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  1. J you big bully!! Wow... this is the only post in General Discussions for 48 hours..... guess everyone is just too busy playing in game, or the forum isnt updating for me?
  2. WTG! Congratz to you both! Ian
  3. LOL!
  4. Yes, you really need to read the thread - not very much B!TCHING going on here. Ian
  5. Dang hipster chat....
  6. The Matty numbers as presently used, 2 per AB + 1 CS, are not an issue if the axis have anywhere near decent player numbers. When the number of matties was more, and with axis numbers down, then the Matty becomes an issue for axis/the game (I think Canukplf had a KD in a Matty of 99.0 map before last - not a 99 kill mission, an overall KD of 99.0!) Maybe it should only be 1 of each type per AB and a bunch in each Brigade flag? but really, so long as axis have anything like equal player numbers the handful of Matties are not breaking the game. Too many matties = Game Breaks. As Tater and others keep saying, we have game mechanics that necessitate playing the game a certain way. Too few allied SMGs = Game Breaks. We can dream about massive changes, and WWIIOL 2.0, but the game is what it is, and we have to make what we have work. Allies lost all the post "Hardest Maps" and 1.36 up to 3 maps ago, when a bunch of axis vets either went allied or just stopped playing. This map, many are back including Sorella & Co, a bunch of AEF are wearing grey, and all seems rosey once more for team axis. Ian
  7. Allies quit in droves when SMGs were "accurately" allocated in the spawn lists - it was simply impossible for the allies to cap a town or defend a town when it was allied 10 rifles v 20 axis SMGs (the same "accurate" lists that saw 8 Matties v 25 PzIIs). We had 3 AOs every night in the run up to that map, it ended in an allied win in T6 iirc. Then with the "accurate" spawnlists we were down to just 1 AO and it was very rare to get 2AOs. "The hardest campaign ever" was the greatest self harm of recent years, if not ever. I think we all want accurately modeled weapons/ballistics/etc but they have to operate in a game world where gameplay and balance must outweigh supposed historical accuracy. Ian
  8. J isnt a hipster? He certainly sounds and acts like one.
  9. A genuine DOC style post of old - he really is on the mend! Ian
  10. Well lets hope for some bad weather and a few more 20 v 30 type fights!
  11. Just jump on WHIPS any and all are always welcome, and if you want some privacy, use one of the WHIPS rooms. ian
  12. Yeah, was having a bad morning - I certainly wasnt trying to hijack your thread - sorry! 11pm server time is 5am here (UK) but that fight does sounds like fun! - my comment on just 3 axis spawned in players was about six hours before the map was won, but probably helps to explain why. I shall try and curb my glass half empty nature. Ian
  13. Another of the "axis always fight to the bitter end" crowd who have melted away when the going got tough.......
  14. Start in different towns, move the front line after 18 years please.
  15. Not sure where these HUGE battles are, it is almost midday in Euro TZ on a Sunday, and last I checked we had 3 active axis players spawned in, and 2 of them were in tigers. I doubt that any amount of Facebook posts can ever undo the damage caused by "Hardest Campaign Ever" spawn lists. The thousands of allied players we were promised would resub once the "rambo" LMG was fixed never showed up, instead axis inf unsubbed following the axis tankers out the door. 1.36 brought some players back for sure, but the end of WBS saw most of them depart - since 1.36 spawn lists bear no resemblance to "The Hardest Campaign Ever" BS we went through can anyone explain why we had to suffer them in the first place, and why they were not done away with immediately? Those spawnlists were just sustained self harm for the game, and sadly I do not think we shall ever recover from it. ian PS Already following worldwar2online on facebook