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  1. Most of the time it is the defenders that do it... they do love their little building games.....
  2. Yep - as I said else where a map 8 towns wide would probably be too big right now. At this rate we will take longer to finish this campaign than it took to fight all WWII. Ian
  3. Needs a lot of teamwork to camp the AB, and 4 or 5 farm spawns, and 2 or 3 FBs, plus the all depots in the town. I would just like to see the defense have to do something more other than wait for the system to tell them that "the enemy is near X-Town come kill them". It even tells them when the attackers have given up, just in case they cant tell from zero audios or visual contacts. Everything is geared up to spoon feed the defenders, and we are surprised when most players will only defend? The whole point of Blitzkrieg was to avoid prepared defenses, go around them and cut them off. This game is more WWI than WWII these days with fixed static lines, as the front moves back and forwards over the same few towns day after day. Game play is slowly withering, we rely on CQC for capture, and CQC is probably the weakest part of the game. Dropping in a couple of new tanks and planes every six months is not fixing the CQC aspects. Ian
  4. With "open" recruiting that tool would be pretty useless - it may say 10 players in XYZ squad, but you may have only one or two actual squad players. You would be better off looking on Discord to see if there is anyone there - most days I log in there is not a single axis player on discord - but usually any organised squad play means discord. Ian
  5. Good Bump! This is/was a great idea Ian
  6. Pretty sure this has driven away more players than anything else. The one thing we have to do to move the map is capture CPS and the same half dozen guys day after day on each side are almost unkillable as they warp hither and yon. The Neo/Matrix analogy is too close for comfort. Game play choices are spawn a Tank on the AO and die to EI 2k+ from town (sappers, zooks, ATRs ) or try and cap on the AO - die to Neo. Defend - try and guard a CP and die to Neos brother. Snipe or camp an EFRU. AND THE WINNER IS....... Most players now just seem to either snipe on a DO or camp FRUs, usually on a DO. And before the chorus of posts from non active players about "team work" and "combined Arms", what team work can there be when your squadmates have quit? What teamwork does Chuck Norris and his magic handbags represent sapping tanks miles from town? Ian
  7. I dont recall ever seeing a message that a cut off town is about to surrender to us, just the message that our cut off town will surrender to enemy in 1 hour etc. We should be able to right click and view surrender timer if the game wont show the count down message. Worries me that a RAT thinks the message is shown in game, and that these messages have been in game "for years" (do any RATs still play? I know they are volunteers, and I am trully grateful for their dedication, but if they do not actually play, what is the point? If the RATs dont know what is going on (or isnt) in game how can they decide what changes are needed and which suggestions might help improve the game?? But that is another discussion...) so back to the OP.... Yes we get "the big white flag" everything else is guess work or we have to hope somebody is still in game from when town was cut off. Ian
  8. It is not full fresh supply from the AO MSs if left up, they used up supply in attacking. SO side A uses two or three links grinds down the AO town, wins and "moves in". Loses all despawned units and all FBs and all MSs. The side that lost has its FBs (if AB fell first or attempted rear town supply) has its MSs and has the hold out troops in and around the target Town. Twenty five mins later the town is retaken and the supply trickles in for side B back to a FULL spawn list. Of course the idiots in side A who attacked and captured the town now have to wait for 15 hours for the link towns to be resupplied so that they can start the AO lottery all over again - think Ciney for the last 2 weeks. , God forbid that any changes to this game should ever make it easier to attack..... defense all the way!! Ian
  9. Hard to believe that the plug was pulled on WBS before the new equipment was in game. " Hey guys we got lots of great new equipment, fighter bombers and tank busters for the air warriors, and tankers, we got new toys for you too, including some fantastic tiger killers! Of course you have got to resub to see them, we just let you use the same old kit you have used for the last 20 years for your WBS." "You gotta buy to try the new Firefly!" - "Harshest Marketing Campaign Ever - map 163" Ian
  10. You meet the same players day after day, and usually the same guys that ran into the CP yesterday, unscathed through a hail of SMG bullets from left right and centre, kill everyone with rifle or pistol and start capping, are the same lagging players day after day as well. I think more people have left the game because of the same group of "awesome" players (from both sides I hasten to add) who due to their connections seem "almost" unkillable, until they stop jumping around. I know we all experience lag in game, but I am pretty sure any players who regularly try and cap or defend CPs in towns die to the same warpy lagging so and so's again and again. If we could fix the laggers we might have a game that new players would stick with and subscribe to. ian
  11. It is very easy to calculate - you just do the arithmetic and divide your number of kills by your TOM or vice versa? If this is beyond you, and I am sure it is not, Time divided by kills will give the average time per kill, kills divided by time (in minutes) will give you kills per minute. Or could it be that you know how to do the calculation, but you just want others to know how many kills you get per hour in game? If that is all it is just make a thread and post your figures in it, then the millions who want to know can read it and "like it" there and save the rest of us the bother. Maybe you could use facebook or tweeter instead and trend across the gaming universe? Ian
  12. You are a bit late, Mothering Sunday is the fourth Sunday in Lent, so that was 31st March this year. However better late than never I suppose, Mums always like flowers and chocolates... ian Or have I missed the joke.... is "all you mothers out there" some sort of Tarantino-esque comment that went right over my middle aged head?
  13. Your bombable AFs sounds like a great idea! Ian
  14. I wasn't suggesting it was a good thing. Without somebody attacking there is bugger all to do. The game needs more attacking, not less. The fact that the town under attack can keep spawning from every uncapped depot after the AB(s) are lost makes it that much more difficult to take a town now. Once the ABs are gone it should just be the link CPs IMHO As regards softcaps, I used to enjoy the "noman's land" fights, they were often pretty good infantry skirmishes until somebody would spoil things and bring a tank or panzer. Attacking and defending the same towns day after day is getting a bit stale tbh. Many of the measures brought in to stop the dreaded TZ3 seem to have effectively stopped all TZs from moving the map unless there is a huge pop imbalance. But it is still early days of 1.36, and while there are probably too many tanks in the garrison spawnlists, it is a heck of a lot more enjoyable than the gutted spawnlists we saw during and after the disaster that was "The Hardest Campaign Ever". I only hope the friends I have lost from the game since Christmas will return soon, but so far 1.36 has not brought many of them back. ian
  15. Further proof that it is just another gimmicky aid. Why don't we have it as a power up, next to my golden armour bonus, and my health potion? Ian
  16. OKAY - so if it is so easy to discover who you kill, why are you so keen for the kill credit to be ON all the time. If it makes no real difference why go to the trouble of adding it? Or is it because we don't know if the inf or et that disappeared round a corner/behind a berm is still alive? Leave it off, no more gimmicky aids for Stat Hos pls. ian
  17. Friendly Fire on, you will only be pandering to the children. Who has not had Green Tags spawn in and start shooting them? Try to drive a truck from an FB or AB and a gaggle of them will start to shoot at you. I doubt you would have 50% of the current subscriptions after a week of friendly fire "ON". Ian
  18. I understand these suggestions for new players to have access to kill credit notification, but what will be their reaction the first time they shoot an EI and get the kill message, when that EI who is only badly wounded, turns around and kills them? Many kills are not instant kills on inf, and what about the tanker who "kills" the ET or ATG, but still gets fired upon and then killed by the dead tank/atg because his "kill" was the driver or ATG number 1 and not the gunner? Even giving the kill message to new players is just offering another potential stick for CRS to be hit with - "the game told me he was dead - and he killed me - your game sux etc etc" Ian
  19. Might as well shrink the map down to just a width of 8 or 9 towns, even then we might never see the other side. Ian
  20. 1.36 is designed to make defending easier and attacking even more difficult than it already was - so what do you expect? ian
  21. Well looking at names, parity for an hour, allies up for an hour... not seeing an average of 2:1, but yes more axis than allies. Ian
  22. Suggested Poll; Would you like to reduce the amount of lag kills/deaths in game by adjusting the "autodespawn sensitivity" (- well obviously CRS will use the correct name here! ) Yes Definitely No Never We should try No opinion Just a thought.... Ian
  23. Depends what you mean by "resupply". I have killed kit brought from a back town to a DO, but have not killed (or even tried to go and kill) anyone doing genuine resupply outwith an active AO. I suspect the numbers involved in resupply/overstock would make it VERY unlikely that I would find anything to kill - gone are the days when I am willing to sit with an 88 covering the road to the town opposite 17.2KG for 24hours+ just because Hondo thought the allies (3CD) would be sure to be over stocking at some stage! Ian
  24. So what is it that has changed?