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  1. Dont think so, I die running into cap a CP, dont see the ei guarding in the corner, he shoots and then as I die he renders lying on the floor right in front of me - maybe it is a lying down thing? If Pott followed Choad up the stairs, why did the other allied player in the video not react to him? I think he was just lying on the floor the whole time and the game did not render him. We need Pott to tell us his side Ian
  2. Happens all the time to me in busy AOs, you go into a room in a CP and the guy does not render until he shoots you. Sometimes you dont even see him in death cam if he kills you with an instant head shot. To my mind it is things like this that cause new people not to stay with the game, and cause others just to log off. Lag deaths are annoying as hell, but the "invisible until he shoots" are probably even worse. First time I have seen it in evidenced in a video, so kudos for capturing it. Obviously I was not there, but I suspect the Potthead account that killed you was semi-AFK while you were downstairs capping, then you went up, he "woke up", and what sounded like his second shot killed you. He then appears to stand up from being at your feet. To him, he was probably lying on the floor upstairs the whole time, but was running as one of his other accounts, switched back when the CP was lost and found you standing on or next to him and he fired. Then your game rendered him, but only after he fired or as he stood up. Who was the other allied player? What did he see? This is a great opportunity to get this "problem" properly outlined and to give CRS a chance to hopefully fix something that the RATS may not have actually seen/experienced for themselves since they have so many other demands on their limited time. Sorry you died like that, but well done for capturing it on video. Ian
  3. A response of "This would be gamey" states you see my idea as gamey. The "but" which follows two phrases later signals that here comes your wonderful alternative idea which is not gamey.... Swap "dreadful" for "gamey" and reread. See what I mean? Perhaps you should just have posted - "I shall ignore the OP and tell you my idea instead" - problem solved. As for your idea - are you not the same guy that wants arena style matched/balanced fights and the defenders to be allowed to set up before the attackers? How does a magic FMS hovering above a town accomplish your ideal of defenders ready and waiting for the attackers? With your suggestion every inaccessible roof will have an ei para on it camping every defensive Depot and AB. If a para misses the roof he wants, hey presto he spawns again and aims to guide his chute down to a rooftop the defenders just cannot reach. At least the existing FMS requires the attacking infantry work their way into town on the ground. Ian
  4. I never mentioned an MSP floating in mid air. I clearly said Paras sitting at the AF - how would it help pop balance to have paras appearing in mid air. Please read the post before declaring that it "would be gamey". Ian
  5. With almost six minute cap timer, how do you manage to "cap a lot" while the short on numbers defenders are out killing FRUS/Trucks etc? Now if CRS could code a para to cap two or three times faster than an ordinary ground pounder, well there would be paras in the skies over every AO. Actually, that might help OP issues as well.... paras sit at the AF and in the plane making no real contribution to the OP AOs, then they are essentially just inf and thus vulnerable in the contested town, the faster capping still doesn't equate to Under Pop cap timers, but does help the OP team. Actually the more I think about it the more I like it... Paras to CAP 3 times quicker than regular inf, but no faster than min timer allows. More paras = less OP in the AO = more balance and new guys love para missions. Ian
  6. +1 Paras simply drain players from AOs and DOs and invariably die shortly after or during decent. Once in a bluemoon they succeed in capping a spawnable or AB, or they are dropped to kill FB or AB camps, but those times are few and far between. In times of big pop a para drop can work or be fun, but when do we have the pop to spare? As noted elsewhere they are a great advert, but a very poor in game tool. ian
  7. Yes, but who needs to overstock with those base line numbers?
  8. Actually JsiIec, you are far more "right" than I realised! I was in game just looked at the spawn lists, so an Axis Inf KG flag has just 3 Shreks. Fair enough. A 1AB garrison flag has no less than 14 shreks!! Almost 5 times what an infantry flag contains, the 2 AB towns have 21. It simply beggers belief. No doubt someone will post that every tenth soldier had a shrek, but we need weapons to function within our game environment, offering a semblance of (dare I say) balance. Ian
  9. Try playing when French have the zook and nobody else has anything like it. Axis Inf flag has a whole 3 shreks v. 30? 40? Tanks - doesn't seem so many, but yes as a tanker, I hate shreks/zooks running hither and yon through hedges hunting tanks. I wish they could be "fixed" to only fire in/around the edge of town, not out in the wide open fields, when they do not even render running towards us for the first 1500m or so of their journey from town. You can see the attraction of World of Tanks where you fight tanks not ninjas with magic hand bags and fatboy rocket launchers. But the game is what it is, and less play now than ever, maybe Tankers will get some love one day, like the flyboys just have? ian
  10. Ask Paradox for free to play, and free updates - lol! HOI is nothing like this game, and HOI4 is a truly dumbed down almost "arcade" game compared to the complexity of previous versions. HOI is not a subscription game, and its game play can be paused or speeded up at the players whim - I am really struggling to see the similarities other than a WWII background. Combat is abstracted, essentially an algorithm with some RGNs thrown in, and isn't influenced by player actions once set in motion, it also usually takes place at a minimum of Divisional level. Group online play usually ends with disconnects and sync issues, so all in all, nothing like WWIIOL. ian
  11. But it is the same essential game play for 20 years, so some people must like it? People who quit 5 or 10 years ago quit for a reason, expecting the game to change to meet the expectations of those who quit rather than those who continue to pay is plain daft. As Krazy said, game is old now, it can still be a lot of fun when played with friends (I think Tex64 described the game as being the bar we drink in, not because it is a great bar but because we like the people we "meet" in there!). Yeah we can get camped, yes we get angry, yes we rage quit, some for an hour, a day, etc some for good. I have stopped playing every so often after the first 7 or 8 years, mostly down to RL but also just a bit jaded with everything. Could the game mechanics be better, the capture system, supply, etc - well yes of course, but I am sure if it was an easy fix RATS 2.0 would have done it. Take the game for what it is, a bit tired and shabby, but the beer is usually cold, and there are usually a couple of guys to chat with, so just hang out in the WWIIOL bar and enjoy it for what it is, and not what you wish it was. Seriously, how anyone manages to play without a couple of beers beats me!! Cheers! Ian
  12. If you want to fight in a pre known "AO" with balanced numbers, and all starting the fight at the same time, both sides spawning into one combat area but the defenders set up first, you are playing the completely wrong game. WWIIOL does not have fixed 16 v 16 or 20 v 20 fights in an arena, one of the things I enjoy about it. The game you describe sounds like Call of Duty, and I do not want to play that thanks all the same. Ian
  13. EWS tells you the enemy are there, and gives an indication as to numbers. How much more help do you want as a defender? You ask for more and better AI, but the attackers will kill it, or do you want indestructible AI? Then you wont ever need to spawn in on a DO again...... Most attacks fail, this game is geared to help defenses, spawn somewhere else and kill the cutters, as you say the tables were not even hot so you dont need to rush into a CP, use a depot and hunt the ei cutters - top of the vehicle spawn should be easy to get to. Or go grab a beer, wait for the AO to cool, or go to another AO or DO, but keep the beer. ian
  14. Oh yeah spawn AAA at the FB when bombers have destroyed the little protection that used to be afforded.... yet again the few ruining the fun of the many. RDP bombing kills off the supply for the majority of players and now they get to speed up the killing off of AOs... we loose enough trucks to EA and now the trucks will soon not be able to even spawn in. I am sure someone will post about combined arms and team work, but once again the teamwork and real combined arms has to come from the attackers and one or two lone wolves can screw the AO. Great for the dozen bombers and the turtles, another nail for any would be attackers. Ian
  15. Thank you Nick and your fellow RATs for your hard work and dedication. It truly is appreciated. Ian
  16. I wish we could have real bugs/problems fixed rather than just making attacking and sustaining an AO that much harder. Or the dozens of new towns we have never fought in and probably will never fight in. The god-awful spawnlists from "The Hardest Campaign Ever" that seems to have lost us so many players. How about fixing the engine audio bug? The satchel audio/no explosion at FB audio bug? The UI to make setting missions easier? The audit of Air Craft damage models? Spawn in green button bug? Supposedly we have a great physics engine but a 232 or opel when it collides with a tiger will send the tiger spinning off the road!! A tracked tank bounces up and down uncontrollably! Any chance of these being "fixed"? If you want to help the flyboys how about the rain/grey skies and fish bowl? I don't fly but I hear lots of complaints from fliers about these - very few requests (none actually) to be able to bomb the Veh Spawn at an FB. I know the RATS are volunteers and god love them for it, but we seem to be fixing things that dont need fixing, and ignoring long term bugs. Ian
  17. Sir
  18. Some good ideas/points as always - not sure I agree with your suggested numbers though, maybe 20% inf reduction and 50% AV reduction in garrisons, 6 hour resupply? That lets key target towns be attacked 3 or 4 times in 24 hours, rather than just once or a depleted twice that we have with 15 hour resupply. Wouldn't strat bombing be virtually pointless if 100% damage only meant a single hour longer for resupply? And we would see an AO lasting more than an hour have the initial casualties returning - so either win your AO fast or see it go on for ever. Ian
  19. Wasn't the point of 1.36 to free the game from dependence upon HC? There are still many hours when HC are just not in game - probably even more than pre-1.36 since some (many?) HC saw 1.36 as a blow to the HC chess game, and took it as a kick in the teeth.
  20. They already quit Mos, it might be too late to get them back.... "Hardest Campaign Ever" was greatest self inflicted wound ever IMHO, but made the rifle only "nuts" very happy.
  21. Moe this game is set up to make defending as easy as possible - some towns have fallen in the last few days so we need to make it easier to kill off AOs, hence the return to bomb damage on FBs. Now EA can buzz around bombing every FB on the map just in case an AO is placed later, also it will really help FB campers, because bombers will open the VEH spawn for EA and ETs to camp - way more fun for the defenders if they can kill the enemy before they can possibly return fire. Sheesh Moe you should know this stuff after 15 years. Ian PS Oh goodie, even less effective attacking and more defensive camping - that will really get more people playing for longer.....
  22. The map does look empty, but then so is discord, and seemingly the game much of the time. I am not really seeing many more playing post 1.36 and the termination of WBS - it cannot all just be down to the balls ache of trying to set up a mission.
  23. You cannot fix on just one area of the map. A failed AO means no supply in the attack garrisons for 15+ hours depending on RDP. You get one good full supply attack a day from a garrison, thats it. The AOs have to go over the whole line, because there is no supply. And yet as has been commented, the garrisons are too big, way too many tanks.... Maybe another Div for each side... but we need something, because everyday I log in sees less than there were that day the week before. Yesterday, Sunday, 1200 zulu and just 2 peeps on axis discord. Today there was just one, and three of us when I logged from boredom. ian
  24. I honestly dont know if the game has got the time to "evolve" - I see less and less in game every day, and now WBS is over, the biggest fights are around FBs so far today, maybe 5 v 5, and even with those pitiful numbers there are complaints about damage modeling, and warping/lag. The guys who dont want the map to be moved while they are not in game can be happy, it just doesnt move much anymore. A greentag asked me why there were not more bots to shoot at. I explained that every plane/tank/inf was a real person on both sides - he still thought we needed more bots to have something to shoot, then he quit. Ian