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  1. That sure sounds like something that has more to do with your connection/ISP than the game.
  2. Google is your friend. http://technicallyeasy.net/2009/03/fix-audiodgexe-high-cpu-usage/
  3. manifest was not updated in .12 patch.
  4. It's your scroll wheel. You have to make sure you leave it in a notch, if it's on the cusp of one it'll stay for a bit before randomly falling into the notch and making you switch weapons.
  5. Worst descriptions ever.
  6. All of the patches are available on the FTP, that's where PlayGate downloads them from anyway. http://installers.wwiionline.com/ I'm pretty sure there's no upgrade path from .24, you'll have to download the full .44 installer. http://installers.wwiionline.com/wwiiol0000131044.exe
  7. Probably bad HDD / RAM and/or anti-virus software issue.
  8. I'm pretty sure that was fixed, besides, the error he's getting isn't related to that. You should run check disk or a similar utility and check your hard drive for errors, or you may have a RAM issue. Anyway, I'd grab the latest full install and go from there.
  9. Huh... I'm assuming this is a Playgate error you're getting, but I'm not sure. Can you try the Test Online shortcut again and transcribe the exact error you're getting?
  10. What directory did you install the game to?
  11. That's the one. It's showing that the FTP server didn't have the patch. Now, there's no date in that file, so I don't know if the patch just wasn't up yet, or if you have a proxy that's caching the FTP badly. In your Program Files\Battleground Europe TEST\ folder there's a file "manifest" that if opened in a text editor will say "" (with no quotes in the file). If you give Playgate a manifest file with in it, it will think you have .40 and try to download .41 for you.
  12. Again, make sure you're using the "Test Online" Beta Playgate located in \Battleground Europe TEST\ and not the Live "Play Online" Playgate located in \Battleground Europe\. With Beta Playgate I get the same speed downloading via Playgate as I do off the FTP. Now, admittedly, my DSL isn't the fastest, but it's still a big improvement.
  13. Well, I'd have to look at your Documents\Battleground Europe\ftplog.txt You may want to strip out your IP "LocalIP=[*.*.*.*]" if it's not 192.168.* or 10.*