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  1. Though it is 1000 times more satisfying to knife them as they building!
  2. Where was @Mosizlak to tell the this to the French when they built their Maginot line that Germans just went around.... No wonder Minecraft has been No.1 game played in France for since its inception!!!!!!
  3. holy $$$$ this looks so COOL
  4. Thanks Pittpete, will do. just FYI re support ticket page, though the website is up, the submit button does not work for me, not sure if I am the only one ( I had same issue when was trying to submit one for hero perks long time ago) thanks again for looking after us! cheers Pott
  5. I can not submit the ticket...I fill all the details in but then I cant press submit (i do press submit on the form, nothing happens) .. have tried in in Internet explorer and Chrome. Still no access to game (says my hourly subscription has ran out)
  6. Money has come out of my PayPal account yesterday however my account is now showing inactive and can not log in.. Tried to submit a ticket but when I click submit on the ticket in the browser, it doesn't do anything. In case anyone with ability to help sees this, thanks for your help in advance Cheers, Potthead
  7. I think this is great, especially as it can be turned off by those who don’t need it. would it at all be possible to have some (even limited) for OIC of attack or Defense, one person that can place ones that either all mission leaders, or all players in the attack or Defense can see... we use shipmarks often to communicate locations between missions..
  8. Thanks! No, we both decided to have Brazilian treatments instead of shaving and matamor donated his bush to have more cover for sapper in the field.
  9. Those are not Brazilian sappers.. The guy in the front is Matamor the guy in the back is me, photo is from Namur in 2005 when we had rifle sappers still... there is just some instagram wwii filter on it.
  10. use .ignore with no hesitation! You are here to be entertained not abused! The only issue I have with .ignore is its limitation... for years now my list has been full, so every-time I want to add someone I have to decide who is least annoying to remove from .ignore to add another one in their place.. never understand why I can only ignore 2-3 lines worth of names... Really sorry to hear about your experience!
  11. to our WWIIOL family! We wanted to share with you all that our community has grown by one That is quite a big % in TZ3! We doing our part!! Pott-Sheila2 has joined our clan! 7.93 pounds, super cute, happy and ready to cap some bunkers with her older sister and mum and dad! will help our cap timers immensely one day! Me and Ozsheila have been playing WWIIONLINE since the we started dating pretty much and have spent countless hours of our youth in bunkers and FBs and CPs together so it is only natural that our children follow in our footsteps hehe <a href="http://s186.photobucket.com/user/potthead_2007/media/Hannah.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="https://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x105/potthead_2007/Hannah.jpg" border="0" alt="HJ photo Hannah.jpg"/></a> If I can figure out how to add the photo again, will do! Thread from her sister's birth just about 3 years ago! She now helps me with some guarding and after winter we will be back in the game much more.. she is a snowboarding champion now! .... She is also good at cheering me play and yelling "oh no DADDY.. EI kill you AGAIN" See you on the battlefield in the middle of the night in between nappy changes! Potthead and Ozsheila
  12. At least it is not 120 + seconds like it was back in the day.. And the cap timers are now much better for when there is 2 or more players capping, so the 20 sec extra SD is probably a counter move to keep the same level of balance before cap timer changes. I have not had a chance to be playing for more than a couple of sorties in the last month or so but from the forums/webmap the map looked quite stale / stable for a long time until a couple of days after the new faster cap-timers arrived and then map was over within days... These sort of changes are all trial and error by CRS and sometimes they get it right and spot on (like when MSP life became fortified was increased not to die to one single bullet and needed a few HE charges on it) and sometimes just not as lucky (like when the changes were made to the SMG numbers for both sides and tank numbers etc a few months back) Also victory tax, if not real should be real and be paid! Victory always brings a multiplier effect for the ToM spent by each player on average (victory in tactical day to day and campaign both). Limited date from the few maps we have shows there is similar number of players for both sides but ToM on the more engaged/winning side is Massively skewed. There should be a balancing force for that.. I don't know what the answer is, but Spawn delay is the most traditional, trialed and tested method that CRS has the most data on probably so no surprise they are pulling the card out of the deck. (albiet not the most creative approach but ey..desperate times, desperate measures!) the game has lived on for 18 years (HAPPY WWIIONLINEVERSARY BABY!!) and thanks to the constant feedback and attention of CRS it will live of for many many more years and keep giving us the fun hobby we LOVE and are so addicted to that change to it sometimes gives us small withdrawals until we get hooked on the new ways. My 2 cents anyways, It is start of ski season tomorrow here in Queenstown New Zealand, so I probably wont be on as much. I will be taking my nearly 3 year old daughter for her first snowboarding season! super excited! Our first adventure of the shopping and buying below for you to watch during spawn delays we will be visiting Remarkable parks tomorrow and coronet peak the next weekend! potthead
  13. Fully Agree- no TRUCK = no MSP.. Superlight MS with rifles only... meh OK .. but not great .. SMGs? REALLY? Now allowing HC to move FB for example, or make walkable FMS with min distance of 1.5KM out of town that can spawn ATG/ INF/ AA to support back of ZoC .. that would be nice.
  14. Sorry to hear sir and best wishes! You are in my thoughts and prayers!
  15. I "think" the other poor guy u shot from the door was potthead3 !!