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  1. I replaced the DLL and just got another error -- not going to continue messing with it since it doesn't seem to matter. But just so we're clear -- I've installed uninstalled this game a thousand times since 2001 and I've never had this error. I suspect some recent change has borked things.
  2. Just got this problem for the first time ever. Fresh reformat of my PC -- went to reinstall game and get that missing MSVCP140.dll error when I try to open settings. I tried to reinstall that pack but it says I already have a newer version. I've played this game for years and years, reinstalled installed a million times -- never seen this problem before.
  3. Just balance the damn teams. There is no internet game out there that works without balanced teams. TZ3 and wild swings in numbers ruin this game.
  4. Not everyone likes to use teamspeak
  5. Sometimes when I play late a night I've seen one side only have 3-5 players logged on. If one side gets to those low of numbers the map should be freezed and the sever to fun mode until more people log on. i came back last year with two friends who loved the game until all the things we fought for we're lost every night we logged off. They don't play the game anymore and I barely do.
  6. Sending thoughts of good thoughts to you and your dad -- hope to one day soon ambush both of you at an FB! :))
  7. Seems good to me. I killed someone running a 500+ ping yesterday and he was easier to hit than in the past.
  8. I sent Xoom an email volunteering to do this kind of thing a few days ago. (but if he's like me hasn't read it yet, especially since he's been busy)
  9. YESSS! I submitted a volunteer application to XOOM via email to help out with social media recently; hope he responds!
  10. Welcome to WW2OL buddy! I hope you like it here; make sure you hang out in TeamSpeak, S!
  11. I mean think about it; where on the website/game client/anywhere does it explain intermission to new players? THERE IS NO INFORMATION!!!!! Ya'll have been playing this game for so long you have no idea what it's like to be new. Well I'm from 2005, just came back in June and I know what it's like to be new; ya'll should listen to me.
  12. 'ey folks! I've been chatting with a grip of new folks during intermission; they're massively confused. There should be a big [censored] sign that says INTERMISSION. Also there should be a big as sign somewhere that says, THIS IS THE TRAINING SERVER. So people that are new have some idea what's happenening. btw; my experience in Ultima Online free-shards taught me nothing retains a new player like a warm greeting; say hello to your fellow n00bs!
  13. I briefly played with my buddy andyluck last night who had no idea changes were made. He said people were moving all herky-jerky and couldn't hit them because of it.
  14. This should be addressed; think how many noobs we've lost to this! Most guys don't get on the forums and post about it.