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  1. So I watched Ryman's Video and thought it was a fun little thing to do ... For 1 hour, both potthead and ozsheila only knives in St.Nik attack... 18 EI kills, 1 EATG.... 48 deaths.......... Kills included bunker guard, spawnable cappers, FB busters and ATG at FB !! heaps of FUN ..... I recommend this challenge! so many FUNNY reactions... EI dont know how to reload fast enough after missing first shot Have FUN. S!.
  2. Hi folks S!, (for many it is TLDR ... for rest thanks for reading... smoke your joint before hand please) ------------------------ Summary: Many are not happy with the campagne feeling like a TEST for new ToEs for town garrison supply 1.36 in 1.35 environment and are playing less (hopefully still keeping subs for a while) If we somehow fund CRS until 1.36 .. can the game be free for all so players that DONT want to volunteerly pay ... can do the BETA testing for free.. ------------------------ I have been reading through some of the threads.. especially about ToE changes and also 1.36 arrival. This is what I understand thus far... A. 1.36 Town Based Hybrid Supply is coming in next month or two? (Q1 2019) - with initially most emphasis on Town supply with a small supplement for HC to play with as well. B. CRS is testing out the Tables of Equipment (ToE) currently in each brigade by adjusting what sort and count of equipment is available in infantry vs Armour and HQ brigades to see what is best to have in towns for the Garrison supply which will then be supplemented by support flags that are movable C. CRS is at the same time testing out changing the ToEs to be more on historical basis with aim to give advantage to those who use the historical doctrine of their side along with teamwork and get an edge over the other-side D. CRS is spending some resources to keep the maps going in the test mode but as much as possible with feel of normal campagns while the rest of team is working on 1.36 release So above is what I have gathered by reading various threads / announcements etc.. I may be wrong in some so please correct me if you can. However based on above I also observe below points which are opinions/perceptive only: A. Many Allied predominantly infantry players are upset by the fact of disadvantage of SMGs/ LMGs (Huyge problem in my personal opinion for game play - u can not compensate INF with anything else until area capture comes) B. Many Axis players are unhappy with amount of Matilda tanks that British infantry brigades have while Axis infantry get few STUG-B and 232s (Hyuge and easy to whine about matter, after all it is MATTIES, they are Tigers are of T0 - but do not have as much impact on the map as lack of Auto weapons in CPs in actual game play) C.Many predominantly TANK players on both sides are altogether upset as the battles don't have access to Armour as readily as they used to until this map (i.e not the game they purchased from their view) D. Some players are happy that CRS is testing new ways to change the dynamics of the game play and get more infantry battles and attrition battles E. Some players are not interested in "too much" testing and change at the same time and feel like they are paying to Beta test for 1.36 in 1.35 environment F. Actual battles can BE VERY fun when both sides are semi-low on supply .. few tanks around and intense fight goes on but this is quite rare as many stars need to align (Allied need to have a bit more inf brigades around, they need to be french, then British inf need to be no where nearby but a French Armour flag in play... Axis need to have a Armour unit and INF need to be depleted of a fair amount of LMGs/SMGs and need a decent number of players on .. (when this happens it is SO MUCH fun in this map... have seen it a few times only though) G. Brigade rotation/seemingly endless supply in towns in a limited time zone is still problematic when two good M.OICs go head to head (although rare these days again) Conclusion / Question::: If we go on a LONGER intermission . Say 1 week or 2 weeks or 3 weeks .. Dedicate more resources to 1.36.. can it come any sooner? I hate to see us lose players by being in this extended test mode campaign(s)...... Many on Axis (who are winning) and Allies who are losing are NOT HAPPY CUSTOMERS at this moment (only my perception, I personally love this game too much to be unhappy) What about making the game completely free until 1.36 through a crowd funding effort to pay for the loss of revenues during this period while the BETA tests of 1.36 happen (in 1.35 environment with supply number changes etc as we are doing now, lets face it .. this is at BEST a BETA test MAP of the new ToEs) - I am willing to put down the first $136 USD for 1.36 - just tell us the number and we will give you the cash to make game FREE for ALL until 1.36.. Until then we can play with the new toys in higher tiers which until 1.36 maps probably wont last to those tiers... Thanks for reading and , Potthead
  3. LMAO .. my favorite line :::"they dont expect you to be this reckless or stupid" ... so totally my way ... instead of going to town via cover.. just run in open and get in "OMG AGAIN... this could count again" as he is knifing the ATGs spawning in depot one after other lol at 7:59 he totally pwned the LMG coming at him with knife lol I am going to log in tonite and do the knife challenge too for 1 hour .. just knife..
  4. Having the hardest time with registering this ... i am tech-retard... or simply too stoned.. Anyone else has any of these cool photos we took??? I want to make it my desktop background!
  5. Hi Everyone.. now that map 158 is over below are declassified stories from the last desperate week of the war. Many many F2P players got involved so I thought to share and thank them here as well for sticking by in desperate struggles of the last week! We had requested a few PHOTO / Screen shot times as well -- IF Anyone took any, PLEASE share in this thread, I have forgotten how to add photo attachments. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STORY I:: AXIS Forces, It has been a long while since I had the pleasure to be Map OiC on the Axis side (since April or so!) on Saturday morning my time at 09:10 (Friday 17:10 server time) I woke up to see Frankfurt (our first Factory town to fall) has been taken by the Allied forces and opportunity was available to take on the Map OiC (top dawg online) position. We seemed quite underpop and Allies were on a 17 town cap spree and it seemed like there is no end to it! After having a good puff, I took on the map and declared operation Rentier to commence in 30 min (17:40 Server time)... called as many as we can on Discord channel and see what we can do ! .. a Hail Marry perhaps to get Frankfurt back (either head on .. or by narrowing its supply line and cutting it off) with RDP at 86% slower (meaning resuply is 28 hours vs 15 hours after something dies to come back in supply), this meant get Frankfurt back on in 24 hours it will be MAJOR suppl shortages. PHASE I: Force Mobilization - Success Supply in the spearhead flag linking to Morbach from Bernkastel was low with no SMGs/Autos... however i thought if we just start who knows may work... we have nothing to lose anyways Saw some flags about 2 hours away so started to move them as well to get in the area for later. At this point to my surprise after a lot of desperate calls.. had a good group of strangers on Discord.. many new players! .... needless to say the fun began! Many MSPs up and some ATGs... and a good group of panzers too! Many ETs and EIs showed up of course as Allied knew the fate of the map can change if we manage to cut them off in Frankfurt, Bad Sober and Hahn. After a couple of hours of intense battle... it was time for PHASE 2 Phase II: Reconnect 16.2 KG trapped units in North for Morale boost - Success In the north . 16.2 KG had been trapped in Moerdijk for sometime.... seeing that enemy is very busy trying not to get cut off... decided to launch a Ninja p2 on Oousterhout to reconnect to 16.2 KG. Quiet MS set.... and enemy was smart and went right after our FB... However with potthead2 was able to hold FB under camp long enough and feed shermans some rifles until capped a fallback and then ninja capped the AB (thanks for help from a few such as uncle matamor ) I did lose the FB however as we had AB on last moment and fallback CP we were able to finish the town and quietly reunite 16.2 KG to the rest of our line. Troops were elating with Joy! we were once again taking towns and had stopped thier 17 town cap spree! Allied AOs were crumbling at this point as they were seeing the seriousness of our attacks and saw we can CAB ABs if they dont react. Phase III: Capture of Piesport to get additional link and supply to attack Morbach (Cut Frankfurt) - Success 3 links available to Piesport, Allied forces busy in Morbach still... our MORALE now high after capture of oosterhout and reverse white flagging allied in the North! ...... Great Chance to CAMP and take Piesport with FORCE FAST! And what a Blitzkrieg it was..... few Panzers from 250H camped the spawnble and a couple of us capped it.. from there bridge was crossed to main town.. uncle matamor set a MS to town and rest was history, by the time enemy reacted it was too late! Another glorious victory after hours of being underpop, all of a sudden a surge of pop was witnessed on Axis side! and we had 2 Sec SD !! WoW Factory down but still fighting HARD! Phase IV: Final Attrition and take of Morbach or Hermskeil - Fail After about 8 hours of NON STOP Action in the area.... we got very close!! few times we got in the AB ... pressure was enough that Allied Command vacated Frankfurt and Hahn ... we took the Link FB .. however as close as it got we did not take it back... kept trying .. after about 13 hours.. even though a fresh batch of supply was available, I was pretty drained at this stage and so were the rest who had been helping me for endless hours in the operation(11 PM my time) , decided to call the conclusion of operation.. .we had some great tactical victories but strategic objective was not taken. Knowing the fate of the map as explained due to RDP with Frankfurt allied, I took my joint, whiskey and went on for a walk ... got to a golf course... laid on the putting green .. staring into the skies... drinking and chilling away ... humbled by my defeat (or phyric victories) ----- right as I was in the ZONE................ SPRINKLERS GO OFF!!!! bastages!!!! Potthead is WET and Running away in the middle of night... drunk and stoned and defeated! STORY II: The next two days were fun also ... . Rentier II (Suicide Convoy from Gerolstien to Hilleshiem to breakout of pocket or DIE for self route) - found that units are cut off .... amassed about 40 players to make a suicide convoy with remaining 20ID HQ suply and attack 2 AB town of hilleshiem to try to break out of pocket or lose enough force to self-route and get back from training sooner... WHAT A SHOW OF FORCE!!!!!! despite again being on the backfoot.. great COMEBACK!!! we did NOT take the town but drained 20ID and ALSO all Allied attacks were halted in response. (ANY PHOTOS from this one?? @KMS or anyone) STORY III: Rentier III ---- Recapture of ESSEN --- (Ok this story is a self brand marketing Saga of potthead capping ABs by himself to feel better about losing the map ) while underpop and in camp in Euskirchen (by simoul capping 3 ABs at the same time , pottheads1-3) on the next day .. logged in to see Essen and Koln fallen and Dusseldorf (final factory) under cap and had a counter on Essen... good defense was in place in Dusseldorf and Allied went to Euskirchen with FULL FORCE! If we Do NOT take Essen - map is over in morning and NO FINAL TIER of Equipment!!! We kept our ground down to AB for a couple of hours... I felt like Allied will win this battle and the town was going down, also noticed they had blinkers are and too focused on winning the town , they were giving a LOT of casualty but still kept coming.. Are they really that busy ??? Are they really NOT looking at anything else? Essen has been contested a while and no recap at ALL.... maybe I can sneak and take Essen??? I had decided to clear Essen and go for another cut via Kurten // however Iian77 asked for AO to stay as he had MSP up... JB6 and him were moling away and town was contested for a LONG TIME with no RECAP... So thought.. ok ill go mole a for a moment too... got to SAB.. NO GUARD............. instead of capping.. decided to go on a venture with 2 other pottheads to the other 2ABs.... My HAND WAS SHAKING... Heart beating at 180 per min... .and this moment....... wife orders me to take our 2.5 year old daughter to bed as she is refusing mommy! (Doh! dont they know how important this is !!! 3 ABs of our FACTORY .. end of MAP or NOT!).... anyways.. with baby on my lap begging her to sleep with bribes of M&Ms, ice cream tomorrow, whatever you want!.... managed to walk the other 2 into bunkers.. potthead3 almost died to AI .. but he made it .. phew!!! ALL 3 BUNKERS CAPPED SO HAPPY..... Now it was Nowhere near over... Allied still hanging on to the Euskirchen AO but some of them coming back to stop us from taking Essen.. for another 2 hours or more we fought in town to end it.even lost of 2 of the 3 ABs back and most of the CPs.. I was pulling my hair... punching the desk... demanding VICTORY!! This is GERMANY's FINAL LINE OF DEFENSE !! Eventually with taking the FB down (as i saw Bloodybill logging in, of course he can go for the link FB) ... despite some defense, FB was taken... and then retaken by Allies but JUST in the last moment the enemy link spawn was recapped so we were eventually able to finish (god kept me up after 1 AM.. going to be tough day at work)....... at points I was driving 3 trucks on one PC (dont ask how) and taking green tags to cap (who would NOT sit to end the cap and after like 10% would go another CP... OMG try to explain what is going on and how important it is to sit in a empty flag for 5 min till it caps :D) anyhow .. SO MUCH FUN! i know the map maybe OVER but to the last moment we fought like hell. I salute all who stay to the LAST MOMENT and fight HARD like we are winning! Have fun . Potthead STORY IV: OPERATION : Pipe Dream : Capture of England on LAST DAY..........FAIL ---- OPERATION PHOTO OP: SUCCESS So on the LAST day of the MAP I logged in to find most of our high commanders had taken the last submarine to Argentina and I had missed the boat! Finding myself desperate in the Berlin bunker (thanks @XOOM for helping out in the bunker, he missed the U-Boat too) I opened my map with my phantom divisions on it and decided to make a plan to take ENGLAND! (with my pipe in one hand and map in the other)... Allied had left only 1 division holding an stretched western front.. I could muster 3 divisions against is very easy... only a HQ And a Armour flag holding Achel (with nothing behind it but England) Now all I needed was TROOPS .... So comes my signature SPAMs for operations coming ... we did get a good group maybe 10 or so on Discord and 30 or so on mission!! PANZERS ROARING... INFANTRY Riding on them.... Trucks covering... a MIGHTY SIGHT to see on the last day Knowing we are so underpop and that it is in fact a pipe dream.. this was of course more for FUN And a photo op.. Essen (the last factory) again was under attack ... we kept the attack on Achel going for a while and kept the last AB in Essen best we could.... then after having had our photo and fun all went back to save Essen to fight another day Please if you have PHOTOS from these operations.. POST here. Congrats to the Allied for their victory. SALUTE. Potthead
  6. could not agree more... OR DEFEND a CP or FB... Guard long enough or cap enough... and you can then get to play for a sortie or two with a paid unit as a reward.. nothing that would CHANGE the game or subs.. just a SMALL carrot that after 2-3 hours of playing with your rifle and doing useful stuff... you get to spawn a unit worth XX points for 1 go .. Maybe then the F2Ps actually have an incentive to do useful things and play as a team more than just "winning the map", which is a great incentive but comes later when you realise what "winning a map".
  7. What if the riflemen were to get a HEAT Satchel OR Zook/shrek... However with 1 KEY Difference...they start with 0 AMMO......... Ammo for that could only be obtained a certain way (maybe from the AMMO Bearer class person) .. So it is not EVERY infantryman.... it is not available all the time everywhere.. HOWEVER ... for F2P / Rifleman.. there is a WAY through TEAMWORK to couple with a veteran Hero builder or someone who has the Ammo bearer DLC to obtain a REAR commodity to kill a tank.. my 2 cents..
  8. What he means is Lt.Col (i.e Full rank) in game that can access all equipment (due to subscription most likely) but could be just because the are very new first week or so and trying the game.. so no chance to trying anything unless they grind. He is saying for these Auto Recruited squads, let the CO once in awhile create some sort of fun op that allows all the members regardless of sub or rank access the equipment for the duration of that mission/op.
  9. You know... I started reading this thread quite as an skeptic going whatever, you want stuff subscribe... Then admittedly influenced by one of Jwilly's post as how this makes business sense... then coupled it with delems comment on turning off auto recruitment and solving the issue that way... Then I could also relate to what Ian was saying about knowing his squad mates and so on... also remembering what aismov was describing with pre-planning with larger teams online... Now for last couple of weeks I have actually turned on Auto recruit on for our squad and seen the unreal FLOW of uncommunicative in old ways (chat function) to... They come, they see, most of them of them do not immerse. There must be some way of of-course limiting it to something like Squad points earned ... for Squad CO to unlock something will cost him X "Squad Points" .... to earn squad points you to do things like set mobile spawns, defend FBs, capture CPs (Spawnbles more points, City less point, AB more point etc) ... bomb bridges that are AOed.... defend CPs.., KILL enemy .. (pretty much as you earn points now but piled in for squad CO to spend in set chunks with some limits (i.e. cant buy more than one per week). This way as the squad members do something they can see how much point their squad has accumulated and then the CO or OIC or can decide or even PRE PLAN the time etc for the operation that will have some sort of special unit unlocked for 10 or 20 or 30 members... or all members whatever CRS Thinks that will not make it so ppl just stay F2P forever but get to experience it more often in meaningful way). I think encouraging squad play with RANDOM players is so vital in the game arena that we currently have which might be a way to to also cultivate and allow for the culture of Fraternal relationships that Ian is referring to or the war band relations that aismov is referring to, to reemerge from the MOBS that are the AUTO join squads that delems so desperately in this case was demonstrating to lead. I have been part of HC pre- ToE, ToE inception, ToE glory days, ToE HC ghost days in all time zones and been have also been part of large, medium and small elite squads. At each of these junctions squad play and friendship has been vital but also the immersion has been vital to keep the fun going as well. I empathize with the OP's challenge and hope it starts to be received by more of an open mind to see better solutions to actually get more wwiionline junkies by letting them get a strong enough dose of the drug that has the rest of us hooked.. my 2 cents.. Potthead
  10. How feasible is it to have a hide-able (like current FPS for example) timer somewhere on screen for 2 things... and do you think it would add any value at all or do anything negative for the game? How long with numbers of players in CP to finish the capture and how long cap has been active (as we have the blue/red bar now) but a green text in a box like FPS number or gear number.. etc.. (this box can even just show the $HERE value as percentage but without having to writing it but i am also talking about a minute/sec timer) How long till AB is hot (or whether it is HOT already for XX min or not) Thanks for your time. Potthead
  11. Hey bro Me, hotfink, nkelly, thefsg, holmium, kacman still play every now and then See u in game!
  12. How well written. Above is the game play I miss immensely and has slowly evaporated away since 2007/8.. (wow has been a decade? took us this long really ?) Thank you sir! I endorse this post. Players in-charge of their own FATE by their actions, not some non-elected HC crew who moves supply around for them and devalues the player's game play.
  13. unfortunately movable supply of any sort promotes a culture to play with the best gear possible. And thinking or knowing your opponent is playing say with SMGs since their HC is better and was able to bring somehow more SMGs for them ... simply pisses people off and makes them pressure their own HC to give them more supply.. It is a culture that ties in with wanting the best for your side and HCs get better at managing that demand to foster more players on their side by keeping them TOP GEARED. This will inadvertently create the TZ problem of supply that was here at start of TOE when we had less flags on the map ... i.e. TZ1 plays and just rotates XX number of flags more than they SHOULD Have in this area for their attack and the defenders are all stubborn and use XX more flags than they should have .. now XX will just be 50% more than X if supply amount was not reduced by say 50% ... Now sure reducing RDP to 8 hours makes that go away but then with so many flags on map and so little number of AOs you end up with same problem as before.. as the RDP timer is reduced by more than 50% and supply only reduced by 50%... Somehow ending up going back to the same cycle, we had less supply on map .. less flag with same sort of timers ..... It didn't work ... so more flags were added in... (1 extra division per side, and all divisions got 4 brigades - were before was less) Then that didn't work as supply now was unlimited slug-fest.. So RDP timers were increases significantly - now sort of worked but then supply was scarce and one side would end up super penalized if one TZ played bad..a good MO with 20 hours of play time could "ruin the map" - i.e. major breakout - few hours of super fun followed by days if not weeks of boring game play.. Now quite honestly the change in cap timers recently is NOT being talked about enough.... it is TREMENDOUS and has helped action so much... it is REALLY amazing and bring a core element of this game back to life.. BEING ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH something..... I think the CAPPING GAME & the ZOC GAME (new PPOs /FMS etc) ... are REALLY now at a great and healthy / enjoyable level .. We just need to get the ATTRITION right (I personally favour higher RDP timers and reduced supply and MUCH slower [censored] movement timers but that is just me) / Then we need to remove the perception that HC / humans are in control of supply -and make it - SOLDIERS / Humans are in control of SUPPLY by their GAME PLAY .. teamwork... resupply... K/D etc.. (probably 1.36 . which I think / hope will bring about the culture change back to simulation combat from bottom to the top..)
  14. Go XOOM! You should be rewarded some sort of a business award mate. I am sure you will save this game. Sorry if the camp of "remove TOE" is stomping feet worse than anti-fa at this moment, but this announcement was more painful to me than Trump winning presidency news was for rioters.... I felt like a melting snowflake ... and acted like one too (OUCH, sorrier than Kathy Griffin now) All chilled out now... still PLAYING the game, doing my best to make it fun for myself and others with WHATEVER mechanics available. I personally believe I can facilitate more fun to everyone without TOE or some hybrid TOE (in civil simple terms) and I believe I can still facilitate FUN with TOE but it is much harder for me to do. Thanks again for all your hard work -- I along with some others have to remember ... this game is ALIVE NOW .. thanks to you... TOE or whatever... it is ALIVE and that in itself is the BIGGEST MOST IMPORTANT HUGE FACT! you have kept a dead man (wwiionline) alive for so much longer on life support and that is just amazing mate! I was just getting excited as looked like for a moment the patient is coming out of the coma but looks like NOT YET.. but HOPE is still there We will stay by the bedside of this patient we LOVE ... and we will talk to him until either YOU bring it out of the coma or make him wake up and be with us again! (tears in my eyes) Potthead
  15. for the sake of civility.. i really have to stop ... I think we have lost the plot here.. we are both obviously very passionate. this is turning into a anti-climate change vs pro-climate change debate or a pro-abortion vs pro-life I am probably guilty for taking it too far ... long live wwiionline that makes people so passionate