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  1. Probably due to the recent power failure at the data center, contact BLOO via support and he'll get you sorted out. http://support.playnet.com/support/faq.psp
  2. Are there any log files in your Documents\Battleground Europe folder? Is so, can you open them in notepad and paste them here?
  3. Sounds like a .NET / Internet Explorer control issue maybe? Not sure why it would happen intermittently for yobbo...
  4. Many GPU fans are software controlled nowadays, could well be a driver issue.
  5. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=277048
  6. Uninstall the game, delete your Program Files\CRS\Battleground Europe\ folder and your Documents\Battle Ground Europe\ folder and then reinstall.
  7. Try PlayGATE.0.log Check your (My) Documents folder for a Battleground Europe folder. Also, what directory did you install the game to?
  8. Please post your PlayGATE.log that's in Doccuments\Battleground Europe\
  9. That depends on your ISP, check their website and / or call them and they'll help you out.
  10. Make sure you check your DNS settings, you may have to change them if you changed ISPs.
  11. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=320457
  12. ex-USS Tripoli (LPH-10), the big tents are hangers that house target missiles before they're launched off the deck to be intercepted by THAAD. The Army/MDA used to have her at Mare Island for years before shifting to Pier 80. And an interesting note, her tug of choice is ex-USNS Narragansett (T-ATF-167), now owned by NAVAIR and leased to a commercial company.
  13. Try unplugging your joystick? And make sure all your drivers are up to date.
  14. Post your My Documents\Battleground Europe\WW2_log.txt
  15. It's a Playgate issue, PG is unable to "find" ww2.exe to launch it if the path to it is less then 7 chars long.
  16. That's all normal. I take it there's no WW2_Log.txt?
  17. Do you have a Playgate.log in your My Documents\Battleground Europe\ folder?
  18. Buy an original boxed copy, should be able to find one for next to nothing.
  19. That's all normal. If you delete it does it get recreated when you try and launch the game? And it's in C:\Users\oneskunktodd\Documents\Battleground Europe\, right? No, It's AMD only, no.
  20. Yes. If you really don't want to there's a file named "manifest" (no extension) in your Program Files\CRS\Battleground Europe\ folder. Open that in notepad and change it to and save it (making sure notepad doesn't add a .txt extension). Then try running the 1.30.2 - 1.30.3 patch again. If that doesn't work you'll need to uninstall the game and download the full install.
  21. Post the log, please.
  22. You're welcome. BLOO, if you're still reading this please note that the "delete your Program Files\CRS\Battleground Europe folder" step is essential. Just uninstalling and reinstalling alone will not work.
  23. Uninstall the game, delete your Program Files\CRS\Battleground Europe folder and then reinstall from the full install.