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  1. Congratz and keep it up! ian
  2. Those sneaky axis tree hugging forest rangers!
  3. TY Spiderman! ian
  4. Absolutely, the more playing the better. The game needs bodies spawned to work properly. Ian
  5. CC buddy, but it was just another example of the PB not being told the details behind the new equipment/spawn lists matey. Had we been advised this could have been caught weeks ago me ducks. Now we know it is an error me lover, but if we had been told at or before the intro of the Flak38 ducky we might have had it fixed sweetie in the last 2 patches pal. By being "relaxed" buddy, and not questioning the restriction of the Flak38 to the AB luv, the whole thing was allowed to slide jimmy. I just think that if CRS could just let the guys know what is and is not meant to be available to spawn etc I think it could save a lot of in game and forum grief. Ian
  6. Hi Tex, thanks for sharing with the group! Since the sort of thing I am talking about are tank barriers and sand bags placed in the middle of AB entrances I don't think they are accidentally blocking the exits. If you blow them up to clear the gateway the guys rebuild them. They are deliberately placed - I presume they think it will stop the AB from being camped? Trying to get a defensive fru set up is difficult enough, without combating the many PPOs littering the entrances and roads around urban ABs. And since the opel doesn't have 88mm HE one cant just blast away until the exit is clear as suggested else where. Actually, I suppose this is a good thing, since it forces the defenders to actually have to do some cooperative team work, spawning a bofors and an engineer to HE and satchel the obstructions to allow the third defender to drive a truck out to set a Def Fru or Blow the FB? Ian
  7. Are you fed up of seeing inactive AOs with no EWS for hours? 1.36 will have a 2 AO minimum, so we may end up with even more inactive AOs or "placeholder" AOs. Maybe a bit drastic, and probably completely unfeasible from a system/programming perspective, but what if a side lost its inactive AOs and "system" placed it for, or just gave it to, the other side? Use it or lose it. No EWS for 15mins and side A goes from having 2AOs to just the one, and side B now has three. As and when side B takes down one of its AOs, or a town is capped, Side A gets its' forfeited AO back again. Would not apply if under popped by more than 10%? It might stop some of the constant defending both sides can be guilty of at times. ian
  8. Used to be you dropped to Major. Ian
  9. What about, keep FBs as they are? I would like PPO FBs but since that is not likely to be imminent, I prefer to have an FB than not. FB EWS is just lazy - in low pop one of the few things one or two guys can effectively accomplish together is FB busting, ews at FBs will kill yet another means of contributing off, and had yet another crutch to the do nothing but defend brigade. As you say we have .own as a form of FB ews that should be enough IMHO FB fights can be fun, and at least are not another town grind fest. Get rid of FBs and we limit the type of action we can have even more. So +1 to PPO FBS, but we need destructible FBs for some variety. Ian
  10. You missed one, no one tells us what is and is not meant to be available in depot supply or FMS supply, eg Flak38. Ian
  11. Yep, and the bob the builders want more barbed wire etc so they can completely prevent anyone in their side leaving the ABs ever again. Ridiculous ian
  12. +1 LMGs already run around with more ammo and weapons than you would want to carry IRL, so letting them carry even more seems wrong to me. "Double supply" engineers blowing FBs even more quickly? The fact we can rearm is great, I think we should leave it at that. Ian
  13. Locally as in town? I have been the only capper in a "dead" AO with several enemy around, and the cap still takes the full cap timers delay of just under six minutes. Also, few maps back with Potthead and we retook factory town, we were at best balanced numbers in the city, but we probably had more players in town than the allies, either way the cap timers were really fast. Ian
  14. CC Dre21. It is just depressing to log in and find zero ews in 3 AOs, the 4th AO with hvy/lt EWS, the town uncontested and only 1 MS from 3 links, and people wanting more defensive PPOs, and more "effective" PPOs. Building things is way too quick and easy, and in 2 seconds you can go from helpless builder to rifle armed soldier with full sprint and no hinderances, if the enemy shows up. I would like to see a limit to the number of PPOs a player can erect, after all how many gun emplacements does one guy need to be able to build? You will rarely even see a gun in one. (Cue somebody claiming he always spawns an engineer first whenever he wants to spawn an atg ). Anyway, roll on 1.36 and hopefully some more attacking (and panzers in axis garrisons! ! ) Ian
  15. Seems more like being in a DO waiting for some attackers to show up. Yesterday evening, 2 AOs per side, and only one of them had active ews, and even then it was light for Armour (well axis were attacking...)