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  1. @Rats: I guess He111 bombs can kill Sherman’s?!?!?!? Was surprised that I killed one. I thought 500 lbs bombs didn’t do jack to Sherman’s? When did this happen or you just trying to balance game outcome?
  2. Well Delems, think RATS don’t want for PPO to be able to totally prevent inf going through via being able to make these touch the building cuz it will probably make it nearly impossible to get into building to cap or destroy FB’s. I thin a better solution is to make them longer so to make ei have to change his course. This will at least take away his straight path which is faster. To his objective. Forcing him to turn prevents him from focusing on his objective. BANG-sniper shot to his head! Sandbags should be longer and placed further out of the defensive area you are defending. I would think real army prefer perimeter to be further out. Got to combine these PPO’s with defense of LMG OR ATG or both!
  3. Yup, Monty! I have two accounts both engineers outlining an empty field with barbs and sandbags. Major complaint is they don’t last a long time like the hedgehog and tag bunkers. FYI only; these perimeter should never be too close to FMS , they will get bombed out too easily. At least be 150-200mm out with couple gaps prior friendlies to get out, BUT guess what will be covering these gaps??? I actually prefer my FMS’ to be in middle of open field with these pereimeter around it. FOURCE, EI to run onto the open field while your LMG hides behind a strongpoint within the perimeter.
  4. So combine two most popular ideas so far in turning down truck audio and increase PPO’s and that should make FMS’ good! I will add a very good suggestion albeit a very detailed one. Remove the flag on FMS’ and have engineer be able to create a bunker that looks exactly like the FMS. Inf sand bags should be longer and taller and includes a parapet.
  5. Uninstalled old and did a full install "mirror 1," from site, still says "can't connect to auth server...."
  6. Help! I see xoom saying in previous thread it's "resolved." Apparently not my end.