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  1. I would like to politely remind/inform this squad that per squad recruitment forum rules you are only permitted 1 bump per 7 day (week) time period. http://discussions.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=348794
  2. 91st! could be your new squad today.
  3. Nobody thinks this should get some priority? Is this really something you want new potential subscribers to see upon their first launch?
  4. In the words oof Barney Stinson (How I met your Mother) 'Challenge Accepted!' You honor us with your words onearmed
  5. MC'ing (multi-crewing) works fine in terms of the basics of being able to select either a commander or a crewmen within a mission and operate a vehicle together. What's broken is that there is a lag issue where other players see the MC'd unit lag-snap lag-snap (appearing to slow down then jump ahead). However I MC he111's with a fellow squad mate on a regular basis and, since there has been no official word from CRS that MC'ing is banned or a TOS violation, or whatever, I consider it completely fair to do. I have no sympathy for some fighter pilot who complains that my easily shot down He111 is harder then normal to shoot down -that I should give up what little advantage I have (multiple guns firing with crewmen manning the tail guns (dorsal and belly, etc.) so that he can have more fun shooting me down. I do wish CRS could /would fix the lag-snap issue, but I refuse to stop mc'ing just because that problem exists.
  6. Every time I start the game playgate launcher I get this window 't:0 Error XX.XX.XXX.XXX port 27015, state 20001' (IP address part omitted) with a 'ok' dialogue response. This has been there for quite a while now. Is there anything being done to make this error stop appearing? Anything I can do with my router's ports to make this go away?
  7. You've seen us on the battlefield, You've seen us on TeamSpeak. What are you waiting for?
  8. The 91st will bring you glory.
  9. 3 times Squad Challenge champions = undefeated
  10. You guys need to read the sticky right above your thread titled 'topic bumps' by SMOKEEYE which indicates that only 1 bump per 7 days is allowed per squad recruitment thread. I know you guys are new and I do wish your squad the best. Just wanted to point out some rules about this forum you may not have known. !S Leopold
  11. Time for you to join.
  12. PLease go to our website at 91st Sturmbattalion
  13. All welcome who are worthy