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  1. This is a little unfair i'de say. The AO mechanics you have currently in place are far from perfect. Not sure if placing a placeholder AO on a town where you dont have even an FB, just to race to put AO before a system does it. Is this in the spirit of getting good action to players, which perhaps was the intention of forcing a side to place all available AOs? not to talk about how AO numbers change with very little time to react
  2. new version solved the issue older one had wrong auth server address
  3. So i am getting this error, do I need to install new client or is there a server issue
  4. Too much information, way too much. http://www.useit.com/papers/heuristic/heuristic_list.html might be good to run through the list.
  5. S! 1st Gebirgs Jäger looking for players to join We are mainly European time zone squad. On average we have about 5-10 members online on weekdays. Sunday is the main squad night when we tend to gather. We offer the basic services like ventrilo and web pages with forums which are free of charge. Only thing we expect from members is that they play axis only. We try to participate with other squads on inter-squad operations and do our part on those. As a small squad we focus on all sorts of sneaky ops or special ops if you wish. Something that is usually a bit invisible but important to the effort like precamping fb's, guarding fb's setting flak traps, paras . behind the lines, sneaky attacks behind main attack sort of stuff. So if that interests you, take us in consideration. All these ops take place on random times when ever we have the players online and whenever there are other squads to work with or HC asking for support. Atmosphere is relaxed, all squad ops are free to join but ofcourse appreciated. Language is English. Specialty is that we film a lot of our ops. We have 4 members in axis hc in KM and in Heer. We are a good squad for new comers and old timers who wish to play relaxed or appriciate the some more tidious tasks that need to be done. Join the forums for more info or pm our recruiters when online Koopman Lampie Leanderj Taukappa Nsr Kalma http://www.cplebs.com/bge/index.htm