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  1. Tune chn 43 and run with the pack!
  2. Tune channel 43 and run with the pack
  3. Tune channel 43 and run with the pack - you won't regret it!
  4. To run with us in game, tune text chn 43.
  5. SB X-Fi 64 sounds Driver Sept 2007 Music Off Ambient off Biggest complaint is no satchel audio near fb, but clear as day 1000m away! ETs sounding behind when they are 50m in front. Everything sounds closer than it is. Been happening long before 1.27. S! Ian
  6. Run with the best!
  7. Bump on Chn 43
  8. I hate getting my Tiger sapped by Mo and Monster, can you guys come and cover it please? S! Ian
  9. !S 1LB & ch:43
  10. S! 1LB tune Chn 43.. S! Ian
  11. Tune Chn 43 and run with the Wolves! S! Ian
  12. S! 1LB... tune channel 43 S! Ian
  13. !S 1LB and ch:43