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  1. Well, they certainly ought to start later when campaigns end early. And, you know, a new map, with a late war start, might be a nice draw. Allies have to push out from Normandy, Gerries have to push'em into the sea.
  2. Personally, I liked the half tiers. Thanks for trying them anyways.
  3. Would be good to put in particular the hexagon one out away from the town as a sort of frontline defense sort of thing in a small number of places with broad fields of fire guarding the route to town. Someplace like the south flags at Leuven. Don't reckon you have to use them as the bunker every time.
  4. Do you remember the big FMS that was CRS' first model? One way to help the attacker, and the establishment of a ZOC, would be to incorporate that as a 1000m or 1250m or some such FMS that could spawn heavy atgs, aaa, trucks and apcs (in limited quantities). Can't set closer than a click or so.
  5. One way to split the difference between frontline and no frontline, would be to allow a squad or two to spawn from trucks and APCs on whichever side of a town they might park.
  6. Well, it sounds like XOOM wasn't asking for dev ideas, but as was said above, you want the WBS players to be able to try the new kit, and so the latest WBS should have started in tier3. In the same vain I'll offer that I think dev resources aren't being maximized to appeal to new and returning players. What I would do is, you see the hundred CPs being laid at the bottom of the map, forget about them, they're not going to be used much anyway, and they'll be more of the same, so redirect the map dev work to a new map. Make the bocage for instance. Get a few proper plants from speedtree. Make the lay of the land as realistic as possible. Take the art staff and make a bunch of dug-in positions, kind of things you expect in a wargame. No dam FBs. Open capture points, city and country. Separate depots from their flags. secondary road system. Utilize all the good ideas of the playerbase regarding gameplay that aren't too heavy on resources, and make a new, if small, map (the original was only a dozen towns or so). Then do a WBS, start in tier 3 as suggested, and use the new map. That's how I'd capture a few anyways. Way I see it there are four essential areas of game appeal - graphics, units, gameplay (spawn and capture sort of stuff), and environments (maps). Take your map, and some of your art, resources and make a new, better, improved gameplay playground. And maybe open a discussion on the specifics with the community. Offered fwiw.
  7. Cool
  8. Pnut
  9. God bless ya Doc, you a character. Wouldn't let ya date my daughter, but you're all right. Terribly sorry about the news. Godspeed.
  10. I actually remember there being a lot of forum discussion regarding mobile spawns before that was implemented. Don't remember the specifics though.
  12. And cheers for that, but a wee subroutine checking the positions of the local FBs would likely prove a quicker way, as yours might take both coding and art resources. Frankly, I think they ought to get rid of FBs altogether and put cappable villages in between distant cities, and cappable farmlands and crossroads and forests and swamps as well!
  13. Yeah, I wasn't serious about the flamethrower.
  14. I ought to be introduced at the same time as flamethrowers. Balance.