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  1. On 11/2/2019 at 3:17 PM, matamor said:

    really? axis TOM is higher than allied TOM this campaign, this is not over - besides no more 4:1 odds for axis during no pop rolling 10 towns a night there is a plenty of chances to win for axis still - please don't rage yet

    I meant 50 at any one time logged in... never suggested axis had less TOM or OP, just would love to know when these 50 guys are all logged in game together and playing axis. I logged in on Saturday, at around 14:00 central euro time, axis had 1 solitary mission, and nobody spawned in on it, just 2 red dots..... prior to Hardest Campaign Ever we always had 2 AOs at that time on a Saturday, now we dont even have 2 missions

  2. J you big bully!!



    Wow... this is the only post in General Discussions for 48 hours..... guess everyone is just too busy playing in game, or the forum isnt updating for me?

  3. 7 hours ago, ch0ad said:

    Uh God ... i will go back and read all this nonsense tomorrow when i am at work and on "the clock". But ... in the mean time, at first glance i gotta say QUIT YOUR B!TCH!NG AND JUST PLAY THE GAME AND HAVE FUN ...... or don't .... and be a wet blanket in the forums and everyone can secretly hate you. Either way is fun i guess.

    Yes, you really need to read the thread - not very much B!TCHING going on here. 


    S! Ian 

  4. The Matty numbers as presently used, 2 per AB + 1 CS, are not an issue if the axis have anywhere near decent player numbers. When the number of matties was more, and with axis numbers down, then the Matty becomes an issue for axis/the game (I think Canukplf had a KD in a Matty of 99.0 map before last - not a 99 kill mission, an overall KD of 99.0!) Maybe it should only be 1 of each type per AB and a bunch in each Brigade flag? but really, so long as axis have anything like equal player numbers the handful of Matties are not breaking the game. Too many matties = Game Breaks.

    As Tater and others keep saying, we have game mechanics that necessitate playing the game a certain way. Too few allied SMGs = Game Breaks.  We can dream about massive changes, and WWIIOL 2.0, but the game is what it is, and we have to make what we have work.

    Allies lost all the post "Hardest Maps" and 1.36 up to 3 maps ago, when a bunch of axis vets either went allied or just stopped playing. This map, many are back including Sorella & Co, a bunch of AEF are wearing grey, and all seems rosey once more for team axis.


    S! Ian 

  5. 5 hours ago, Augetout said:

    I was there for the discussions leading up to the full effects of the RDP set of rules, and (as you did, if my recollection is correct) I didn't think player-controlled RDP was going to be anything but a disaster. 

    You and I disagree on the effects of historical-based spawnlists, clearly.  


    I could end up being completely wrong in my zeal for adhering to the mantra of:  Give us what was there, with historically accurate modeling, in historically accurate spawn ratios, but can there really be any doubt that not bothering to try it has showed itself to be less than successful?


    Allies quit in droves when SMGs were "accurately" allocated in the spawn lists - it was simply impossible for the allies to cap a town or defend a town when it was allied 10 rifles v 20 axis SMGs (the same "accurate" lists that saw 8 Matties v 25 PzIIs). We had 3 AOs every night in the run up to that map, it ended in an allied win in T6 iirc. Then with the "accurate" spawnlists we were down to just 1 AO and it was very rare to get 2AOs. "The hardest campaign ever" was the greatest self harm of recent years, if not ever.


    I think we all want accurately modeled weapons/ballistics/etc but they have to operate in a game world where gameplay and balance must outweigh supposed historical accuracy. 


    S! Ian

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  6. On 8/5/2019 at 2:29 AM, Augetout said:

    Your attempt to hijack this thread is duly noted, ian77.  :)  I'm not sure judging a campaign a few hours after the campaign was finished is the best time to decide whether or not 'huge battles' are happening. 

    Having said that, I logged in at circa 9pm my time (11pm server time) last night, and there was a german attack that had double EI EWS, double armor EWS, and as a bonus the sky was literally filled with Stukas, He111s, and 109s (or 190s, was busy on the ground).  The attack lasted for 2 hours after I logged in before we (the Allies) were finally able to lib the town and get the offending FB under control.  It might not have turned out that way for the Allies, had not axis troops decided not to guard the FB, or spawnable they had captured. 

    It was a fun battle full of tank on tank, air on (our) tanks, Inf vs Inf, ATGs, AAA guns.  Other than naval units, it was pretty much the entire game stuffed into a battle for a town, (it was inland, hence no naval units)

    I'll leave it to CRS to explain 1.36 spawn lists, but given the huge step forward that 1.36 has been, it is only natural that some tweaks to the spawn lists would be (and might continue to be) necessary.  I understand your frustration.  As one can see from the original intent of the thread, I'm just trying to be a (small) part of the solution.

    I understand your skepticism, but I hear the same thing during battles in-game on a daily basis, and it solves nothing, whether it is the next prediction of the game's failure, or the next prediction that a 'town is lost' before it actually is.  Nothing is gained by being a prognosticator of doom, imho.  I'll be one of the folks who will continue to fight for this community, and this game until we either get it fixed, or they turn the lights out.  The community, and game, are both worth my efforts, as they are worthy of yours.


    Yeah, was having a bad morning :) - I certainly wasnt trying to hijack your thread - sorry! S!

    11pm server time is 5am here (UK) but that fight does sounds like fun! - my comment on just 3 axis spawned in players was about six hours before the map was won, but probably helps to explain why. 

    I shall try and curb my glass half empty nature. :) 


    S! Ian 

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  7. 3 hours ago, actonman said:

    Axis have already decided to let Allies win 7 in a row so only 4 to go have fun Allied pansys.

    Another of the "axis always fight to the bitter end" crowd who have melted away when the going got tough.......

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  8. 15 hours ago, Augetout said:

    Activity breeds activity.   Want more players to pay attention to our game?  Create activity.  Following worldwar2online on facebook is a simple, easy way to create some activity.  The more people who see ww2online posts on facebook, the more people will be likely to try the game, or return to the game, as the case may be.

    For extra activity, react to the ww2online facebook posts occasionally.  Activity breeds activity, and the more people who conclude that the game is active, the more people will seek to be a part of it.

    Be proud of this community, and this game.  Right now, all we're lacking is SOME of the folks who left the game back when gameplay was far less engaging, and when there were far less weapon systems to use.  1.36 has helped cause some HUGE battles in-game----imagine how much larger (and FUN) they would be if we simply had more troops in-game.

    More players also equals a faster development track, which equals quicker improvements to gameplay issues, quicker access to new toys, etc


    Not sure where these HUGE battles are, it is almost midday in Euro TZ on a Sunday, and last I checked we had 3 active axis players spawned in, and 2 of them were in tigers.

    I doubt that any amount of Facebook posts can ever undo the damage caused by "Hardest Campaign Ever" spawn lists. The thousands of allied players we were promised would resub once the "rambo" LMG was fixed never showed up, instead axis inf unsubbed following the axis tankers out the door. 1.36 brought some players back for sure, but the end of WBS saw most of them depart - since 1.36 spawn lists bear no resemblance to "The Hardest Campaign Ever" BS we went through can anyone explain why we had to suffer them in the first place, and why they were not done away with immediately?

    Those spawnlists were just sustained self harm for the game, and sadly I do not think we shall ever recover from it.

    S! ian 



    PS Already following worldwar2online on facebook

  9. 19 hours ago, hondo said:

    They removed almost all the flags, auto Ao's are in place. Fb's need a zillion charges to end an attack.

    Exactly why do you need to have HC on in your time zone ?  

    FBs are 50% bombable now, and are not hard to take down. System does not replace an AO just because there is no linking FB, and all the engineers and sappers are gone from the spawn list, so the dead AO sits and sits, guys login, see nothing happening, cant blow the dead AO FB, then log out and go play something else.

    Saw 7 axis accounts in game today, 2 on the AO, 1 on the DO, 4 at FBs (seemed to be tow and prime accounts). I checked the spawn list to see what T3 numbers looked like and then logged.  Nothing to do.


    S! Ian 

  10. Lack of Leadership? Seems like a lack of players, lack of action, lack of fun.... cant just blame HC (either side) there is just nobody playing... I just spent 18 mins on mission before I finally found an ei to shoot.

    Logged to go watch a movie with the wife... she is getting fed up with the lack of fun in WWIIOL


    S! Ian 

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  11. 24 minutes ago, pulfer said:

    Yeah I'm gonna go with allied victory again, but this one might last a lot longer. I think it's gonna be a good one. I'll see you out there! S!

    Well.... Bloodybill is axis once more, so more FBs will be axis, and G9 is off on his travels for 3 weeks, Matamor AWOL for next week or so...... Hamza is back axis, (hopeful in HC too?) and if Majes99 and some others can/will get back in game then WHIPS should start to make a bigger contribution, PLUS get some 250H numbers, and axis could be back to their winning ways....  Looking forward to it! :)


    S! Ian 

  12. 21 hours ago, SCKING said:

    Remember the game is played across many time zones.. 2pm server time is around 7pm in the EU.. As for what armor will be available, I’m not sure. I would think Xoom will have to evaluate what the campaign status is and work from there. I also will be at work so I won’t be able to make it. Might catch some of it. 

    Well 2pm server time is 9pm central europe - and as for campaign status, I would guess at it being intermission...