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  1. The gameplay (in particular the spawn and cap rules) promote absurd, ahistorical, unimmersive, ragequit inducing, gameplay that is a far cry from what players expect when they think about the "virtual battlefield", thats just a fact. There it is, CRS doesn't have to do anything about it, its their game after all, but there it is.
  2. ITS A TRAP!!!!!
  3. Was just addressing jwilly's concern of dynamic spawning to reduce spawn camping, and how to do that with the tech that is there or will soon be. If I'm an ML who got his sherman out of town to the rear, and there are no nme close, why can't the armor in my garrison spawn off me? That kind of thing.
  4. The game does have the ML spawning capacity, and it does keep track of friendly and nme locations, and they're working on proximity AOs, coding wise it might not take too very much work to create something interesting along those lines.
  5. And if you top off the above with persistent defensive missions (believe they were once in game before brigades) for each garrison, from each depot, and lemkeh's idea of the trench FMS, then you could actually have prepared frontlines outside of town that have to be dealt with first.
  6. As far as addressing battle density, and ei everywhere, attacking from every direction, and the coding resources all booked, here is one possibility to consider - proximity capping. Proximity AOs are being worked on correct? You apply the same 'so many troops within a given area code' with adjusted numbers, and distances, for capture. You make it requisite to have a certain percentage of your troops in close proximity to the target flag to cap or initiate capture. Then things are not near so squirrelly, you don't have to watch your back so much, and capture is effectively a squad op. Add to that the simple idea of the open flag/trench flag/Zeebee's defensive position flag, and now with a proper defensive position looking out on the battlefield being the point of capture/attack, or an open area that must be broadly controlled, and the necessity to mass troops to initiate capture, you have something that much more approximates a war.
  7. Course, the important question is did you win?
  8. For humor and contagious enthousiasm, I vote ryman89 for crowdfunding spokesman.
  9. If fire escapes are indeed on the way back then all I can say is have fun storming the castle!
  10. What I've dared, I've willed; and what I've willed, I'll do. Where is Ahab when you need him? Well, I guess waiting for Godot ain't so bad if the company's alright.
  11. Yes, and Hitler's brain in a jar will lead the dark side. Or maybe in Bilton's body . . .
  12. Yeah, the open city flag idea would basically be a flag pole, ala what might be found in a city square. Certainly a boring piece of terrain in itself, but its being open brings the surroundings more into play, meaning it'd be different in each burgh. And that it might be easily camped is sort of the point, have to control the broader area to cap; area capture without needing to program the ZOC dynamics. I agree, more spread between cps, and spawns and their flags would be nice. Would facilitate this idea as well as you can't have an open flag right next to a spawn.
  13. Wonder if CRS would object to players doing a crowdfunding campaign, in consultation and coordination with them of course.
  14. I'd like to see how much $ the idea of ww2ol 2.0 could garner through crowdfunding. The idea is still a fantastic one.
  15. I know thats a joke, but after a lot of thought over the years I actually don't believe in having any sort of direct capture mechanism. Currently, supply travels through the towns and cities, so one has to somehow capture these. However, that doesn't mean there have to be flags, or even a ZOC grid of any sort. Rather, one might capture towns by eliminating nme positions, and setting up one's own. This would be achieved via what I like to call a ZOI, or "zone of influence". As a group advances they project a zone of influence, akin to what is being worked on atm with poximity AOs. When an army's ZOI moves over an nme position, it cuts off resupply to that position, and may limit spawning to a certain time period or number of units, thereby reducing camping. By overrunning the position and killing the nme there you disable the position. You can set up your own positions as you move along, limited by proximity to nme positions. When there are no more nme positions around an objective, only friendly, it belongs to you. Dunno if something like the above could be implemented with the current flags&AB town setup, but whatever the idea, I think the area between towns that have no FBs is probably the most fertile ground for the advancement of spawn and capture mechanics, for things like player placed FBs and other positions, and the testing of novel mechanics in their "capture".