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  1. Hamza, very well done, and well deserved Sir. Ian
  2. So it is a partial fix, which will be viewed by one side as reducing the effectiveness of "their" LMG, but with out improving the flaws . Moving and shooting LMGs should be removed/fixed, but you have to implement the "improvements" at the same time, otherwise all that you are doing is removing an ahistorical bonus, and not providing any of the historical advantages. As to supply numbers, the reduced supply is beginning to grow on me, that said not being able to spawn an smg, and seeing plenty in red reserved supply is very frustrating. Many comments of cancel your full subscription and just get a DLC SMG. Attrition has returned. How long does it take to resupply an item to the spawn list, presuming optimum RDP etc? Ian
  3. It starts with HC. They have to stop using side to make announcements. Many HC don't seem to use anything but side chat to ask for players to spawn. I had to tune side chat to see what was needed when I started playing again after the summer, but eventually had to get rid of side, as Zippy and co. were making chat wiz by up the screen and I was not seeing messages relating to the AO/DO I was active in. Of course Side chat should be for guys having fun., Zipy and Moz are spot on. We need HC to just use Ground, and for everyone to get new players tuning ground (is it possible to auto default new players to the correct ground channels?) I have been unable to tune into Help for many years, simply because the 6 channels we can tune are needed to play the game. I would tune Help and try to answer new guy questions IF I could tune in more than just six channels. Ian
  4. Choice of weapon is dependent on what I need to do, and what is available to spawn.... impossible to answer your "poll of the day"
  5. Agree, but all some players see is a single "fix" that impacts one side more than the other. It has to be part of a larger package of changes. If "no shooting while moving" had been implemented 15 years ago, there would be no complaints of "nerfing axis". Now, one side sees a favourite weapon being changed, and other changes for the other side "promised" or "in development". Lets fix the LMG Rambo when the other fixes are ready, and avoid the bias complaints. Ian
  6. YES LMG needs to be "fixed" but should only be done as part of an overall package of fixes.
  7. So 60 remodelled DB7s in total available to France...... Get rid of most trucks in initial tier, horse drawn transport was the norm in 1939/40. Restrict off road movement of trucks, add 1000,s of miles of fencing and hedges that trucks cant drive through.... This is a game not a simulator. Die in game you can respawn a few seconds later. Historical accuracy is good but cannot be the absolute. Ian
  8. Yep! Obviously we wish CRS to survive, but we want this game to survive as well. Ian
  9. That doesn't help the player looking to grab an SMG while chat is screaming "EIs In Bunker". I just think it would be more convenient for players to know that a particular weapon will always be in a particular position on the spawn list. By no means is this an essential game need, I just think it will make it a more player friendly spawn list. I think we had 17 items listed in inf spawn list last map with the DLCs. Thanks for the info, I didn't know about .du and shall try it out. Ian
  10. You misunderstand me, I don't want more channels from 1 - 99, I want to use more at the same time. Presently I use mission, target, squad, inter squad, Army, Airforce - I cannot use them and side chat and Help. I would use more of the individual channels if I had the ability to monitor more channels at the same time. But if six is the limit, six it will just have to be. I do not think I have had the Help channel tuned for more than 12 years - I would help out on "Help" but I cannot tune it in and the other channels I need in order to play the game, hence my asking if another few "buttons" could be added for comms. I completely agree we need people to use the right channels, "ei in NCP" on side chn isn't very helpful with 2 AOs and 2 DOs in full swing. Ian
  11. "So this isn't a fix for all sides LMGs - it is just going to nerf the axis MG34" Is how many will choose to read this...... Xooms initial post and suggestions are probably about right, the rambo use of LMGs is pretty much nonsense, but it is how many players use them and it is a very side specific complaint/fix. Comments such as the HATCH quote just add to the "CRS hitting axis with nerf stick again" conspiracy theorists. I would suggest it is 15 years too late to make such a fundamental change to just one small sub group of infantry weapons - too many players are now too deep set in the way that they play. No firing while moving is sensible, but will only really impact the side that uses their lmg in this role (axis), many preferring it to the perceived inadequate smgs. The changes can only be implemented imho when a full update for infantry play comes in. If we want LMGs to be used in historical roles, we need to be able to see ei at 400m over the sights (all nations) to be able to shoot at them in a heavy weapons support role. Using a rifle at range has a better larger image than the LMGs . If these proposed (and needed) LMG fixes are implemented it will be seen by about half the playerbase as CRS nerfing Axis, and yet more subscribers will be lost. We wouldn't put in more clouds, or stop flying in the rain, (all of which are far more realistic) because the fly boys would loose about 50% of their game time and would understandably quit. LMG play in this game is clearly not historically accurate, but for now, that horse has long since bolted and the fix will only harm the overall game even more. Ian
  12. I am sure this has been asked for before, but now that we have so many options of weapons to spawn, can we have the list of equipment hold its position, and just be greyed out when empty without moving up and down dependent on numbers available to spawn. When checking supply, HC have to look at each line to gauge what weapons/classes are getting low - this would be a lot easier if the rifles, smgs, lmgs, etc. were always in the same list order. It will also make life easier for Gretnine, and save him valuable time, when he can see if his BAR is available to spawn insead of looking up and down the list for it! Ian