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  1. Mark CPs in red? Good idea, plenty of more experienced players can have difficulty finding CPs sometimes, especially some of the city CPs. ian
  2. So the M3 Lee is coming!! I would be okay with a Pink Panther Ian
  3. No we don't "pander" to them (another condescending term slipped in) and we do not tell them what they should be feeling, or that they are wrong to feel the way they do. We acknowledge their "pain" and then explain why it is happening (Yes I know tell them "yet again" ), explain that it is more realistic, it is for the good of the game, and that other perceived/acknowledged faults are also in line to be remedied. Simply gloating, or saying "you are wrong and we are right" does not help the situation, presuming we want to keep as many existing players as possible AND get new and old players resubbed? Whether or not one thinks that the axis players who are complaining are just wrong, or petulant children as another happy allied player called them, will not stop people feeling the way they feel. Churlish comments (and I am not saying goreblimey's comment is churlish for one moment) just adds to the pain/anger and makes it more likely that that individual will be lost to the game. We need to retain all existing players and grow the active playerbase, we also need to implement appropriate change. CRS have a devilishly tricky path to tread and as has been said many many times, they will never be able to please everyone all the time. Ian
  4. This is worrying me, I keep finding myself agreeing with Merlin51, Aismov, and Jwilly........ I need to find a thread about too few panzers and too many Matties to get my mojo running properly once more!
  5. LOL Seeing the videos from CRS, I think this time "soon" might be intermission to let guys experience it prior to the next map. We shall find out soon enough. dyswidt? Ian
  6. Give up Jwilly... you make a thoughtful balanced, carefully worded request and the second response calls the axis playerbase "petulant children". And so the petulant toxic partisan posting just continues. Seriously, what possible good for the "whole game" does the post from jet2019 accomplish, other than being a pompous superior put down, designed only to further inflame the situation? LOL he states the fix is for all LMGs, but then goes on at length about only one sides playing style. The overpop the axis enjoy is not just because they have the MG34. Driving people away from the game because they perceive CRS to be out to get them and giving in to allied threats to quit (which is BS but is nonetheless what some believe - on both sides) is not going to help overall player numbers, and doesn't put the "game first". The OP makes a perfectly valid point, and Xoom hinted at a sweetener in his post as well, it would have been better man management (or toddler handling as jet2019 might perceive it) to have confirmed another fix that might be seen as impacting one side (in this case the allies) more then the other to help sooth the pain. Some will quit regardless, because they have played with the lmg in that way for 15 years etc etc. Ironically, I doubt that the guys regularly topping the stats for LMGs will be the guys quitting - they tend not to be running round the centre of town capping cps. They will still be suppressing allied FRUS, and depots, and cutting the bunkers, only now their supply will last much longer because the rambos will be using SMGs. Nice try Jwilly but some of the petulant posters on this forum just are not ready to give up their side focused negativity. Ian
  7. Yes, something like this, Axis can be all US Army gear if that is an issue, it is just to get everyone to realise there is no easy mode for an entire side.
  8. "it seems to be a select few vets that actually believe a CRS bias exists " - Thats the really crazy part of this! So OK CRS and the game are not perfect, but they are not out to "nerf" anyone, but when you only play one side you only hear half the story and only see your teams problems and issues. I just feel if we gave everyone the other equipment for a week or two mini campaign, between regular maps, it would help reduce the "hate". Ian
  9. Not forcing guys to play other side, just swapping the equipment, because they wont play for the other side and therefore wont discover that neither side is an easy mode winner (with out player numbers). Ian
  10. Quiet a few axis do not have side tuned, and never post missions on side. Watch chn 10 and 74, that is where squads communicate and real missions are posted. Far too much spam and clutter on side, causing genuine info to be missed. Side chat is great for a bit of fun, but it just obscures genuine battle comms. Ian
  11. We could ask "which side to you usually play?" a. mostly allied b. mostly axis c. both sides That could then tie in with the other poll responses and give a weighting to your results. You could also compare these responses with your actually login data and that would assist you in assessing if one side is more likely to respond than another, and if the responding sample mirrors your known logged in hard number. Of course you would also need to run the poll for more than a week to ensure that guys who only play weekends etc can be sampled too. Gawd, dont you just love polling and statistics!! Ian
  12. It would be more relevant to know which side the respondents play. I read this as 75% are not happy with the changed supply, and want more changes, but most do not want it completely reversed. Less than 25% are happy with the new supply. Now that 25% could be all the allies, out voted by an axis over pop, hence why we need to know the side played. Ask, "are you happier with this maps supply compared to the last map", and I suspect the response will be overwhelming "YES". Then ask, "do the numbers still need tweaking", now that will be a closer call. Ian
  13. No no! I was sure that was what the poll meant, until I read majornoobs post! Thanks for clarifying! ian