still alive then I ctd, if I'm kia then I don't. I even ctd if I spawn into the atg's other than the 88. Lots of problems. I tried launching the game in all the different compatability modes to no avail. Mouse wouldn't work in the XP mode. Kinda giving up now, but I would apprechiate any other ideas.
  7. Can't find either of those options in Vista, I remember the hardware acceleration in Xp though.
  8. I too can't use my binocs or sniper scope or I will ctd. Also, if I use the torps or winch on the ships then I ctd. Ok, so we all have the same video card - hint, hint, the problem must bet there somewhere. In addition, I have another problem. I've messed with the graphics settings in and out of the game. The problem is that the glass windows in cockpits and ships are NOT transparent. I cannot see throught them. An image of one(1) situation in the FW190 is attached. The other aircraft are the 110, where I can see out of the front and back but nothing inbetween. The Stuka where I can't see out at all. The HE111 where I can't see out other than from the back 2 guns and the side guns. I also can't see out of the Destroyer cabin from the captains point of view. There may be more instances of this, and there prob. are on the allied side too. When I despawn I can see through some of the windows into the cockpit as the camera pans out, but I don't think I can see through all of them. The 109's see unaffected, so I can fly them with no problem. This window visibility problem is my PRIMARY concern. I am a pilot, I need to see. When I'm on the ground I can deal with not using a sniper or the binocs. If I can't get these fixed soon then I'll have to quit the game and try something else. I hope its something that is an easy fix. All of these windows must need the same graphics process, so that should be a big hint to CRS with whats wrong. BTW, all these problems occur offline and online.
  9. Having the same problem, and have the same Intel Chip Set on my laptop. I even installed the latest driver straight from Intel. Running out of ideas. BTW, i'm running on Vista.
  10. I have a new Intel Macbook, so please include me in the Beta