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  1. See it a lot around spawnables - it stops the defenders more than helps them, as as idiots blocking roads around ABs in big towns, just helps the attacking ei to kill stalled tanks/panzers
  2. Make the OIC function persistent, HC log and appoint a non HC as OIC. Make it so he can change unit without losing his temporary HC status?
  3. Yep - 2 fms per run in DB7. Kills AOs fast! Same for c00per in a stuka With no fear of death, our pilots "hunt" AAA not seek to avoid it, and with faulty damage models and lag etc they fly through a lot of flak. Make AAA deaths count against fighter stats, that might give them some fear!
  4. LIES!
  5. Thanks Xoom, all three working again, still got red lines in legit equipment, but at least I can get logged in once more. Ian
  6. It was quiet a pleasant change playing without stats.... Oh well, heigh ho, heigh ho, its back to ho's we go......
  7. Still cant get weejocky account into the game. Ian77 (apart from red spawn errors) still works, and my steam account works but has virtually everything showing as red.
  8. Seriously, just dont... such a farce.. FA has decided LiVARpool just have to win..........
  9. Dang, back to the account is inactive message for weejocky, but ian77 is okay so far.
  10. Both accounts are able to log in again, plus my steam account as well. Thanks!
  11. Both still say "inactive" when I try to log in.
  12. Weejocky Pete you are a star!
  13. Oh well, both accounts were fixed, now both showing as inactive once again.
  14. But we started t1, and have had T3, in so far as sherm/stug3G/P4G are here as well as tiger - not asking for Firefly and Achilles yet, just the s76 and M10. We should have had a Tier change before the servers move, same as the previous two tier upgrades 7 days apart. Now we are 14 days in this tier, and I realise the move has changed everything, but it would be good to know that allies will get improved tanks "soon"* albeit who knows who will be able to spawn them....