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  1. Well 2pm server time is 9pm central europe - and as for campaign status, I would guess at it being intermission...
  2. The gun crew is not just the two men pushing the gun - it is represented by them, the gunner at the sights would be correcting aim and tracking the target while the loaders load. A better question rather than the gunner loading and firing would be how a gun is pushed through thick bush lines in complete silence and has 50+ rounds to fire. ATGs are not hunters.
  3. And the eis will still "infiltrate" and your handful of defenders will now be 2 or 3,000m further away from town, probably spawning at a camped DFMS if found rather than blown, while the eis are back in town capping. Unmanned DFMS's wont stop the attackers from driving to the AO and getting into town, and you will still have to respond to the EWS that pops up in every single players chat window, or lose the town. You need to think of the negative aspects of your ideas as well as the positive. Having a "frontline" and some further out satellite CPs seems more workable to me.
  4. So dont sit on defense all night, take turns guarding, or better yet get on the AO - way too many turtles in game these days, just ask Matamor!
  5. And we already have defense FMS..... Basically you want the ability for a single player to be able to riddle any and every possible future AO with a myriad of DFMS's across the entire map - setting an unmanned persistent (until hunted down and destroyed by a real player/team of players) DFMS from every single depot and AB in every single town. How the hell will any new guy know which of the 10,000 missions he should spawn on? It is just madness, all we will be doing is hunting and setting unmanned FMSs
  6. and congrats to one and all!
  7. If you have these sleepers for defenses we would need them for the attack too. Would you want that? Pretty sure the sleeper defense fru(s) would always be to the FB(s). Even if the defender turtles got their way, the persistent frus would be attack or defense in the split cities - who wants a permanent mole OP with no need to tie up a single attacker hour after hour, potentially day after day...
  8. He would have needed to be in Lux to miss........
  9. CC was just teasing. Really pleased you guys give awards to players. Keep up the good work! ian
  10. Delems must have started slacking after he was singled out by the CinC, he only got a Bronze Star this week....
  11. Allies get awards for intermission now?
  12. Eh Delems is Axis this map...... he must be awesome to get medals when he isnt even playing allied ........ Congrats to all award winners actually playing allied.
  13. People wont subscribe to a game that will not let them spawn a weapon they either have the rank for, but we still need 8 guys to be a rifle first, or that says, sorry you are not allowed an smg after 18 years of playing because you no longer have the rank to spawn it. Trying to make paying customers spawn items "you" want them to spawn for the sake of "realism" is never going to work. We have rifles to spawn, if a paying customer wants a rifle he will spawn it, if he is planning on defending a CP in this GAME chances are they will go for a SMG. As for stick with the sarge - what happens if he is not wanting to defend, but is trying to get to an EFMS? I wouldn't want a load of puppies following me all over the map because they get points for it... hell no. Everyone following the senior NCO is not in the least realistic. ian
  14. Is this new with 1.36? Flags always used to stay on map if they had a valid fall back...
  15. I see your point Tater, but you are basically creating a game where very little guarding or capping will ever happen, without a huge pop imbalance/ninja style. Why risk my points by going into a possible death zone. Stay outside and snipe, and I will be rewarded with better toys. Go and try and defend and if I die I wont get to respawn the nice toy. Why drive a truck to the AO to die to a low flying EA or EI out bushwhacking trucks... why risk my points? I seem to recall a suggestion (think it was Delems) that rank points should be "reduced" every week or every RDP, so no play, and you will slowly go back in rank. Play and you will get the points to offset any deficit accrued. Another suggestion for in game micro purchases was allowing players to buy an additional new rank icon - so you would be maxed out, and buy another for $5.99 and become a double "doughnut" or "triple" etc - plenty of stat hos in the game want others to see their uberness.... But an actual deduction of points rather than a reduction of points earned for KIA v MIA v RES v RTB is going to mess with game play even more. We have too few doing the "chores" to then punish them is just daft. Ian
  16. I think the answer is "both" Ian
  17. Depends on numbers, allies have had T0/T1 defeats with 6 matties and 3 CS matties - matty is uber, but if there is no one to use them, or to defend CPs then allies will lose. Numbers is KING. Ian
  18. What about the [censored]in when they do not get the points they feel they deserve? Or if ML despawns quickly to get to a DO in trouble? ian
  19. All depends on numbers, and who is playing which side this coming map. Ian
  20. Played before TOEs, think AOs were a thing but not 100% sure it was a long time ago (started with a boxed version 2005 then had a different online account) , but I am very glad to hear the game managed to produce a whole 2 Opels ... quiet an amazing feat. Congratulations...... sounds like the thousands have finally returned now that the evil MSs have been removed.... Just 2 more days of BS intermission to go.... Ian
  21. Where are all the guys who constantly bang on about how wonderful it was to ride trucks and chat? I see just one player on discord... and no action in game, 30 seconds was enough for me. So we got this pretty much for another 3 days until Thursday euro time rolls around and lets me play. RATs should just save their money and switch the server off till reset time, because I see nothing in game right now. AND do we really need SD in intermission for crying out loud?? So where the hell are all the old school, "MSs ruined the game experience" dinosaurs??? Because they sure are not in game enjoying the trip down memory lane. While this intermission is truly awful, hopefully it has laid the "old school" trucking myth to rest for all except the most unrelenting dinosaurs (you guys know who you are! ) Ian
  22. Dajammer - now there is a name from the past. I remember running out and back from towns with him to blow FBs before trucks could resupply.
  23. "quietly"?? and congrats to all Ian