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  1. grazie! salut tutti quanti e tanti auguri. ella/qor
  2. Liukl: Wěidà de yóuxì wánjiā < pengyou > Ci vediamo sul campo di battaglia > Ella/QOR
  3. thx to GHC for setup, WHIPS for direction, all axis who attacked, allies who defended fiercely and my squad - QoR - for support.
  4. greetings, ladies. you'll find a few legendary and other girls in game once in a while > katana, aomercy, melody, squidrd, wolfie69 and some old ghosts like whittany and mrs. gambolo and mrs smythes. but who you really want to connect with is nancyholly. best of all, serious or not, follow jwilly's reccos > one of the true gents in the game. ella comms xo qor of c
  5. you, sir, are a mountebank.
  6. and the 'unbelievably important' premise was more ironic than serious.
  7. thank you for your answers. followup questions: 1a. why are they called 'granny' files, exactly? 2a. no, this wasn't meant as any sort of priority, its just a pre-existing piece of art to stick on a website that was more interesting than not.
  8. 1. what are granny files, like the text you see in the little red loading bar near the end when logging in? 2. why cant CRS bring back the old icon of an actual cornered rat with two pistols blazing and the words 'the most heavily-armed software company on the planet' beneath?
  9. I'm sure you all realize this topic is off-topic here. return to your lair please.