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  1. Just a thought, but probably impossible to implement in game, but Paras to be able to capper faster. Paras are a "cool" unit, new guys love them, but we hardly use them because they soak up many "man hours" getting the paras spawned at the AF and then to the AO. BUT if they could be more useful when at the AO they would be used more. So faster capping paras would be most useful to the OP side, so they would have more of their OP players sitting at the AF or in the transport - in turn this is helping pop balance in the AO. When they get to the AO, well we all know how vulnerable paras can be, they are just inf afterall. Faster capping will still not beat the minimum cap timers, and while it would help the OP side it certainly shouldn't break the UP defence. I think it will see paras used more, and if we extend para rifles to F2P it will give new guys a bit of added fun as well. Ian
  2. You don't think paras have enough issues already? We were trying to find more reasons for paras to be used, not trying to put people off spawning them. I agree that landing injuries for paras would be more realistic, but I don't see this as helping game play. Anyway, with the new group cap timers we sort of have "fast cap paras", or fast cap anything. Don't cap alone, always take a friend with you! Ian
  3. Guys, well deserved.
  4. Any FMS more than 500m from target already gets berated in chat by players spawning in, for being "too far" from target, and they then despawn having jogged far enough away from the FMS to waste the unit as MIA. I can see Xoom's point, though I am not sure that it should just be a perk of HC and RATs, especially when the UP side probably sees 6 or 8 hours per day without either in game (more in the final days of a map). There are only a few available, so make them Rank 10 spawnable, and leave them at a handful per flag/garrison. Are the numbers rifles/smgs available to be spawned limited? I seem to recall reading that the HC walking MS was limited to just 17 rifles? The biggest issue is that 20 players can work together to set a ZOC, either on Attack or Defense, and one "HC" can wander off on a solo run, and sneak in silently behind the ZOC, plop down his magic beans and then up pops some smgs and rifles to undo the hard work that the team has put in to set their ZOC and protect their FMS - 4 rifle satchels, and bye bye FMS. (FYI I think 4 is probably about right, possibly make it 5 to require more then one engineer, but in an attritted flag, having no engineers left in supply, it gets to be a ballsache getting a EFMS down, even without the EIs spawning in. Ian
  5. But 2 Matties (me and Gretnine) firing 50+ AP rounds (all they have is AP) and 300+ rounds of MG cannot kill one. They are not "easy to kill" to British tanks with only AP, which is just nuts. Ian
  6. So more players up and quit - that's not a test or poll that's just another nail hammered home
  7. Well some of your "hundreds of new guys" and many not so new keep asking and complaining that they can't spawn at the FMS. I guess the guys who have bought an upgrade are most effected since ftp will be okay As regards these HCFMa being vulnerable, allied tanks with only AP ammo cannot kill them nor the urban MS Ian
  8. As things stand, RDP bombing impacts resupply times for every flag/town/unit across the map, instantly upon damaging a factory. As the map moves East or West the factories become easier or harder to Bomb and thus the impact of RDP bombing becomes even more severe. Strategic bombing units did not follow the advance one town back from the frontline. I propose that either RDP bombing has no effect on Ground Unit resupply, giving the side being rolled a chance to fight back otherwise the "roll" is made worse the closer to the factories the bombers are when they lift. So the "or" is that bombers have fixed bases that they can launch RDP raids from, the factories are fixed the bomber bases should be static as well. Then the impact is the same regardless of the position on the ground, and hopefully the side winning the map has something other than a handful of rifles and other infantry odds and sods to fight in towns that have had a successful defence the day before. The close range RDP bombers just make the roll even worse, killing off resupply for the poor sods still logging in to defend and trying to hold the line. Personally, I would like RDP to only impact Air Field resupply, and the time when RDP to the next Tier kicks in - to a maximum of 12 hours delay, or 24 hours max? So RDP bombing slows the delivery of new models to the front line but not the replenishment of existing equipment from supply dumps that the factory bombing just would not instantly impact. RDP bombing has too much immediate impact on ground supply, and even more so in the end game. It needs to be changed please. Ian
  9. Keep it up RATs TY
  10. Problem is that the gunner is the bomb aimer as well, and so needs to be an experienced player with that skill - hence not many multi crewed bombers. Ju87 and 110B are different, and the pilot drops the bomb, the gunner just shoots EA on their 6. Ian
  11. I was thinking 3 in a triangle or four in a square or diamond, SPAA for speed to deployment but shieldless bofors, and not available if AO placed?
  12. I am not a day one player, and I would struggle to list all the changes since 2005/6 so you will need to spawn in to see all the changes from 18 years ago. Welcome Back! Ian
  13. It would also eliminate the kamikaze death leaps from the depot roof into the blown CP with zero regard for loss of life, or the jump onto the roof and shooting the cappers through the upstairs windows.
  14. +1 And don't apply SD to them... why put off prospective customers who keep spawning a rifle, dying, then have to wait 30 seconds to repeat the process.
  15. Interesting - having riled against additional AI and AI bots in other threads, don't tell Tater but I like the idea of spawning a heavy AAA and in a similar style as the TT or DD have a salvo of shots from nearby multiple tubes fire upon the same target. The idea of having spawn points for players near the factories to roll out heavy AAA is a great idea. As for the victory points, and SNIPER62's concerns, perhaps the defender only gains victory points from bombers that have victory points to lose? Ian
  16. Good Post The "solution" for me was being in a great squad from day one. The Iron Wolves had a dedicated training team, and in the first few weeks I was probably on the training server as much as I was in game. However, training new guys is VERY labour intensive, and a paying player has to give up their game time to get a rookie up to speed. It also is not a "quick fix", it takes weeks and probably months, to get a new guy properly up to speed. (I have "met" vets on discord who do not really know about linking CPs, setting missions from HQs etc after 10+ years of continuous game play!!). I was very lucky in my choice of squad (I thought the name was pretty cool and there was a mean looking wolf as well!) and aside from the dedicated training section every single Wolf would help and guide me, and the others that followed over the years. So and "Thank you!" gentlemen and ladies in 1LB Iron Wolves, especially Memnoch (who still plays occasionally) Spikemk (Who we all miss and haven't seen in game for years) and Tanky (sadly no longer with us, but no doubt he is somewhere sitting in his Tiger, now with unlimited ammo, an unbreakable gun, hull down and at least 2000m outside the AO picking off ETs!) thanks guys for teaching me this game, and for giving me such a lasting source of fun and friendships, not just with 1LB, for the last 15 years! So it was a squad that trained me and many others how to play, but squads cannot effectively look after 10 or more greentags all at once. I doubt many squads these days have the "resources" to properly train one or more Greentags at the same time. How many squads still have regular weekly training server sessions? With player numbers the way they are there is little or no "downtime" to use the training server, or when there is no action in your DO time to show new guys the best spots to take in order to guard CPs (TheWench was an expert!) - these are inside the CP by the way, not shooting out from the depot! - or good spots to shoot into ABs or cut streets from depots (that would be Borntogo's lessons). I know we have dedicated trainers, I see their tags in game, and I expect they run dedicated sessions for new players, but I have never seen these being pushed, do we highlight these as much as we could? It seems to me that new players just have to hope that they strike it lucky and end up at an FB or CP with a guy like Tex64 who will chat to them, explain the basics, and try to get them through the first few days and weeks of "heck, dead again! Did anyone see what killed me?" Ian
  17. Imagine the knife fights with chainsaws!!!
  18. Thanks OHM - Just to clarify my issue is not side specific, I play both sides and am using my allied account at the moment, and will be for the next few months. The more the map moves the easier it becomes to RDP bomb, hastening the map moving even more surely in one direction. We used to have fights that raged for months, not so long ago, but now once the map starts to move the lack of resupply ensures the losing side will not recover sufficient supply to hold the town a second time. I think having RDP bomber missions only available from fixed AFs would help this aspect. Ian
  19. My main point is the increased effect the more the map moves which accelerates the effect of rdp bombing and causes less defenders to log in and so the roll goes on and the game losses more players. Ian
  20. +1 Allies are way better at this. Ian
  21. We don't want farmers we want Lumberjacks! I want my engie to have a chain saw please. Ian
  22. LOL I am sure you could count on some! I expect everyone would end up with a heap of abuse, or guys being taunted for being stabbed etc. Ian
  23. Maybe we should engineer a draw so they both lose?? Ian
  24. Really, this is a very bad idea - there is enough bile in side chat and sometimes even in these august forums - imagine the abuse some players might receive... personally I think it unnecessary. Ian