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  1. Hey Mr 51, just out of curiosity, somewhere I read new terrain editor otw. Is it true? Is it simplified, could maybe players learn? Would be fantastic if they could. But of course understandable if its still a bit much for casual use.
  2. Actually, from what I have seen, the dive bombsite is different - they have a level and a dive. And the 45 degree limit was due to plane stresses as determined from experience. Technically it could dive more steeply, and in ww2ol the stresses don't matter.
  3. This is not good, I play allied and that thing has a large capacity and a dive bombsite. But good on ya anyhow.
  4. JU88 is otw? Baby sherm gets HEAT? Best I know it couldn'f fire the 75mm howitzer's round. You mean they putting in 105mm sherm? Duhhh... what? Huh?
  5. Like the bunker thing too. Sandbags inside buildings so you can set the lmg up back from the window or door.
  6. ^^^Just guessing but that'd probably be one routine and a pretty quick and easy check. Another option would be for the inf FRU to be able to be placed only between the FB and town. Semi circle, or parabolic area in front of the town where you can place. Then the atgs and aaas feel a little safer getting out of the veh spawn and setting up. You want to go back door, you gotta take the loud old truck; inf FRU, front door only. Course that would take coding too, and probably a little bit more, more math anyway.
  7. Well if you wanted to be less considerate and more profit driven, and perhaps even a bit sinister, about it, having as many lines of advance as possible might be preferred. Then a player has to spawn more often, and be in game longer, to have a shot at a broad range of kit. Then your population is higher, there's more action, and more players are enjoying themselves - better for CRS. Working towards the ability to spawn better units, rank points in this game, is a hook, like they're discussing in one of the other threads. Compels folks to play, "Almost to next rank, spit9 here we come! Just a couple more missions and we're there!" Of course, you may not want to be too encouraging of addiction. Maybe though, you'd want free to play to have that same sort of motivation, to keep more of them playing. You might want their rifle missions to count towards spawning any type of unit, as a more titillating prize than a mere rifle upgrade. Type of unit only mind, no spit9s, just hurri1s, and expensive at that, no crashing all the leet rides. In which case all spawn points may be used for any sort of unit, with only the ability to buy those one level above your current access. Lot of free to play trying the game, hook'em, give'em something to play for, but with much less frequent access than the DLC offers. Who knows, if they like that vickers maybe they'll plunk down the money for the pink slip. Load outs would be such a natural for a system like this. Even those of top rank would have something to strive for, like a grand slam for their Lanc <--- 100,000 points.
  8. Ah I get it. 1 slider, with a few tallies. Which raises the question of how to split the tallies. Inf, armor, aaa, atg, naval, arty, bombers, fighters, haulers. Or maybe arty, aaa, atgs and haulers are 1. Maybe mortars are included with arty. Does an aaa lmg qualify as aaa or inf or both? Maybe some units like the 88 are included in multiple categories. Maybe the shielded 88 is atg, and the unshielded is both arty and aaa. Are ground attack planes with the fighters? Fighter bombers? Bombers? Maybe points are sometimes accorded for kills, instead of for unit used? Maybe you get atg points when your 88 kills a tank, and aaa if you use it to kill a plane, ground attck points when you kill armor with your DB7, level bomber points when you hit a factory. And I realize the idea isn't in production yet. When is the eta?
  9. Is a very logical reason. Ok, multiple sliders and a side of fries.
  10. What are the ammo types for the 37mm? In Warthunder the Ostwind can be a tank assassin.
  11. Oh noes, Bmbm said quad fifties otw!
  12. With limited resources juryrigging it must be, that said, slicing and dicing current MS spawn specifics doesn't seem to promise more than unending gripes and arguments. Would that things like area capture were in fact on the table. I'd like to apologize again for my earlier post, it was altogether too negative and unproductive, especially when folks are sincerely trying to help. This game sure has a way of drawing one in with its vision, then becoming so ridiculously frustrating when it doesn't live up.
  13. I remember a long time ago when there were far more players and no mobile spawns whatsoever. This feels like an absurd and interminable argument that is akin to the cap timer arguments. Much ado about nothing, the spirit of it reminds me of "Waiting for Godot". This is what you get when the essence of the gameplay, the spawn and capture rules, are and always have been FUBAR. The unending rerigging of a juryrigged system. Good luck, but this doesn't even seem worth a bucket of popcorn. Sorry, I hope you all do manage to make the game a bit better, I just felt the need to get that out.
  14. There it is. You have defined the ideal, only now you must deal with the real. The question for the game's developers would be how to get there from here, especially when hindered by very limited resources. And one might ask oneself in addition, are there any interim options that take us part way towards the ideal, that might improve the player experience for the time being. Perhaps a simple change in the character of certain capture points, able to be quickly implemented by an artist and the terrain squad, might also change the character of the fight thereabouts in a positive way. A more exposed position, for instance, might lead to a greater likelihood that the area surrounding the position - the streets surrounding the tractor works - will need to be cleared in order to secure the location. A ZOC would take some coding, an effective ZOC not necessarily, yet they are the same thing, effectively. It was in fact the general manager's desk they were fighting over at Stalingrad. The lower drawer is where he kept his stash of premium vodka. If you want to learn more I'd recommend Nozuchbuk's "The Desk of Ivan Kropotkin".
  15. Defensive Position Flag There are a number of different capture buildings in game. This idea is for yet another that would represent a wartime defensive position more akin to what folks might expect to be defending rather than the common flag building. The overwhelming refrain ingame is "GET IN THE FLAG BUILDING!" "DEFEND THE FLAGS", "DEFEND THE SPAWN!". This usually constitutes either sitting blind in the capture building waiting on attackers, or sitting outside the building staring at one side of it to kill EI before they enter. Defending a capture point in this game can thus be a very limited experience, yet it must be done to win, and so can occupy a great deal of a player's ingame time. When players install the game they are more probably expecting to be defending the line, looking out on the battlefield from their foxhole or trench, and actively engaging the enemy as they try and advance. In game they may of course take up a position in front of a town or facility, face the battlefield, and do just that. The problem is, attackers do not have to engage, and if they sneak through the town to the flag building, they may 'capture' a facility without engaging the defense at all. The idea here is to add a defensive-works capture point that allows defenders to both actively defend a flag while at the same time looking out on the battlefield with potential to engage the enemy from distance as they attack, which would probably be a more gratifying defensive duty to pull for the average player, and might lead to better fights, less whack-a-mole. Another player posted the idea of a trench works FMS: The proposal here is to simply take this model, put a flag on it, and use it for the capture point depending on the facility. Defending a flag from such a position would allow players to be more actively engaged in the battle. Consider an installation like the factory on the west side of Bouillon. Here is the view westwards: Remove the atg nests, place this flag position looking out upon the western flank of town, and now pulling guard duty at this facility constitutes holding the line, with the ability to partake in the battle with an lmg or atr or whatever, out hundreds of meters. Of course, one may currently use an lmg from the factory buildings and engage nme out hundreds of meters, the difference here being that with this defensive position flag the attackers can no longer sneak the cap from under the defense, but must overrun the position. Hopefully, this would make capping such positions more of a broad based fight for area control since the position, though offering cover, is somewhat exposed, and less accessible to mole tactics. Obviously, such positions would be inappropriate for most spawnable depots, as the trench wouldn't be proper in a city, and might be impossible to take with spawners looking down into it from the spawn building. But with facilities such as the above mentioned factory, it may add greater realism, a more intense and interesting fight, and more of what players expect, to gameplay. And yes, alas, players would sneak around and snipe at the defenders in their trench from the factories behind them, but what are ya gunna do? They'd still have to storm the position across open ground in order to cap. Of note: if you model this player's trench suggestion you potentially get a twofer - a cool FMS along with a novel flag position, and heck, maybe just a cool PPO as well - a threefer!
  16. It would be interesting to see how dense a forest in game could be made without overwhelming today's graphics cards.
  17. I think most folks would like to see countryside objectives. Personally I'd like to see any countryside extension of the defense around a CP be player set so it might vary from battle to battle. And a forest CP, where you'd have to capture the route through one of the big forests would be cool. And perhaps a very appropriate place for trench flags. The FB inf and veh spawns could be used for the depots. Heck, a cappable FB with a trench flag on the western side, and a trench flag on the eastern side might be interesting.
  18. You know, if the example here were to become a no-mans land because of long range bombardment, players could still defend it from behind and above. It'd be a piece of land you have to push across in order to cap. Bit like a tug of war, though pushing instead of pulling. Dunno that that would be a bad thing.
  19. Thats called atmosphere... Your right. Though I still like the idea over the flag building, it'd probably be best if the terrain out front wasn't more than 2 or 3 hundred yards to the next hedgerow. Then again, we could welcome the shelling and just relabel the game wwI online.
  20. More gruppen? So you could keep the new numbers criteria, but the Germans could spread it more, howsoever they see fit, and their tankers might stop complaining while they easily run the map. Benefit to CRS would be, if the armor ain't spread enough, then its HC's fault. Seems a reasonable adjustment, but then maybe I'm missing something.
  21. A slider is nice and simple. I think maybe spawn points not being categorical might be better in the sense of keeping it simple (as well as easier to code). KISS
  22. Thats fair enough. When you can't model everything, the normative, the iconic, and the useful development wise, must be prioritized. Its a bit sad though, as someone who has played mostly French, from a gameplay perspective the eclectic nature of the French kit is a significant part of its 'charm'. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. A nation caught between the past and future. Though all armies and air forces had a certain variety of secondary platforms, the hodge podge seems more essentially French for that moment in time, and so having a little bit of this and a little bit of that in their forces seems to more properly capture their state of affairs, and the challenge they faced.
  23. Exactly, thats why you allow the trade of rank points for more grenades, or a pistol, or a flamenwerfer <--- 10,000 points. Rank points are a number count, they are not indelibly linked to advances in rank. They are almost certainly fungible. Alternately, you could produce a novel number count, a reflection of rank points, and call them 'mission points', and use them for reasonable perks.
  24. The obvious way to encourage team play is through the game's reward system. Give rank points meaning, and reward them for team play. Just a possible example: free players get generic Joe the rifleman. Generic Joe has a point clock and gets points automatically based on how many mission mates are within a certain distance; a slow build of points. Generic Joe gets many more points when he caps as a unit than when he caps solo. Generic Joe gets no points for a kill when he has no mission mates near, many more when he does. Etc. Generic Joe can then trade his points for an extra grenade or two. Or a pistol, which he can keep as long as he survives his missions. Or a semi-auto when they are available <-- like 500 points. Anyway, reward team play, and make it count.
  25. Ok, next truck placed PPO, as a compliment to the ammo crates, will be fuel drums. Piece of cake.